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Fantasy about Mr Markie submitted by Mikhail from Oxon Hill

Mr Markie and Krave solo jerk off and playing with each other's dicks.

Fantasy about Mr Markie submitted by jason from grand rapids

I am partying with Mr. Markie all night long. He is drinking 40's and for every one he takes down I give him a benjamin. Not long after that Mr. Markie are watching some porn and he starts to get aroused. My eyes bulge as I watch him slowly unzip his jeans and inside is the tightest biggest hottest bulge in tight white drawers I have ever seen. I think to myself, how in the hell did he get his jeans over that bulging cock. Mr. Markie rubs the bulge for a while and notices that I cannot help but stare at this massive black man in the white drawers with a huge cock bulging inside. He pulls his hands away and lets me get a full view of his magnificent manhood inside those shorts. I begin to sweat and emotions take over. i must have it. i must have it. I must get close to that bulge. He says in his deep voice, "don't start nuttin u can't finish baby cause I gonna finish it 4 u," I don't give a damn, and I reach around and untie his shoes first. He has massive big feet and I pull the shoes off. They smell wonderful. Next I reach for the jeans and again, he says, "baby, you keep goin and you are never gonna forget this night." He reaches for another 40 I flip him another benjamin and pull his jeans down to his ankles. All that remains as I look up from his tremendous muscled legs is that bulge in the center of two giant black redwoods. It is like an oversized cloud among the trees as it grows bigger and bigger and I think that he is gonna rip them drawers right off if that pole gets any larger. I reach for the waistband of the tight white drawers, and again he says in his deep masculine voice, "I'm warning you bitch, you gonna get a lot more than you planned." His words rock inside my head as I noticed he just finsihed another 40. Dayum that's five in one night. He reaches for #6 and I drop another benjamin, and reach inside the waistband of his hot white shorts. Its showtime now and I am not gonna be stopped. I dreamed of this moment and I wanted it for a long time. He murmers in his low tone, "go for it baby." My cue, I slowly pull the shorts down from his thigh exposing his tight curly hairs above his long hard shaft. I am enamored by the smells of his manliness. A little more and I can see his head and long cock coming out of the shorts. I must have it. i want it all so bad. He says, "its yours." And Mr. Markie stretches back with his long legs, only as he can and lays back in the chair. his hot massive leg muscles rubbing my sides as I inch my mouth towards the shaft, still resting on the waistband of the shorts. No drawers are ever gonna hold Mr Markie back and finally with my mouth on the tip of his cock I slide the drawers all the way down exposing his third leg, literally. His dick has a beer hard on and he is so fucking hung from the excitment and anticipation of what he is going to do to me. First he takes the back of my head and starts ramming it up and down and in and out of his tool. i am gagging because it is so large, but Mr. Markie, being the hung god that he is knows how to handle it and soon my mouth and throat is taking it all the way in. i cannot belive it. It is like his dick is going completely down my throat. Once fully immersed in his dick, I am eye level with his pubic hair, and all I can do is breath through my nose. My mouth is open wider than it ever has and I feel his powertool deep down my throat going towards my gut. Thats when it happens. Mr. Markie, in his commanding deep tone says, "I told you baby to expect it all. Its time." I am motionless. I cannot move cause if I do it would hurt to pull his monster cock out of my throat. He has me pinned and his big black hands cup the back of my head like a basketball. Like it or not, I am his and he has complete control over me. Mr. Markie says, "baby the fun is about to begin." and he begins to take a long hard piss straight into my gut. I feel his hot man juice fill my stomach and I am powerless to move. but I don't want to anyway. I want to please Mr. Markie anyway I can. His six beers begin to empty out into my mouth and down my throat and not a drip of his beautiful sweet tasting beer piss is lost as I take it all in. Finally after several minutes of unleashing a river of piss inside me he begins to slow down. He tells me not to spill any of his juice and there is going to be a night full of his piss deep inside me. Throughout the evening of sucking, he would pull my head deep into his cock and I knew that it was time for him to unleash the torrent of piss I had wanted so bad. At one point he decided to fuck me and threw me onto my stomach and make me arch over. Without any lube or preparing, he thrust his big black dick up my ass. It burned and tore my ass as it was not ready for it. but Mr. Markie knew just what he was doing and just what he wanted. Once deep up my hole I could feel it, I felt his vein in his dick bulge and suddenly he shot hot streams of piss up my ass and deep in my hole. I am weakened by the sheer strenght of this giant who knows how to turn a man inside out so easily. With piss deep inside me he can begin thrusting his power tool until a hot climax of cum mixes with his piss. When he pulls out, he warns me, "don't spill any." With that he turns me over and sticks me in the mouth again for another piss. He is tired now and goes to sleep but before he does he tells me just what I am to do- I must let him sleep with his dick in my mouth all night and every time he needs to unload some more of that hot 600 dollar beer, its gonna be inside my troat or ass. I am overjoyed

Fantasy about Mr Markie submitted by TIM


Fantasy about Mr Markie submitted by ERIC B. from Columbus

First would love to hire him as an escort WOW! Love to see King bottoming for Mr. Markie, King being called over as an escort to Mr Markie Apt.Mr. Markie already has dick out stoking it when King walks in. Mr. Markie starts sucking King's nipples with King evenually going down and sucking his dick and licking his balls. King then turning around and bending over or going over to a bed to get doggie style and Mr. Markie eating that phat ass out before putting all that "Big" dick all up in King with King moaning with pleasure. WOW!!!!!!

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