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What more could you ask for in a big, muscular, aggressive top? How about one of the biggest, thickest dicks in the business. Now on Papihtugz. Everybody has a fantasy about this one--you ready to share yours?


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Fantasy about Python submitted by Dee from Booneville, MS

You and I are just netflixing and chilling at a hotel, and then you kiss me and kiss that spot that everyone has that makes them hot in a milli-second. Our kissing leads to another, and we are both naked fucking around!! Round one is about two hours....but ROUND TWO goes for about three hours!!

Fantasy about Python submitted by Edward from Washington, DC

You come over to my house and smoke a blunt while I suck your dick. Then you bend me over and use my wet hole like pussy

Fantasy about Python submitted by David from Atlanta

I want to suck this big black dick!!! I want you to fuck me with a condom and when youre ready to cum, I want it all on my ass!!!

Fantasy about Python submitted by Markiz from Kenosha

My fantasy is getting on my knees and sucking Python's dick so well his toes curl. After, he fucks me all night until he is ready to cum all over my face.

Fantasy about Python submitted by chris from Miami Beach

i want it in my hole... buy him a bentley and a Speedo and make him happy... need that pole in dat hole needs to spooge in that bich too oh fuuuuuckkk im gonna cum lol

Fantasy about Python submitted by will from gabon[libreville]

I am take your dick in my ass aie aie i love you python

Fantasy about Python submitted by Jimmie from South Carolina

I would love to see Python, Soulja, and Ace Rockwood do a 69/flip flop suck and fuck feast. That would be so hot!!

Fantasy about Python submitted by bikoh from barbados

a flip flop scene with mr.markii

Fantasy about Python submitted by Noel from Philadelphia

A good 69 and flip flop would do the trick. Not only that, I would love to see him and Eddie Diaz go at it with a couple of Trannies to make it interesting

Fantasy about Python submitted by wakie from south Carolina

Python fucks me raw n I'll cream on that dick n take it too

Fantasy about Python submitted by Johnny from Statesboro

I am working out at the gym Python notices my intense regimine. He notices I pulled a cramp. I play it off says its okay. The final hour before closing and I end my sets give military hand shake then off to shower. I gather my work out bag and hygiene supplies. He enters the mens room catches a glimps of me getting in shower. Next, I get Ole Spice clean and before exiting I dry off however still water is still cascading down my chest. During this time Python is watching me and I happen to look up and we share a brief conversation as he is undressing to get in rain closet/shower. I glance at his amazing stimulus package nonchalantly. We exchange numbers to connect later for future work out and more importantly to assess my sore muscles for a long over due hot massage man play fuck session Magnum style.Peace!

Fantasy about Python submitted by Johnny from Statesboro

XXI am working out at gym and ask Python for some assistance with personal trainers/masseur at facility. He opts to work out with me doing some reps with bench press. After the work out we exchange info etc and set up hot massage session which escalates to me being skull fucked. As his stimulus package grows exponentially while I deepthroat and get his balls super wet prelude to safe fuck session another notch.

Fantasy about Python submitted by Earnest from Fairfield, Ca

Picture it Your cooking dinner for your first date with Python and he comes up behind you drop your pants and just slides inside you and fucks you til you stupid. Mmmmm

Fantasy about Python submitted by De'andre from decatur

i walk in python's on his bed asleep on his back i come up and start sucking his dick he awakens i continue sucking then he bends me over and eats my ass then start fucking me,i ride on his dick and he says ride that dick like a horse, he have me ass up legs on his shoulders fucking me til he cums

Fantasy about Python submitted by mark from phoenix

ACTUALLY SEVERAL,see,i'm like ""lisa lampanelli",had,and love my bulls,had amazing sex,and herculean bucks,in my life."PRISON,SCENARIO",SEXY KING has become warden to a small southern jail,his assistants arron ridge,and sarge,have trouble with the bulls rapin the young boys,bstrong,and python,nuvo,and king finds a old telephone,the crank generator kind,he holds the wires as sarge cranks one turn,""shitmothafucker",he jerks and has a idea.4playjackson the carpenter,builds a plank with belts,and straps,he worries it will be for torturin.guards use stun guns first on python,he's led,strapped,and shaved>what cha motherfuckers doin,""oh,just a long overdue tuneup" king says,as he winds wire,to shaft and balls,sweat flows,as he's gagged,and king spins current to the rapin huge cock,""maybe you now know kinda how it feels to be violated",python blows cum,and thrashes,yellin,belllowing,and next it's nuvo,who cries and cries,and bstrong last.BESTRONG IS SHOCKED THE MOST,HIS MASSIVE TITS,WITH ALLIGATOR CLAMPS,A ROD IN THE COCK,BOTH BALLS WIRED,STEAMY SWEAT RISES AS HE CUMS AND CRIES FOR MERCY

Fantasy about Python submitted by Ken

Python topping Soulja or flipping with him be awesum !!!

Fantasy about Python

I would love for Mr. Dick to pay Venom a visit!!!

