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About Phat Daddy:

The name says it all--Phat Daddy's got the body and the big dick to back up his name. He's been working out and it shows. He's already a fan favorite and he's just getting warmed up. We know you got mad fantasies about him--here's your chance--don't be scurr'd. Speak up now and tell us all your hottest fantasies.


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Fantasy about Phat Daddy submitted by Robscock

Eating that pretty long fat cock for an hour straight, and then receiving that hot Cumm in my mouth

Fantasy about Phat Daddy submitted by pooch from fort pierce

I want phat daddy to come and suck me up til i bust a big ass nut on his face the i do the sama forhim

Fantasy about Phat Daddy submitted by Travis from Thomasville,Ga

Before I do my fantasy... I wanna say that that daddy is so fucking sexy! From head to toe, those lips,that body, and that dick! Oh my lawd! My fantasy would be that phat daddy shows up at my house on my 18th birthday, on October 17! I would take him out to dinner and then to a hotel room to chill.. we would talk for a good lil minute.. I would tell him I'm a virgin(I am by the way), and I want him to be my first! He would be gentle But rough and make me feel like it was just me and him in the world.. We would probably go three rounds cause he would fall in love with this bussy.. I would also give him the best head he has ever had.

Fantasy about Phat Daddy submitted by Sean from Union City

I would love for Phat Daddy to come by my place one day, walk in unzip his pants and just lay back on my bed. I would get down on my knees and start by kissing and licking all over his feet! Massaging them with my tongue and sucking on each of his toes while he rubs his feet all over my face! Then I would start to run my lips slowly up his legs and thighs till I get to his crotch. I'd slip my tongue into his ass, rim and eat him out, and get drunk on the musky man scent of that hot hairy hole. After that I would suck all over his big low hanging cum-filled balls, swallowing each of them, one at a time! Then I want him to grab me by the back of the head with both of his hands and guide my mouth towards his huge, juicy, Phat dick! Shove it all the way down my throat... choke and gag me with all the precum drooling out of that big mushroom cock head until my eyes well up with tears! Pull it out, slap it on my face, spit on it, and then plunge it right back down my wet, warm throat, then fuck my face until he makes me swallow his whole load!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy submitted by Lance from Newportnews

I would like to have 3 some with your fine ass and your fine ass brother!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy submitted by eeante from Berkeley

Would love to see phat daddy get fuck by two people

Fantasy about Phat Daddy submitted by shawn from portsmouth

Fucking me on a plane or outside dicking ducking balls then eating ur ass fuck me hard

Fantasy about Phat Daddy submitted by Johnny from Los angeles

Actually there are so many hot black Boiz that I'd love to meet all the real tops at the studio or a privat location, let them slip off my clothes except for a thing or jockstrap, and then all take turns fucking my hot white bubble butt and mouth. Then I want to get double fucked by them all. Of course the only way I could handle all those ducks would be to pnp. Makes it much easier to handle them all. And I get so horny and freaky! My relatives live in Detroit. Can you guys fly me to my cousin's wedding the last weekend on may and I can thank you all in person!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy

I want to see Phat Daddy take DPU by storm, taking on any bottom brave enough to bend over for him, starting with Venom!!!

Fantasy about Phat Daddy

Would love to see Phat Daddy smash Venom, Phoenix, BigBeef, Rico, Romance, Berlin and Cornbread! Yes, Cornbread!

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