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Super-cute, sexy, got a smile that lights up the room AND the brotha's slinging plenty dick and ass too. I know ya'll want a little Taste.

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Fantasy about Larenz Taste submitted by bcjones1985

I would love love looooooooove to see he and usher Richbanks. Have usher plow that Pratt beautiful ass.... Would b awesome.....!

Fantasy about Larenz Taste

Larenz Taste has one of the beautiful asses in all of thugporn! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE hook him up with Python!!!

Fantasy about Larenz Taste submitted by mark from phoenix

had THE BEST TIMES WITH HUGE BLACK BUCKS,blonde,blue eyes,and they love me,i love them,fuckin fun in bed,i spank em,estim em,and make them love doin me as well.HERE IS WHAT I WOULD DIG,venom is pissed his sweet larenz is fuckin around on him,so larenz comes home,stoned,and smellin of manfuck,venom cuffs his hands behind,and on the floor his ankles,THIS SHOULD BE PERHAPS A ""SUPRIZE" AND LARENZ IS EXPECTING PLAY,what he recieves is a fierce, OTK PADDLED ASS,HE IS BROILED,spanked many big huge bucks,they love it,i want larenz subjugated,brought down to his knees,he is so like a buck i always whipped raw,a marine sgt,want that fine fanny in the air,venom workin him and HE NEVER FUCKS AROUND ON HIM AGAIN,wish i could paddle the sweet buck now!!!!!!

Fantasy about Larenz Taste submitted by First

I would love love LOVE to see him give that phatty to Python and Phat Daddy!!!

Fantasy about Larenz Taste submitted by dkingkong from Philly

I like this new upcoming sensation. I would like for him to bottom for Jovonnie and Citiboi double team him.

Fantasy about Larenz Taste

Larenz Taste is a trip! I'd love to see him give it up to Python or Venom!

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