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Fantasy about Krave Moore submitted by Kevin from New Jersey

He would be my high school crush with a fat ass that I always looked at. One day he would catch me looking at his ass and I would run and he'd catch me in the locker room and ask me "why do I keep looking at his ass" and ask me do I like what I see. He would then pull his pants down and tell me "come taste this ass nigga" I would then start eating his clean ass hole and start jerking his dick off, he will turn around and let me suck the skin off his dick. He'd tell me to stop because if I keep going I would make him nut ealry. He would then start sucking my dick and gobbling my balls down his throat making eye contact with me. After that I would eat his ass from the front just like eating a pussy and start fingering his hole, he would reply "I want that dick already nigga" he would start making me precum so hard that I wouldn't be able to tell if it was me starting to nut already. I would then slide my thick ass dick into his tight ass hole and fuck the shit out of him, kissing his neck. I want him to then say "I love this dick nigga, keep fucking me all crazy, I want that nut nigga, damn nigga you hitting my spot, you got my ass open like you fucking some pussy" then I would say "this what you followed me in here for right. Then he'd say "yeah nigga, I been wanted this dick" and I'd slap his ass and keep fucking him. I would get on my back and let him ride me so passionately, while I grip on his neck and pinch his nipples and jerk his dick. After that I would put him doggystyle and grip his waist and fuck him like he's my nigga. That will lead into me giving him back shots and then leading to him nutting. After that I would lay on my back and he would sit on my face and play with my balls while I eat his ass and then I would say "I'm about to nut" flip his ass over and nut on his asshole...

Fantasy about Krave Moore submitted by tony from laure

I would love to met him and lick him all over then let him give it to me in this tight ass

Fantasy about Krave Moore submitted by HeavyHitter from Minneapolis

Me and him would just be kicking it, we home boys ..we always fuck bitches together and I always catch him looking at me and biting his lip. It makes me fuck harder. sometime he a slap my ass. I know what his sweaty sex smell like and it drives me nuts low-key. We go to the gym workout together to. Some night we stay at each other house and even sleep in the same bed. My heart be beating fast. I play sleep and roll over and but my dick on his ass. he poke it out..playing sleep to but I really couldn't tell. Some night we be lying to each other like " I got some bitches on the way", and knowing sometimes when I said it I really don't. One day we in a rush from the gym we got two bad hoes on deck. We rush back to his house and we both running for the shower. I jump in first. "hurry up nigga we got to go", he says. All of a sudden he just gets in with me. my dick starts to get hard so I act like he aint even there I jump out and get dress and so does he. We get up with the bitches but the nigga is on my fucking mind the more I hit these henney's. I am sitting at the bar watching him dance on one the bitches, all of a sudden the nigga turns around and starts popping his ass on the bitch. she go crazy loving it. He looking at me and I cant stop looking at him.....dam is the dog out the bag (so to speak). Its the end of the night and these bad hoes ready to fuck. So I tell the bitches once they get there car out of Valet parking meet up at uptown dinner. So the hoes go, we park down the street cause we got here late. So we walking and we Chopped so I play even chopped more and start smacking him on his ass saying , "you was getting it bitch" he stops and pops his ass some more saying, can you handle this ass daddy. I lol it off. we get in the car he says, I wasn't really feeling shorty let just grab some food and go back to my house....I am wit it. We get back to the house he jump in the shower and comes out wet im sitting on the couch. he plops down next me in a towel. his wet arm lend up on me. I say stop playing nigga cuz the way you was popping that ass and aint no pussy here you will get fucked. he says oh yeah and take his towel off and puts his ass in the ass....fuck it (its clean) i go for it and start eating his ass he pulls my face in and say I been waiting for this. I fuck the boy making him so so creamy he moan like only a nigga can when you milking that prostate. i grab him by the throat he screams I been waiting for this oh oh ohhh fuck this real is this real.......omg ........then I wake up with my dick on his ass and his says.....What a dream we had together huh......what a wonderful dream we had.

Fantasy about Krave Moore submitted by jusnoah

Krave, when do u come to nyc pa? I wanna see u asap when u do.

Fantasy about Krave Moore submitted by J from philadelphia

I bring Krave here to Philadelphia. I take him out to dinner, then back to my crib .. We will kiss, i strip him butt naked slowly. I will take off his skimpy underwear, put my tongue all in his hole. I then start fingering his hole while licking his nipples at the same time. I then begin stroking his dick while continue to lick his nipples. His booty hole is pulsating, getting wet. We then start 69 as i then lick his balls, massage them make him tingle. I then start sliding my dick inside Krave hole , start banging him all type of positions until we both cum.

Fantasy about Krave Moore submitted by Red from Minneapolis

Please bring back Krave. It could be cool to see Krave, Venom and Red in a video. Or, Krave, Venom and Maseo. Venom and Maseo video is one the best all of time on this site.

Fantasy about Krave Moore submitted by sean from Greenwood, MS

My fantasy is to have a one night stand with Krave in the rain. I want to start it off in the rain but finish it up in the house while still soak and wet. I would put Krave to sleep and when he awaken from his slumber i will be gone and we shall never cross path again. One thing i know is that you can't fall in love with a porn-star but i can enjoy something that we both admire from the excitement, which is sex. And plus I depends on no man nor his money, so porn-star relationships are just fantasy. This just boosts porn-stars ego that they the shit, probably so but from whose viewpoint when they still act like they are superstars when in actuality, they are just toys. But understandable business because i would play with my Krave toy. Like i say the blacker the better, not much of an light color or white guys but give me an African Nubian and i can show you a nympho, give me a man with a big dick and i can tame that horse, show me a masculine man and get the same in return, well except for behind closed doors, show me your intellect and I will show you more to come. I have a fantasy for Krave but he's not the only one, just one of few of my choice. Maybe I will meet him, maybe I won't but sex is for fantasy not reality. STAY UP KRAVE LOL LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Krave Moore submitted by anthony from Philadelphia

I am so in love with this dude.You bringing him aboard was a major find.Please don't overuse him he is too hot for that.I would love to eat that beautiful ass of his though.

Fantasy about Krave Moore submitted by King from Birmingham, AL

He is so freaking fine. I Really wanna ride his dick. I Want to be fucked hard and slow at the same time. I want to be challenged. A Threesome with him and one of his boys. Double team me and this fat ass. Im thick ... no fat over here. Just a bad nigga who want it.

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