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About XL:

All Hail The New Vers King!! XL was a huge hit at Blatino Oasis 2014 -- See him now in action in his latest hardcore video.


Stuff About Me

  • Favorite sport: Soccer
  • Favorite music: Electronic
  • Favorite hobby: Painting
  • Zodiac sign:
  • Favorite holiday: Xmas
  • Favorite movie: Willy Wonka & choc
  • Favorite actor: Jim Carey
  • Favorite actress: Uma Thermon
  • Favorite singer: Lady gaga
  • Turn ons: Big asses oiled up
  • Turn offs: egotistical
  • Fantasy Friend:
  • Favorite Porn Star:
  • Favorite TV show:

This and That

  • Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
  • McDonalds or Burger King: BurgerKing
  • Chicago or Atlanta: Chicago
  • LA or NYC: NYC
  • Florida or Cali: Florida
  • Disney or Universal: Disney
  • Cut or Uncut: Cut
  • Football or Basketball: Football
  • WWF or WWe: WWF
  • UFC or MMS or Boxing: UFC

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Fantasy about XL submitted by Anonymous from Marianna,Florida

I would love to have a threesome with XL and Nubius

Fantasy about XL submitted by Kasey from Birmingham, AL

I would love to see a three-way verse fuck scene with Newcomer Kendall, XL (The Verse King), and Mustang. I'm sure if you sent a pic of Kendall's ass to King he'd come out of retirement (Love King btw). If he could make a comeback, I would just..... cease to exist. Maybe the scene could start off with just Xl and Kendall playing soccer until the Sun starts to set. Then, they head over to XL's place since the field is next to his house (apt, dorm, etc.) to cool off before Kendall heads back to his place. A cup of water later and a shirt removed from XL later, Kendall starts trying to take sneak peaks at XL's body. XL would maybe have on a pair of short soccer shorts similar in length to Kendall (which btw, would make Kendall's ass look PHAT!!). XL smiles at Kendall taking quick glances at his body and moves over to him to make the first move. Kendall may be hesitant at first because he might be getting prank but that's when XL goes in for a kiss. Kendall clawing at XL's bulging dick print. His dick peaking out a bit due to the short length of the shorts. XL responds by slithering his hand up Kendall's shirt to feel his smooth and muscled pec. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, they move to foreplay where they both wind up naked on the couch. XL goes down on Kendall who is still wearing a jockstrap around his waist protruding his amazingly phat ass, which XL fondles as he gives Kendall a blow job that brings him down on his back onto the coffee table next to the sofa. XL then gets a good look at Kendall's hole and gets it wet. Wanting more, XL would flip him over to continue rimming Kendall while he eats out his ass. XL slaps Kendalls fat ass and gets up to slap his dick against it. The vibrations after makes Kendall smile back at XL. Kendall knows that XL love it. So he shakes it a bit enticing XL's desire to beat it in and show Kendall who the boss is in this session. Kendall fully erect resist and turns the tables on XL. XL is thrown on the couch and Kendall stands over him plowing his dick into XL's mouth as he jacks XL. XL loving that the chased has become the chaser grabs Kendall ass with both hands. XL's close and Kendall knows it so he gets down to the floor and fills his mouth with XL's pulsing dick. XL can't take it anymore. He reaches for a condom and in comes Mustang (his roommate). Fuck! Kendall jumps to find his clothes and leave. Kendall must feel like a confused side piece intruding in this relationship. Mustang smiles and says, 'Dont stop. I want in.' The three-way begins. Kendall's on the couch downing XL's dick (as he was) while Mustang quickly undresses and gets to work on re-wetting Kendall's phat ass. Mustang swears and wiggles Kendall's booty ferociously. Mustang was getting hot. He pulls Kendall up for a kiss and gropes his ass while XL beats off to the sight. Foreplays done now it's time to fuck. XL lays down on his back and Mustang plows his dick into his hole. He fucks XL as if he's done it a million times over while Kendall lip serviced Mustang's juicy, muscle booty. Mustang loves that shit because his ass is super sensitive. Mustang's ass bounces to the rhythm of XL's moans and Kendall's lip smacking on his hole (Nice shot on Kendall's ass bent over, of course). The tables turn to Kendall getting fucked doggie style by XL, who has been teased by Kendall's ass all day. XL fucks Kendall's ass like he stole something from him. Kendall's ass waves like water striking against a cascade. Kendall's in utter ecstasy as Mustang finally comes over to spread