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Fantasy about Wave submitted by lawrence from bronx

Jovonnie and wave would be hot ...jovonnie comin home from work seeing his boo (wave) in the bed sleep butt naked jovonnie see wave big ass all out sooo jovonnie walks over to the bed starts playing with wave ass spreading his cheeks back and forth then jovonnie starts eating his ass now awaking wave ...he starts to moan real soft jovonnie jsut gettin deeper and deeper sooo wave tells jovonnie come put his dick in his mouth wave deep-throating that big light skin dick non-stop jovonnie ask they do they call you wave....wave said come find out etc..…

Fantasy about Wave submitted by la'renzo from brooklyn

it would be soooooo sexxii if Arquez and Wave do a scene i would like to know if he can handle the Wave cuz outta all the pornstars yall have WAVE got the biggest FATTEST ASS i eva seen soooo let Arquez ride that Wave i wana know can he swim but yea mii fanstasy would be wave and arquez comin from a night outta night just chillen and wateva all of a sudden wave went to go take a shower arquez jus smoking a blunt wave came out all wett and shit then ask arquez for a massage arquez uses the baby oil all ova wave BIG FAT ASS makin it mad oily (just thinking about it is turning me on) then arquez gets in front of wave shove his dick in his mouth wave suckin that shit mad wett .......to be continued

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