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This brutha is all about his business--straight up hard fuckin'. With smoldering eyes and signature thick dick always on tap, this handsome star shows us how it's done. One of Dawgpound's finest.

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Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by BILL from ST LOUIS MO

I DEFINITELY would LOVE 2 MEET ace, AND have the BEST sexual experience we both have ever had. PLEEZE, MR. ROCKWOOD fulfill this fantasy.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by Anon from Bridgetown

Would love to see Ace with SlimThug in a hot DP session massacring a willing boi pussy til he can't take it then cum on his face like the bitch he is. would love the two to pair up

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by Rdoney from DC

Dawg Pound USA is the greatest studio. U have the best looking models N the industry. It's time 4 Izzy, Ace, Red, Mann & Python to suck dick. For me, UR videos R the best. If these stars don't want to suck dick, replace them with XL, Mustang or Bamm, They suck dick. I really don't care about Izzy, Ace, Red, Mann,& Python. I like to see tops suck dick. In the homosexual world, sucking a dude's dick is like a hand shake. As a top, I like to see versatile action. I don't care if a porn star thinks he's too much in demand to suck dick, Tell him to go home if he won't do so. Please bring Sarge back. He has a clean cut and is a hoe. I like that. Too bad he doesn't eat ass.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by Rodney from Washingotn DC

Ace Rockwood because he doesn't get fucked or suck dick on screen.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by Darius from ellenwood GA

If I could sit down and have a one on one sex that be the best fantasy. I would blow him for 20 min straight and ride that dick till he nut all in me.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by Ronan from Denver

I want love to taste ace's Dick and ass.. have him fuck me crazy on the kitchen floor..

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by Keith from Tampa

I would just like to meet him

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by HeavyHitter from Minneapolis

I want to fuck Krave with him I make him bust I really want to fuck him like he give the dick up

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by Quentin from Los Angeles

I want Ace Rockwood to fuck me so good where he makes me ooze so much full of cum leaving me Satisfied. I want a threesome with him and Rico fucking me so rough where I can't take it but want the both of them to cream filled there dicks inside of me making me extremely pleased and overjoyed

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by Noel from Philadelphia

I would love to suck his toes and work my way up to his inner and being a true-blue BI man, me and my girl would meet at this thighs and take turns tangling with those balls and dick. She's sit on his face and I'd be eating his ass and when I'd get done with him, I'd be letting him give me some good head while my girl's fingering his ass to make that prostate quiver. Then I'd be in flip flop heaven with him along with my girl getting ate by him and me And of course she would take a good strap-on to his ass as he licks my hairy balls.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by wellbmore

Yo I would pay top dollar to see Ace get fucked by Slim Thug! Slim Thug brings out the best in anyone he fucks!

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by Rodney from Washington DC

My fantasy is to see Ace and XL flip flop. I know Ace has never bottomed on screen, but it is time to see him in a versatile role. I've seen him in action and I've seen his asshole. He has been fucked and fucked often. When he fucked Arquez, he had been freshly fucked. His asshole was wide open and his hole have no grooves. I love seeing XL get fucked. I can tell he enjoys it. It is such a turn on to see actors enjoy what they are doing on screen versus pretending. It is time for Ace to suck dick and become versatile. To me, it is boring to watch a bottom suck dick and get fucked without the top preforming any oral action on the bottom. I love to watch actors kiss, that really turns me on. Finally, your films showing actors flip flop are the best. Note, I love watching tops' assholes open up when the top is fucking the bottom. Most of the top have been fucked of screen. So, why not let me get fucked on screen. Python's films are boring. He just fucks. Also, a porn star is a porn star, weather his is a top or a bottom.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by lewis from chandler

I would love to see ace rockwood bottom!

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood from Washington DC

I bust a nut every time I watch a Ace Rockwood video. I can see Ace Rockwood as a construction worker building homes. I come by to see the progress of my home. The home is already enclosed with all the walls and windows. Ace is sweating from the hot heat takes off his shirt. As I walk around the house, I have a question and I call Ace to ask the question. Ace comes to the bedroom. As I ask the question, Ace starts to rub on his chest than his dick. He notices me looking at the print in his pants. He comes close to me and start rub is dick on my thigh. He ask if I like to play with his rock hard dick. I try to back off but he followed me because he noticed that my dick was hard. So he pulled down his pants so I can see his hard rock dick. He started taking off my pants. I played with his dick and started to suck on it. Before we known it, Ace was fucking the hell out of me. He bust a nut on my face.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by hot

I wanna c Ace Rockwood bottom for King Dingo. Dat shit would be beyond hot

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood


Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by Dan

Ace Rockwood and Soulja flip flop, for on the main business rule of giving the customers what they want, it would please the most members and gain many more.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by Derek from Orlando

I want Ace to join me and the hot tub,and us just kiss each other passionately,and him sucking on my neck,as i grind this bubble ass on his hard dick,and i want him to slide that dick in me,and break my walls in,because i got that virgi ass,and i want him to pull out and nutt all over my face,that's my fantasy ace baby..LET'S MAKE IT INTO A REALITY..;)

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by drake


Fantasy about Ace Rockwood

Mr. Rockwood needs to unleash his staggering sex appeal and rockhard piece on Venom , Saint, BigBeef and, of course, Sarge!!!

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