Fantasy about Python submitted by Yves from Pretoria

I am waiting for a friend in a hotel room when Python suddenly comes out of the bathroom naked and dripping wet.I freeze and do not know what to do but just stare and marvel.Python starts to move closer,his large cock getting longer,thicker,harder and erect.He grabs a hold of me and I let him feel my dick and ass.He goes behind me and presses his cock against my ass making me lust for him even more.He strips me naked and goes on his knees to suck my dick.He sucks and massages it,giving me a feeling I have never felt before.I release my load in his mouth and feel naughty for doing so.He rises from the floor,turns me around,spanks my ass and throws me onto the bed face down.He falls right on top of me and thrusts his long cock into my virgin ass.I tighten my ass and squeeze his dick so hard he moans with pleasure.Python fucks me so hard I beg for more.He releases his load inside me but this does not stop him from continuing to fuck me.I turn around to face him and he continues to fuck me senseless.I rise up to kiss and caress him and those lips of his are to die for.I suck his tongue and this makes me want to suck his dick.I pull his cock out of my ass and put it in my mouth.Nothing has ever tasted so good as a large cock dripping with a man's load.I suck,kiss,massage and caress it until he cums.I lie on the bed and he mounts facing me.He begins to rub our dicks against each other as we kiss so wildly.We are so in tune to each other that we cum at the same time.We lie in bed together taking a breather before I go to the bathroom to take a shower,freshen-up and leave.As soon as I'm in the shower I feel Python behind me and I hold on to the towel rail as he penetrates my ass and fucks me again.He fucks me so hard I feel as if his cock is getting even larger in my ass.I come to the realization of why he might be called Python,it's like having a cock with the strength and size of a python in my ass.As he fucks me he masturbates my dick and I fall weak to his desires.I then go down on my knees and suck his cock.He grabs hold of my head and I am trapped between his his hands and strong thighs.I can feel his man hair brush against my face and his balls keep hitting my chin;it's a wonderful place to have your head trapped.My face and mouth are filled with his load and it tastes wonderful.He lifts me onto the vanity,raises my feet into the air and puts his cock in my ass.He rams me like an enraged bull,it's so hard I feel as if the whole wolrd is moving to our rhythm.I can see an expression of pleasure and fulfilment on his face and I immediately fall in love with him.I have never been fucked before and to have your first time with a man who is strong,handsome and knows what he is doing is every gay man's dream.Python then drops down to suck my dick and I come to the realise that I want to be with this man,to have him fuck me all night;to have quickies at lunch breaks,in the car,at friends places and everywhere possible and impossible.I want to try every fucking position there ever was and invent new ones with him.I love him and the way he appears on the screen he is like no other man I have ever seen.I dream about him and his whole being makes me feel good inside,and when he fucks it's like he invented it.I want to feel his lips on mine,his cock in my muoth and ass,his hands to touch me all over and his body next to mine.I LOVE YOU PYTHON AND YOU ARE THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO,SO COME FUCK ME!!!

Fantasy about Python submitted by jamar from detroit

python lays me down eats me out til i get all wet an sloppy. pulls down his boxers and i start sucking on his fat dick makin it all wet an juicy. then he lay me down, an tease me wit it putting it in my ass inch by inch while i moan in pleasure.....mmmmmmmmmmmm then he speeds up flippin me in different positions an jus poundin my ass with dat dick. biting on my nipples and kissing my neck. then he starts cummin inside me!!!! then he pulls out an watch it jus oooze out of me. then to end it he teases me wit his dick pokin it in an out of my ass playin wit his nut....mmmmmmmm an we fall asleep together.

Fantasy about Python submitted by Richie from Atlanta

I would love to see Python Lying on the beach with Ace Rockwood. They would sit there as the sun set talking to each other when all of a sudden three guys down the beach throw a football and it hits one of them. After that the guys would get up to figure out what was going on and then they see that the three guys are Sarge, Lil Guy, and Nuvo. Then Python and Ace would go play with them and turn it into a game of truth or dare at which someone would make a gay dare. They would later go back to pythons house and continue with truth or dare and have some drinks and would ultimately all fuck the night away.

Fantasy about Python submitted by martyns from abuja


Fantasy about Python submitted by DeAndre from Decatur

python comes up to me at the beach and asks me what time is it? and i go to my car and he follows me there and look to see the time then he stops me and says i know what time it is. Mr.Dick is here! then we go down to his place and he pulls out his dick and i stsrt to suck on it then i start to strip for him and i suck on his dick again then i bend over then he fucks me and i cry out his name then he cums all over me!

Fantasy about Python submitted by George from Atlanta


Fantasy about Python submitted by alex from chicago

my fantasy is to get fucked and dogged by python. I want him to treat me like his little bitch. I want to fuck him in front of a crowd and anywhere else

Fantasy about Python

Mr. Dick's next clients should be Phoenix, Saint, Venom and especially BigBeef!!! Can Mr. Dick handle Mr. Ass? I'd LOVE to find out!!!

Fantasy about Python submitted by Bobby from richmond

Python was lucky enough to hit that smooth ass of Rico on papithugz. Fucked Sarge to the limit. Now if he taps that phat ass on Lil Guy aka Shorty J., he will pulled off the trifecta of porn. By the way, Cornbread is luckiest fucker, he already pulled it off.

