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Fantasy about Ramon Steele submitted by santiago from Dominican Republic

Ver ese video de y creer ke estoy ahí

Fantasy about Ramon Steele submitted by Firs tJacob from Seattle

I would loe to hook up with one of these black studs and lick him from head to toe.I woul start start from the heaed an dgo to tne bottom while stroking his dick all the to its base until his bustef a nut. Then I would take that hot piece and stick it were the sun dont shine and rideit until my eyes rolled all the way to the back of my skull Oh what a happy day!

Fantasy about Ramon Steele submitted by jim from atlanta, ga

"MAN OF STEELE" Beer delivery trucker, Ramon Steele, complains about what a boring day he had had, that is------until his final stop----Sarge. Sarge has ordered a keg for a welcome home party he is giving for his best bud home from the Gulf War. Steele sets up the keg and taps it and gives Sarge a swallow for his approval. Sarge in turn offers Steele a drink. Since this is Steele,s last delivery, he helps himself. As Steele begins to drink the beer, letting some spill from his mouth, Sarge opens the drivers shirt and begins to suck and lick the beer off Steele's chest. From Steele,s hairy nipples to his rock hard dick, Sarge services. Then all hell breaks loose, sexually. Fantasy fades as Sarge tells Steele, "that keg ain't the only thing you tapped." Scene fades as Sarge rubs his very sore hole and breaks out into that sterling Sarge smile. Step it up----DP. Remain on the cuttin' edge.

Fantasy about Ramon Steele submitted by George

A Ramon and Python flip-flop has to happen please !

Fantasy about Ramon Steele

With this white-hot performance with Hotrod, Mr. Ramon Steele has cememted himself as a total top. PLEASE don't turn him into a bottom or a flip-flopper. He's perfect just the way he is!!! That being said, I would love to see him hook up with Romance, Phoenix, Saint, Shorty J Blaque and Rico!!!

Fantasy about Ramon Steele submitted by jacolby from Houston

My Fantasy is with Ramone Steele. I would like to see him running on the beach, While seeing him run I would catch up with him on the side, exchange looks, flirt a little. Next we would find a secluded part of the beach, hug, kiss, rub each other, etc. After all that forplay next go too the room, where we would wash together in the shower. I would then kiss his chest and go all the way down south. Next we would get out of the shower and towell each other off, and then I would continue sukin him off. i would next lay on the edge of the bed, legs in the air and let him fuk me GOOD. After that position, I would next ride him, TEXAS Bull Rider Style. I would ride him till he came. I would next fall asleep on his chest while he kissed my forehead.

Fantasy about Ramon Steele submitted by Matt from LA

Ramone steele is so fucking sexy. he would be perfect to TOP Soulja and King. Hell put Ramone, Soujla, King, Pyhton and Raw if a group scene. I looke the way roamne fucks and that dick is hugh

Fantasy about Ramon Steele submitted by Charles from Wasington,dc

I wanted see ramon steele get fucked by king

Fantasy about Ramon Steele submitted by James from Baltimore

I would love Ramon Steele to show up at my hotel while I am on a business trip and bring me room service

Fantasy about Ramon Steele

I'm LOVING Ramon Steele! He's handsome, hot, hung, and throws a mean fuck!!! And, he loves to kiss, always a plus. Next on his hitlist: Venom, Saint, Phoenix, T-Malone, Shorty J, and ESPECIALLY Romance!!! Did I mention Venom and Romance???

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