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Fantasy about Hot Rod submitted by Ty from Hope,Ar

Everytime I watch Hotrod he give me the chills. I want that big dick in my mouth fucking me for hours Im in love with hotrod

Fantasy about Hot Rod submitted by James from Atlanta

I'm walking with my friends and we stop at this diner in downtown Atlanta, I see someone who looks familiar but I pay it no attention because I'm with friends. We then go to a midnight club and that same person bumps into me on the dance floor. I stand frozen and just as I am about to yell OMG your HotRod, he puts his finger against my lips and rubs it across them ,then leans forward and whispers in my ear "I noticed you noticing me earlier, you brushed it off, come here" (he takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom stalls) " let me show you why you'll never do that again" Before I know it I'm on my knees sucking the fuck outa his big dick and unbuckling my pants...after giving him sloppy head he stands me up, turns me around, and starts eating my ass like a cupcake, making it soking wet. He then slangs me against the stall door, holds his dick and rims my ass before sliding it inside. We fuck all night, going from all types of different position in the small space He tells me it's so good and tell him show me and he smashes me, pound after pound after pound until he screems I'm fina come babe. I start throwing my ass back as hes pounding it. He then preses his body up against my back even more and moves nothing but the thrust off his lower body.holding me still. (I can feel his dick pulsating inside me)...i start to feel the cum as it oozes out and down my leg, i look back at him and say "damn daddy". He smiles his cute smile and kisses me endlessly. He pulls his dick out, i turn around then drop down to suck it clean. As we're putting back on our clothes i tell him to call me. I take a pen that was on the floor and write my number on his shirt and give him one last kiss before i leave...already imajining the things we'll do next time .

Fantasy about Hot Rod submitted by Rob from Atlanta gadam I

Dam hot rod I love the way you fuck. Would to play with

Fantasy about Hot Rod submitted by Christopher from Pensacola

XXI recently lost my leg, so I would like to see hotrod pounding a one legged man(actually I would prefer to be the one legged man). He is so hot. I don't know for sure if I could take all that meat, but I sure would like to try.

Fantasy about Hot Rod submitted by James from Borger

I See Him at a store we Keep looking At each other he finally comes up to me aye you look familiar I reply I do he says yeah Didn't you go Washington High School I reply yeah He says You don't remember me by this time we are already outside I think back Ummm No Not really he says the Track team Then It All Comes back to me I say oh yeah I remember you I can't think of yo name tho he replies I go By Hot Rod now an Days I reply Oh Okay He then says I remember you used to have a PhatAzz I reply Mmmm He steps to the side to get a view from what I can see He says you still got A Phat Azz I Reply Mmmmm He Says Remember Those Couple of Times I Dicked you down I Say yeah He says remember how you used to try to run from the Dick I reply Yes he ask you don't still run from the Dick do you I Reply It Depends He Claps his hands an fund them together while saying Imma Enjoy this

Fantasy about Hot Rod submitted by Tyson from New York

Hotrod need to team wit Phat Daddy and fuck new bitch Nuvo!! I wanna see them nutt in his mouth!!!! dats wutsup

Fantasy about Hot Rod submitted by jim from atlanta

The live sex show at OASIS 2011 was smokin'. I know DP recorded it. Please release as a bonus update. Never believed HOT ROD would mix with SARGE, but then HR does have a big ole peter! Was extremely hot sex. I didn't sleep for 2 days after. I was too busy strokin' my meat.

Fantasy about Hot Rod submitted by Rashaud from Greenwood, Mississippi

I would approach Hot Rod all calm and collective, as my heart beats rapidly, I still makes my way over to him, while he stands on the wall shirtless. Now i had just pictured all the things i was gone say to him but as we were face to face my mind went blank and his sexy muscular toned body diverted my attention else where. I gets nervous and tries to walk away but he grabs me by my waist and ask me where was i about to go. At this point im freaking out and then its starts to drizzle. Lets go to my place he tells me, but i was to shocked to even reply to his request. Rain starts to pouring down hard, so we ran through an alley way and all of an sudden Hot Rod stops and pushes me to the wall and kissed me not knowing if i was into dudes like that. The rain pours on Hot Rod's body made me go crazy and pulled him closely to me as he never wanted to let me go. I pushes him away from me knowing I loved every moment with him but I guess everyone has a little freak in them somewhere, so I pushed Hot Rod against the wall and unfastened his pants while staring deeply into his eyes. The rain still going hard and strong and we still trying to relieve ourselves. As Hot Rod pants were unfastened, I lick him from his neck all the way down to his balls in a slow but steady pace. I roll my tongue around the head of Hot Rod's big phat dick and began to suck it with nice and long strokes. He places his hands upon my shoulder and whispering, "Don't Stop , Keep going!" Blinded by the rain, i then pulls his dick out my mouth and spits on it, and then licking his balls. Hot Rod then pulls me up and lay me on an abandoned steps. He then kisses me, while unfastening my clothing and turns me on my stomach, licking me from the back of my neck down through the spine and eats my ass like he has never eaten before. He then lifts me up off the ground while still eating my ass. My body gets weaker and weaker as he then sticks a finger in my ass while still caressing my ass with his tongue. I can feel the rain pouring but yet i am enjoying every thing we are doing. Hot Rod pulls out of a condom and places it on his dick. He bends down and started to kiss me a little bit more and before i knew it, he sticks his phat dick into my tight ass hole. I'm feeling pain but pleasure at the same time but I push him off a little. He whispers in my ear, " Take this dick for me baby," as i let him ease it in with no problem. It stills hurts but I'm loving every minute of it. He takes slow but long and deep strokes in and out my ass but after the first 5 or 6 strokes he begins to beat my ass up doggy-style. He smacks me on my ass, while saying, " DAMN! baby this is some good ass." My breathing getting louder and louder and harder. Then he tells me to turn over on my back, so i did exactly what he asked me to do. He says," I'm gone take care of you and this ass baby, believe that," as he gently planted his cock back into my ass. He strokes harder and harder and my eyes kind of rolled to the back of my head but I'm still conscious and thinking to myself this can't be happening. He push all his dick in me and starts massaging the inside of my tight, well not anymore, ass with his big dick and then starts back putting in work. He tells me to get up and ride that dick and nervous as hell I did it anyways. As i slow ease my ass on his dick, we are now face to face and he starts kissing me again. I slowly goes up and down his big dick and as he places his hands underneath my ass to make sure i don't hurt myself, but in due time he removed his hands and i started riding his big dick. I started to beat my hard dick while riding on his and bust all over him. He then bends me over and fucks me faster and harder as if this was his last piece of ass. He screams im coming, im coming bay and pulls out and bust all over my back. He then pulls me close to him by my waist and asks me to stay the night with him. We then put our wet clothes back on and heads to his place. And this was just the beginning of Hot Rod and I, What did he have store for me at his place well i will get back to you on that LOL.....

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