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LO |Romance in I Love Me Some Romance

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Fantasy about LO submitted by slutty from manhattan

I was fuck buddies w him for a whilleee. and he can fuckkkkkk. holy fuck his dick is literally the best thing thats ever entered me

Fantasy about LO submitted by Elijah from SAint louis

I would love for lo to have a3 sum wit me and my boyfriend please let us know how we can make this happen !!

Fantasy about LO submitted by Max from Hamilton

I really want to hook up with LO. Will be travelling to N.Y.C. soon. How can I contact LO? Thanks Max

Fantasy about LO submitted by Anthony from Harrisburg

Setting: Having LO with completely Naked and also have Me or Slimthug sucking his toes while he puts his dick in LO ass real hard like Missonary style and they kiss and Slim thug goes hard and then LO riding his dick making the brakes on his walls lock on Slimthug dick and then they get real fucking nasty... put a ice cube in LO ass and let slimthug put a ice cube in his hole and let get extra wet then he fucks him harder and LO just cum without even jerking off....

Fantasy about LO submitted by Anthony from Harrisburg

LO MY Dreamland awaits you just Close your eyes as i do and Imagine you and I; As our Skin upon skin,Lips touching, For you taste of Raspberries as they drip all down your body, sweetly irresistible, The fragrance of you, Takes my breath away,I am burning inside, A torch of fire,Burning fuel of passion as you come close to me. I look into your eyes and say LO damn I want you so bad and you are my desire My heart beats with every breath, You are my destiny, Your eyes evade me deep, dark, mysterious I am your slave, Your love has captured me. LO Grab my body and Pull me close, Show me your affection in so many ways i can only dream of In ways I could only dream of damn Wake me I must be dreaming, This is a fairytale but can only come true if LO wants to be.

Fantasy about LO submitted by wayne

I love Lo i think he represents what i am all about. He is truly manly and he knows how to do his thing, a good all rounder he is like myself. I would like to see him fuck flip flop with either treshaw, Rogue or King.

Fantasy about LO submitted by wayne

I would like to see Lo and Treshawn getting down Flip flop style.

Fantasy about LO submitted by Ronald from Rialto

The hotest scene you guys have done is when LO gets laid in 3 the Hard Way:) .... Why don't you guys bring KB Da King to Dawgpound? I'd LOVE to see him flip flop with LO...... Both have the sexyest bottoms, swagger.... and a true display of what Manhood is about in Porn. I cum all over myself when I hear them moan while pipe is being laid to them. Timing is right for both of them.

Fantasy about LO submitted by Van

Lo has come a long way since his earlier appearances with the ThugSeduction crew. I'm loving his almost effortless transition from top dawg to versatile playa, and his scenes with fan favorites like Alejandro, Romance, Jovonnie, and Venom are some of the hottest on this site. The latest joint where Chance fucked the nut outta him was a scorcher, instantly worthy of cult-classic status. His only clunker (relatively speaking) was the scene with Soulja (great model but he needs to bottom already!), Envy and Slimthug. I would love to see him paired with Moyea (w/ Lo topping), Treshawn (flip-flop), Panther (w/ Lo topping), and a repeat with Soulja only (flip-flop). Toss newcomer Mason into any of these combos and you'll have another guaranteed instant classic on your hands.

Fantasy about LO submitted by champ from raleigh

I love me some LO! The latest video is off the chain. I love LO. He is representing to the highest. Also, he is learning how to take some dik too! He is one sexy brotha! More importantly, he has a monster of a dik, and knows how to use it. Please more of Lo with anyone. These latest guys are not afraid to do anything. It's nice to see brothas who are not afraid to get down. Some of the fellows appear to be afraid to touch their partner; more or less appearing that they don't want to be there. These new guys, Lo, Scott, Romance and Treyshawn, just to name a few are not holding back. More of these kind of guys DP.

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