Fantasy about Python submitted by thomas from pittsburgh

I would like to see Phat Daddy, Ramone Steele, Python and Aarin Driver in a scene called Training Day: Bottom Up. I have never seen a full blown out gangbang on DP. And would love to see these guys push it to the limit.

Fantasy about Python submitted by Rashaud from Greenwood, Mississippi

My doorbell rings and its Python wanting to mow my lawn. I agree to him mowing the lawn and so he does just that. Before he began mowing he removes his shirt to show everything he has. As the sun beams on his big muscular body, sweat began to pour from his pores, which made his body more erotic. I asked Python did he want anything and he replied yeah i would mind something good. So i brought him a bottle of water and he told me i didnt mean that and dropped the water and pulled me to him. We began to kiss with more passion as he rips my shirt off me and lifts me onto the patio table and opens my legs up. He then removes my pants and underwear so that he can get to this tight ass of mines. Python lays me on the patio table and began to eat my ass with all the pleasure in his body. As he pulls my ass closer and closer to his face, I began to get weak and thirst for some of his loving. He then picks me up as I i undue his pants and pulls out his big phat dick and began sucking on it as he eats my ass. As i deep throat his big dick he puts me back on the ground as i forces him to lean against the house, while I'm still sucking his dick. Python places his hands on my head as I stroke his phat juicy wet cock with my mouth. He then pulls me up and bends my ass over the patio table, straps on a condom and slowly drive his phat dick in my tight ass. The pain is so excruciating but pleasurable at the same time. He then began to talk dirty," You like daddy's dick, Yeah you like it, Tell me you want more nigga," and then he smacks me upon my ass. He fucks me longer and harder before flipping me upon my back. He then ease that dick into my hurting ass and began to stroke some more. His dick seems to get bigger and bigger as he keeps attacking my phat ass. He raises my right leg onto his right shoulder pulls me close as he fucks the hell out of me. He then picks me up and bounces me up and down, up and down on his rock hard dick, while interlocking lips at the same time. He then puts me on the ground, bends me over and blows in my ass right before shoving his rock hard cock back into my ass, but this time instead of easing it in, he went in full force and strong. The pain feels better and better as i explodes all over the ground. He says," You love daddy's dick, you want more, make that nut come my nigga." He get rougher and rougher right before he pulls the condom off and pulls me down by my shoulder and bust all over my face. He then hugs up with me to the bathroom to hop in the shower but hey that's a story which can never end with Python.

Fantasy about Python submitted by tariq from baltimore

My fantasy is to have python knock on my door and take off his wife beater and drop his boxers and make me suck on his python of a dick, then tell me ta open ma mouth while he jack dat dick and shoot his nutt makn me swallow err drop!!

Fantasy about Python submitted by Tariq from Baltimore

Yo check it...My fantasy is that Python visits B-more, MD., I walk up to him to get an autograph and photo, but then he notices my sexy bedroom eyes and have me pass him my celly number! To which then after his work is done, he calls me and have me meet him at his hotel room and I break my neck to get to him! He opens the door and I walk in and he locks the door behind me and turns around and tells me to "suck my dick", and it's already out and I start sucking on his dick to which I have him bussin' dat nut in less than 3 minutes! He says, that's never happened to me before and now I gotta fuck yo ass cause you made me look like a chump and so I must punish you! He fucks me for 2.5 hrs and says to me..hell naw nicca, u ain't going nowhere, u stayn for breakfast, to which my bussy is the main course! And now, he's mine when he comes to bmore!!!

Fantasy about Python

Python is quickly becoming the man-about-town in the porn industry these days. And, I hope he never changes a thing, meaning, he's a total top and he should stay that way! Having said that, I caught his 3way with Rico and Lil Papi. It was hot, but he and Rico should reunite ASAP in a 1-on-1 session. Rico clearly was loving what Python was doing to him. Python should also work his magic on Trap Boyy, Romance, Berlin, Phoenix, Lleo, Smooth, Saint, Scott Alexander and ESPECIALLY Black!!!

Fantasy about Python

Here's my New Year's wish list for Python aka Mr. Dick: Venom, Sarge, Romance, Pnoenix, Trap Boyy and BigBeef!!!

Fantasy about Python submitted by Charles from Wasington,dc

To see him make love to a dude not just fuck him like an animal. It would be so hot to see him really into a dude! Dam! It would be hot!

Fantasy about Python submitted by Warren from Hartford

He's a masseuer and shows up with his table, oils and skimpy shorts going commando. The massage starts with me face down, and halfway into it we're shifting from massage to full blown kissing, foreplay, forced feeding me his enormous cock and then he proceeds to give me a much needed "internal" massage - DEEP. The man is a total stud - need to see more of this guy!!!

Fantasy about Python

need to get fuck and suck dick

Fantasy about Python submitted by Charles from Wasington,dc

Python and King fucking hot video! YES!!!!!! But, If niether one will bottom then throw in Sarge or Cornbead

Fantasy about Python submitted by Dave from Atlanta

Python is one sexy dude and I'd luv to see that sexy phat muscle ass of his be fucked.

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