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Where in the world is Saint??? He's been gone WAY too long. Please try to bring him back and have him bottom for Thick, Cornbread, Python and Ramon Steele!

Fantasy about Saint submitted by Alberto from Washington

I am in a crusing bar, resting aginst the counter. Saint, pretty drunk and wearing a tight semitransparent top, his nipples pumping up, is checking the guys in the counter one by one. He checks the packages and now and then a kiss, and moves to the next guy. When he gets to me he likes my dick and stays kissing and making out for a while. His mouth tastes like bourbon and coke, and the drunkness has him completely horny and inhibited. He chooses me and asks me to take him to my place. We cannot wait, and before getting in the car I fuck him quickly in the alley. I make him cum but I hold mine for later. We get in the car and he sucks my dick all the trip long. Finally at home I fuck him in all places and in all imaginable positions.

Fantasy about Saint

THANK YOU for bringing Saint to DPU!!! He's absolutely beautiful in every way. I'd LOVE to see him be a total top for Seduction, a total bottom for Cornbread, Curt Dawg and Ian Rock, and versatile for Venom, Phoenix, Scott Alexander and Romance!!!

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