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Fantasy about Artist submitted by 76metro123

I would love to see Ian fuck the shit out of artist.

Fantasy about Artist submitted by Kevin from Chicago

My neighbor told me her nephew would be staying with her for the summer. I say cool, I'll keep a look out for bad happenings. The next week this sexy ass guy is moving in. I go out to take some garbage to the alley so I can get a better look, and he can of me LOL. He's sexy as hell. All the family is out there helping him move so we only pass glances. I wonder. Hmmmm?

The next week I'm taking my dog out for his final walk of the night down the alley about midnight. The guy comes to go to their garbage can. We chit chat and I find he calls himself Artist. I tell him I take the dog out every night about this time of night. {hint hint} About this time, some of his fam is yelling at him through the back door so we stop the convo and he goes back in the house, but not before I catch him stealing a glance back at me few times.
A few nights later, I'm walking the dog, and Artist comes out, same spot and starts a convo, asking the usual give away questions. I ask him to come walk with me while I finish with the dog and he does. As we get to a dark spot in the alley, I go for it can grab that ass. Ok ... he didnt punch me, and he didnt pull away, so its on. Its late, and its pretty dark back there, so I turn him around and start kissing him. We move off to the side a bit so I can tie the dog up. More intense kissing, my hands in those pants feeling that phat ass, his hand in my pants feeling my swelling dick.
Before I know it, he's dropped to his knees, unzipping me and my dick is down this throat. Damn his mouth is wet . I put both my hands behind his head and fuck his face a bit. Damn. Didnt think he'd go down like this so quick. After a while of my dickhead bumping the back of his throat, my dick swelled and emptied a my load into his hungry belly .. fuck. He got every drop. He stood up, zipped me back and kissed me. I could taste my cum on his lips. Turned the fuck on .... We gather ourselves and go back into our respective houses.
I didnt see Artist for a few more weeks, I was afraid he had moved. Then I was come back from the store one day as he was leaving out. I told him, I'm a night owl and if he was ever up late, knock on my window and come over and have a brew or two with me.
Two days later he did just that. I heard the knock, and my heart jumped. Good I saved some beer just for him. These 211s should do the job. I let him in. We had a few beers and kind of skipped the pleasantries. Before I knew it, we were naked in my bed, his hot mouth swallowing my dick, and my face buried in that phat ass eating the fuck out of it. I could feel his litttle asshole relax with every thrust of my hard tongue. When I couldn't take it anymore, I flipped him onto his back, grab his legs and threw them back, lowered my head and dropped a big glob of spit-lubed on his pretty hole. My dick slid in. That hole was ready. He was ready .. fuck he was hot, wet and good inside.... Busted two nutts in side him that night. Fuckd him twice a week every week til he moved..

(Yea, Ive thought about this.. LOL )

Fantasy about Artist submitted by andrew from new york

make a movie in my apartment with artist

Fantasy about Artist submitted by Kris from Lake Charles

I am so in love with you!!! I am also Discreet

Fantasy about Artist submitted by Khriss from New York

Artist is one sexy dude. My fantasy is to fuck him until he surrenders and really give the ass up with lustful want and desire for me. . I love to fuckem then suckem. Make it happen!

Fantasy about Artist submitted by charles from Washington

Love to see XL and Artist and Souja in threesome .

Fantasy about Artist submitted by Arturo from Harlem, NY

Recently saw a hot video with Artist & Python. Artist got a great ass, I'm sure it feels dam good. I would love to have been fucking him too and feeling that ass with my dick and then have Python fucking me. Hit me up Artist. ;-)

Fantasy about Artist submitted by Kendrick from Dayton

I want to suk on artists dick and I want him to pound me in my ass hard I want to him to put fudge on me and lik it off then some ice cream and lick all of it off and I want to suck on his big sexy juicy lips and suck the cum from his body

Fantasy about Artist submitted by Pretty from Orlando

My fantasy is to take Artist outside on the balcony licking every inch of his body....with end results of me busting and shooting cum from my throbbing dick onto his chest

Fantasy about Artist submitted by dRE from BATON ROUGE


Fantasy about Artist

artist and python

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