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Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by Sir from jackson

a nice orgy scene with cornbread as the star bttm alongside anubuis as the second bttm with ace rockwood,jovonnie,black lion,kb,castro & sarge as vers guys fucking, and sucking each other that's my first fantasy for the porn industry to create a thug orgy with the following guys above in it; my second fantasy is for a d-boy who makes a livin by hustling runs into a robber at his trap house stealing his product and gets revenge by fucking him silly,the name suggestion is dick em out; my third fantasy is a like a modern day super hero tale only with out the spandex a vigilante gets justice for victim's of bullying they find the bully and torture them with all kinds of fetishes fisting, leather etc. and fucks them good until they learn their lesson not to bully again title called revenge

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by Keston from MIAMI

I want to see Cornbread & Jovonnie.... Power Fuck For The New Year. I want them both Flip Flop, If Jovonnie is down with taking dick in his ass, is not like he never did before with citiboi. I Love them Light skin bruthas, n it will be great to start of the new year. Please I'm tellin you Dawgpound as a big Cornbread fan. I want this fantasy to be a reality, make it work. Thank You. Biggest Fan!!!:) Oh & By the way I want the fantasy to on top of a balcony if that's possbile lol.... Tough Love. Deuces.

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by jim from atlanta

"MONDAY NIGHT FUCKBALL" CORNBREAD invites buddies, VENOM & SCOTT ALEXANDER, over for Monday Night Football. As they drink and start to get roudy, VENOM pulls his dick out and starts a circle-jerk. CB moves to SA and begins oral sex. VENOM joins in. CB has wanted to fuck VENOM for a long time, and now he seizes his chance, motioning for VENOM to lie back on the bed, CB lifts VENOM'S legs and buries his tongue into VENOM. As CB becomes increasingly hot he buries his huge cock into V up to the balls. SA off to the side stroking himself, decides to make it a 3 sum. SA moves onto the bed, wedges himself between the 2 and sits on VENOM'S dick all the way to the balls. SA leans forward kissing V and begins serious tongue play. SA begins to piston back and forth on V'S horsedick. CB pounds harder into V. V and SA swap places with SA fuckin V dog style, as CB plugs into SA. This fuck train is in complete motion. V nuts first, SA next and CB last, each busting a nut as he pulls out of the one in front, the next always continuing to fuck until time to bust. Cases of Anal Ease, please. Pass the role of paper towels. This is rated a 5 by real freaks!

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by RJ from Jersey City

For me I love me some Cornbread, Rico and Lil' Guy aka Shorty J. For my birthday next week, I would love to see this threesome. I would have it up in a prison gym. And Shorty J and Rico are inmates. And Cornbread sexy ass is the head guard. And he wants some ass from Shorty J's ass. But Rico owns Shorty's ass. And for Cornbread to get Shorty ass, Rico has to get some of Cornbread moist, wet, smooth cakes. For me the climax would be seeing Shorty J taken Cornbreads dick on the work out bench and Rico slides right in Cornbread ass. And I would have it some how that Shorty J. Fucks Rico in the end.

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by Dave from London

I'm really pleased to see Cornbread and Lill Guy, two of DP's best performers, in action together. Would be great to see Cornbread being versatile with Lill Guy, as both these hot versatile dudes have great asses and dicks. Thanks, Dave

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by Mr. from houston

baby boi is so fine. i wanna taste his lips. i want him to pick me up and put against the wall and bang my guts in.i wanna feel his muscles pulse while he grunts and groans from beating my back in and sweat dripping all over me. i wanna taste that creamy white stuff when shoots it all over my face. then i want to feel them lips around my dick and i want to finger that ass and taste them sweet ass juices.then i wanna beat his back in while i play in his hair.i wanna nut on his hole and eat that ass while that nut is dripping