Kendall's cheeks wide open for XL so he can go deeper. Kendall begins to louder but avoids screaming by shoving Mustang dick against his throat. The vibrations of Kendall's voice on Mustang's dick as his ass bounces in all kids of directions from XL's fucking forces Mustang to want some ass. He switches with XL and he too plows Kendall's ass. Kendall reaching back to hold on to the phatty which belongs to Mustang. XL's done with foreplay. He wants ass, so he dives his dick in Mustang while he is still fucking Kendall. It's too much for Mustang but he continues grind his ass against XL's abs (balls deep Mustang.. you can do it!) then thrust back and forth into Kendall. Kendall's hard dick is bulging so hard. It looks as if he's about to cum. XL can tell so he pulls out of Mustang and then pulls Mustang off of Kendall for a passionate kiss. Kendall bent over face down ass up is so hot (you tell I have an ass fetish). Mustang pushed XL's head down so he can get his dick wet. Kendall looks over and joins XL for some two mouths and one dick action. Mustang goes crazy. He pushes their mouths on to each side of his dick and starts thrusting his dick between their lips. XL reaches over to fondle Kendall's ass some more. Kendall smiles a bit and pokes out his pecs, which he is proud of. XL gets greed and grabs for Mustang's dick for himself. Kendall looks up and smiles then starts sucking Mustang's balls. Mustang shrivels then bits his lips. XL gets up and pushes Mustang against the wall and goes to work on his hole. XL pulls down Mustangs arms with a smile as Mustang starts moaning in his upper register. Then XL nods and pounds his hole harder and deeper. XL wants to shoot his load in Mustang so bad but didn't forget about Kendall who is now face down and ass up begging for their hot loads to be shot on his ass. So, XL backs off of Mustang who lingers on the wall to jack his dick a bit from his hot pounding from XL, who is already jacking his dick on Kendall's phatty. Occasionally slapping his hard-on on Kendall's cheek. Mustang comes over to milk Kendall's dick while sucking on his balls. XL oozes that thick load (as it is ALWAYS thick and plenty) from the mouth of his dick onto Kendall's perching ass hole and it oozes down on Mustangs ball sucking lips. Soon after, Kendall flips over and jacks his dick on Mustang's face and blows his load on Mustang's face. Mustang sops up the mix of XL and Kendall's jizz from Kendall's ass and balls (So hot). Then Mustang (his tried and true method of cumming) takes the boys to the couch where he jacks his dick off to XL and Kendall each sucking on one of his nipples and their hands roaming across his rugged chest, tight abs, thick thighs, and, maybe, finger his hole (if he was in the mood). Mustang tilts his head back and his jizz shoots onto his body where Kendall and XL rub it into his rick dark skin. Then, we fade out to the three of them sharing a three-way kiss. ARGH!!!!!! I LOVE XL! I'm not in lust with Kendall!! And Mustang, you da man!!! I hope y'all enjoy and (HOPEFULLY) make my fantasy happen.

Fantasy about XL submitted by Bert from London

All I want is to meet him...go for some Burger King, have a nice quiet drink while we watch some Disney movie in our boxers...and actually get to know the guy...I bet he's a sweetheart!!! And who knows...maybe we can both discover our ultimate fantasy...together!;)

Fantasy about XL submitted by sfguy27

Want to XL gang-banged by a bunch of big dicks!

Fantasy about XL submitted by Rodney from Washington DC

I love watching Xl preform. He has a great deal of talent and skills. He loves his work. When you pair him with boring stars like Ace, his videos are boring. These are his A++ videos: Robert Axel |XL, Young Buck |Lasko |XL, Trez |XL |Jovonnie, and Krave |XL. This is a boring video XL |Ace Rockwood. XL is a freak. He loves to taste and sallow cumm. So, let him do it. I like him in versatile roles. I don't like seeing him in a total bottom role. Please don't let any feminine dudes like Jovonnie fuck him again. He's too much man to be top by a feminine dude. I know he's a team player and he will do what you ask him to do. He fucks well, takes dick well, kisses wonderfully, and suck dick well. I would love to see him throat a dick. I believe he is your most underutilized stars. I'd like to see him paired with stars who are his equal like Bam, Larenz Taste, Usher Richbanks (only if Usher takes dick too), Arquez, Big Redd (only if Big takes dick too), Lo (Lo is a freak), Mike Mann (only if Mike is going to suck XL's), Mustang, and Vemon. I believe his is one your your great assets. Please give him more work. When he smile on screen, he lights it up.

