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Farm Plow

Golden Fuck

Red Breaking In The New Guy

Directions to Holliwud's Hole

My New Fuck Friend

Red Inside Me

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Fantasy about Red submitted by topmike63

Red is a great top but with that beautiful sexy ass, hmmm.......guess he cannot be versatile?? Would love to see Mike Best fuck him gently and not rough, maybe once. That will be something!!

Fantasy about Red submitted by Noel from Philadelphia

Just having Venom or Cornbread eating his ass out real good is enough

Fantasy about Red

Loving me some Red! Hope to see him up in Sarge, Venom and Jay Black soon!!!

Fantasy about Red

Thank you so much for bringing RED to DPU!!! He's a great addition. PLEASE don't try to make him a bottom. He's perfect just the way he is! I'd love to see him with Larenz Taste, Rabbit, Rico, Venom (if he comes out of retirement), Soulja (if he stops faking the funk), Young Buck, Romance and, of course, SARGE!!!

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