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Fantasy about Arquez submitted by ruffnreadyxxx

to have a hot exotic sloppy session

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by Ty from Hope,Ar

Arquez fine sexy ass I had a dream that me and Arquez were fuckin in a pool for hours then we went inside to take a shower and constantly pounding my hole

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by roy from Newbritainconn 06051

Hey mr arquez.. I would too get know u in person if its possible i want site with you and get to know you,i am hiv negative. And d,d free?? I jest want too touch you you all over suck your big dick Let you make love to me mr arquez Thats my fantasy for you arquez.???

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by orville1944

I would like to lick his ass so good he turns and comes all over my face and finish Cummings in my mouth. Where by I will clean his dick, balls and ass with my tong.

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by Tyrone from Kansas City Mo

I love you quez I hope you see this I won't you go to come out here to kc to the club I like fhat cute body on you you got some sexy lips and that dixk you got on you damn and that booty I go verse just for that sexy ass

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by anytime from San Antonio

My fantasies is to ignore the two black guys who wanted to be my first black gods my first taste of what being a man's piece of a ass they got it to where it won't be to painful but they did no justice to the black men I want to worship and make them know they are men of men and we'll worth worth finally being black my fantasy I get arguez to and he says I'll make u a man I let my self go making out with him getting intimate telling him he's hot and I feel like urs and I drop and give u the most hot dirty but meaniful head and u talked to me saying I was making him feel like a king and so wanted I said it's all I desire to be the best lover slut for black men I want to see me as true to being owned and I u cum on my face and I link it taste it and u rub my head and said u love it I said dont stop I'm urs and to pass time u lay on u r back I get on top and I rub u kiss on u I'm love being somebody's man slut and u roll me.over and we kiss like hot lovers and then I get bent over I say make me a man own me daddy do it like it u deserve and he fucks me non stop any way every way and I ride it like I was born to he abused me ruffled me pounded like no woman should and I took it and he cummed in me and I stayed in me pulled me back said ur claimed and I said I will Be the best and I got made a man today finally I won't let no cum be wasted in me or on my face so I say my dad ain't my dad black boys

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by roy from springfield mass

For to make love too me and let me suck he,s nice dick and cum all over my body omg dam arquez

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by blackandready1

I would love to see uhr top Arquez

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by Kenny from Baltimore

My Fantasy is meeting Arquez at the club, we talk and get to know a little about each other. We drink, smoke a little weed, and dance the night away. Afterwards we get to my place and have some really hot kissing and cuddling and then we get to bed and have a very erotic night of serious love making. There's nothing held back as we suck each others dicks, eat each others asses , and fuck each other for hours on end. Arquez has a look and smile that is so captivating that there's nothing I wouldn't let him do to me. His versatility is amazingly erotic and he looks as though he really loves what he does on video. My hat is off to you Arquez, please keep up the good work and I look forward to collecting your work with Dawgpound Studios whenever it becomes available.

Fantasy about Arquez from New Orleans

I wanna meet Arquez fine ass and give him da business, Id eat tht nigga ass so good and then just beat it up all night til he beggin fa me to stop. then Id bust a nut all ova tht petty ass face

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by Johnny

Rip boxers off with my teeth and then lick up to the lips and then back down to start sucking the dick and make it hard and then ride it.

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