Fantasy about XL submitted by Malcolm from Detroit

I love to have sex with daddy phat daddy ace rock wood xl and mike Mann I would want all of them to fuck me and all at the same time

Fantasy about XL submitted by Niles from Seneca, SC

My fantasy for XL would be for him to walk up behind me and whisper something to me softly in my ears as he slowly and softly caress my manly nipples from standing from behind given me gentle and wet kisses on the neck. Once he's finished, I want him to guide me to the sofa in which I can lay back and watch him caress my nipples with touches and wet kisses. Once that comes to make me hard and ready to fuck, I want to start stripping off the clothing and kneel to start swallowing his massive cock. Once I know we both are ready, I want to go from easy to a none stop pounding. Once he's reached that point to cum I want his massive load all over my face.

Fantasy about XL submitted by Lawrence from Washington ,DC


Fantasy about XL submitted by blk4lat

My ultimate fantasy is to see Python man handle XL for disrespecting Python sister who attends college which XL is dating. I want XL to play the role of a straight brother who loves female pussy, but wind up paying the price for insulting Python younger sister by sucking & deep throat Python massive huge dick! on his knees looking up at Python while being verbal abused. Then I want Python to let XL know that since you disrespect my sister I'm going to take it out on your asshole bitch. I want to hear XL tell Python that he don't swing that way. Python insist that he is going to have XL virgin ass or man pussy the easy way or the hard way. XL & Python begin to argue then wrestle with one another which Python over powers XL. XL begs and begin to apologize to Python for hurting his sister. Unfortunately man, Python ain't hearing nor haven it. I want to see XL take Python Massive Shaft in every position with XL being f_ _k in his final position missionary style on his back with his legs up in the air while Python pulls off XL white gym socks and begin to lick & gnaw on the bottom of XL gorgeous bright sexy smooth baby feet's (soles). I want to hear XL moaning and groaning about his feet's being man handle while being pounded at the same time by Python. I want some serious dominance, vocal and verbal talk from Python. The final finish is Python bust his nut all over XL body/face. Then XL bust his thick creamy load all over his stomach/chest. I want to see both of these sexy gorgeous entertainers & models go at it. Yo, DawgPound, PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN ASAP! MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE. FUTURE SCENE 2014 Yours dearly, BLK4BLK&BLATINO FOOTFETISH

Fantasy about XL submitted by 001FERNANDO

The scenario is that I am just arriving home from a long day at work to find my place broken into-- nothing seems to be missing but I am nervous so I call the police (Sarge and XL). They are on there way to my place as soon as I hang up.. unfortunately I did not check the entire home and find myself being held up in my home by Rio.. he attacks me from behind and throws me onto the floor and takes the knife and cut my pants down the middle... Sarge and XL hear the ruckus as they approach my home--they draw their weapons and barge into the living room where they find me ass up with a dick in my ass from Rio and they dont stop the rape.. they join in.. Sarge is getting banged by XL then sits on my dick as XL feeds me his and the menage quatro goes throughout the entire home.. .. let me know if this can be a reality .. ..holla at me ...

Fantasy about XL submitted by richard from london

I would love to see XL in a satin baseball jacket with enormous baggy sleeves

Fantasy about XL submitted by Mike from Nyc

I want to see xl in a 4 way with big dick cats who can actually fuck!!! I want xl to be the total bottom or flip but still get fucked by them all. Please record longer fucking action. The eiiting always cut out the good stuff.

Fantasy about XL submitted by Laced from New York

Would love to see Xl and mike mann pound a newcomer just give him a hell of a welcoming to the family taking turns filling both openings up as he sucks their dicks rolling his eyes back as one of them rams him in the ass taking every inch of their dicks in him. Just some hot rough hardcore sex on a newbie

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