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Bruno |Romance in Best Buddy Flip-Flop

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Fantasy about Bruno submitted by glennn1948

You guys Dawgs actors you doing awesome performance all of you in Real life no such a thang. I have never met any guy like that it was always some plain sex nothing like Dawg I realize it is movie and fantastic Good Job

Fantasy about Bruno submitted by Jay from Atlanta

Please bring us back Bruno as he is one of the sexiest versatile performers there is. I'd love to see Bruno flip flop with Soulja, Cornbread or King.

Fantasy about Bruno submitted by Hervé from Paris

My fantasy is simple ! I'd like to see Bruno more often !!!!!!!

Fantasy about Bruno submitted by will

Bruno is f'ing gorgeous and a great new model. I don't care who he fucks, I just want to see more of him. He is great giving or receiving the dick. Another model I'd particularly like to see him with is Berlin, who is also really hot but hasn't been in any videos recently unfortunately. I wet my pants already imagining them flip-flop. I'd ride both of those black stallions until I couldn't walk anymore, and then I'd take them both in my mouth and let them blow it in me, swallowing it all. Would love to be spit-roasted by them. I would fuck with Bruno for life, straight up.

Fantasy about Bruno


Fantasy about Bruno from WASHINGTON, DC

Bruno was a GREAT new additional to the dawgpound family. He needs to be placed with a bigger dick top... He definitely shows he enjoys taking dick... THE NEW HOT GUY....

Fantasy about Bruno submitted by jay from Philadelphia

Bruno another hot addition to DPUSA. His azz is so phat, fuckable it will be great to team him up with Ian Rock a master top. Ian Rock needs to hit the following booties Venom, Scott Alexander,Romance and King just to name a few. Ian Rock is a great top dude who can fuck some azz real good as well Jovonnie,Slimthug. But Bruno,Romance,King,Scott Alexander and Souja is great additions to DPUSA. Lets see more of Ian Rock ,Bruno,Romance,King,Tyson, Scott,Souja DPUSA.

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