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Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by Black from Camden

I want some more of that dick

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by andre from Philadelphia

I wanna see young buck face to face soon i would like to taste him again

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by mango1

I just want to worship his feet and us hair ass

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by Brad from Miami

My fantasy is to one day fuck Young Buck nice phat masculine ass. Love him alot and love his vids. Young Buck is truly beautiful in the sense of a real man. Want to get some of that warm hole of his one day. That would truly be a fantasy come to reality.

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by BRAD from MIAMI

Love me some Young Buck. It's nothing better than seeing a real masculine dude taking dick and acting like a real man while getting fuck.. I would fuck Young Buck any time. He has one nice phat masculine ass. Need to bring him back as soon as possible. Maybe then I would thank about renewing my membership with Dawg Pound. Alot of the dudes you all have been bringing on lately are fine but you can tell from a distance that they are trully dady's little girls. Young Buck is a true man. He is fine as hell.

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by Nicholas from dallas

Young Buck, you so fuckin sexy. i wanna make love to you passionately. i wanna take you and throw you on a bed and tear yo cloths off. then i wanna lick and suck all over your naked body. then i wanna fuck you til i here you scream and i start kissing you lovingly over and over again. i wanna please you and love you in every single way possible.

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by LUIS from FAYETTEVILLE

I have an unusual fetish. Unlike feet lovers, I love thick necks or more specifically, a brother's adams apple. I would love to see BUCK do a masturbation solo in a comfortable chair keeping his head leaning back comfortably while he slowly jacks off until climax. The camera should not lose sight of his beautiful neck and his hand while he jacks off as this is what I love most about watching a man as he makes love to himself. A close up of his neck would be awesome. Please don't fade in and out during the scene as you do with all of your videos. This one should be one continuous motion of the camera so as to enjoy each and every sensuous moment. Thank you.

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by Mark from Wilmington

One reason i applied to this website is Young Buck..wanna see him get fuck'd in a jock strap by coach of football team and couple of team mates..dawgpound needs to get lil freakier..Young Buck is my altimate lips, eyes, ass, thug swag like a mug..totally the sexiest..

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by Ed from Now Abuja Nigeria, Home is i

I think of Young Buck all the time. But I would love to see him paired up with Venom. Your two sexiest versitiles doing everything possible with each other. Start out with a 69, going all the way until they are curled up into a ball, eating out the ass of the other, both at the same time! Get into a little mututal foot licking, and then let them work out the rest for themselves.

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by lala from Chicago

young buck is so sexy i can look at him every day he young n sexy he can get it any day

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by Brand from Boston

Wanna chill with Young Buck and get wild. Worship every inch of his body before he gives me all dat pipe

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by red from Minneapolis

This month I am feeling Young Buck a lot. I like Young Buck as a bottom. I wont to see real men be fucked by men and NOT those soft fake as bottoms pretended to be tops. I am not buying it. Find a man to fuck Young Buck like Python did! BTW, I am not feeling Python or King.

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by Brad from Miami

No one better to break in Young Buck in his bottom debute than Slim Thug. Man Slim Thug truly worked that nice tight masculine booty. bursted about 5 these looking at the shit.

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