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by J.R from Alexandria

It all startes off on a rainy night all the power went out on the whole block, and lucky for me i was a fan a candles. I lit candles all around my room, i could smell the sweet smell of the vanilla aroma coming from the candles and it turned me on. Not to mention i love the smell and sound of the rain....I love water I like to get wet. It was raining on a hot summer night, all the windows were open....sheets pulled back. Its been a minute since Ive had the touch of a man, and i was at the point were touching myself just didnt cut it. Sense it was hot i had no other choice but to sleep naked.....but i just couldnt fall asleep my body was yearning from the touch of a man. I could here something from outside my beach house but i didnt think nothing of it since it was raining and i live in a safe neighborhood. Then i saw him...i was frightened at first but i felt safe.....he got closer to me soaking i tried to speak he just put his finger to my lips and quietly said shhhh....dont speak. So i did what he said. Even though i didnt know who he was and i was very shy, i let him take complete control over me and my body. It started kissing my neck i could feel drops of he wet shirt dripping onto my hot body. He slowly started going down from my neck to my nipples then down to my belly then all i wanted to do was pounce on him. I slowly pulled at his shirt hinting it was time for him to get naked. He came to my lips and kissed me, his lips were so soft. I lifted his shirt over his head. I motioned his body to were i was on top and he was on the bottom....The moon was peeking thru the windows so good i could see his sexy face and his sexy body. I kissed his body and slowly made my way to his belly button. I unbuckled his pants, in my mind i new i was about to go to work. I got his pants of and his underwear....MY eyes widened from the view i was looking at. I put my lips around the head of his dick, damn it tasted so good. I wrapped my tongue around the head as i slowly put it in my warm mouth. I no hoe but i know how to please a man and very well i mite say. I put his dick all the way in my mouth until it hit the back of my throat.... I could here him slowly starting to moan, and that only made me suck a little bit harder. As i started to go to work i could feel him tensing up as i started going faster. I started pulling out every trick i knew until he whispered my two favorite words...."Oh shit".....i started to slowed down....he says why you stop....I tell him....I've showed you i know how to suck dick, now let me show you i know how to ride. I grin came around his face......I was so wet you would have though i had a pussy, I gave him a i started to get on top he leaned up....not to stop me, not to change positions...but he told me he wanted to hold me while i rode him. He pulled me so close to him so there was no space in-between us.....the warmth from his hands on my back made me feel so comfortable his dick just slipped in. As i went up in down I couldnt help but let out a couple of fuck and oh shits.....He kissed me so passionately i could help but speed up. By then it started raining so what better thing to do then fuck harder. Without taking it on he put me on my back and my legs over his shoulders and went to work. He started pounded seemed the more i moaned the harder and faster he went.....i could help but start yelling fuck me. He turned me over grabbed my neck and stared fucking me so good. He started smacking my ass damn that dick felt so good. The bed was shaking so hard i thought was going to break. He was fuckin me so good my knees gave out then he really started diggin in me he was yelling fuck and i was yellin Oh was raining Im sure the neighbors would have called the cops or peeking in the window. We fucked all night.....switched up the positions but at this point i was ready to bust....he put my on my back again started fucking me hard and fast i was about to bust and so was he...i started cumin everywhere he pulled out and let his load all over was so messy...i was so worn out....i feel asleep in his arms....when i woke up he was gone and on my nightstand he wrote....... "till we meet again"...

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by lamer from baltimore

I REALLY IDK.. BUT I WILL START IT OFF WIT.. Cornbread and myself took a private trip to Rome... On the way we both feeling very horney...He ask me to suck his hard Dick... While he playing wit my phat soft ass....I`m getting wet and i ask hime to fuck me... He bent me ova the airplane seat and began to long dick stroke me.... The he turned me ova and i began to ride his hard dick.I`m bouncing up and down,while i`m stroking my dick. Right be for he climax he told me to get on my knees and i did.And thats when he bust in my mouth,and all ova my face....And thats what u call First class..

Fantasy about Cornbread submitted by Raymond from detroit

he so sexy ii wanna 69 with him and we do each other

Fantasy about Cornbread

THANK YOU for adding Cornbread to your line-up of already hot men! He epitomizes the term "thug". I would love to see him flip-flop with Scott Alexander, or turn Berlin and Venom into total bottoms!!!

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