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Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by Andrew from Moscow

My fantasy - Ian Rock - sailor, stripper in swimming trunks. I want to touch and to caress a strong brawny body and big black dick.

Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by darrius from baltimore

I want him! He is so cute and i want be friend with him.

Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by Sipho from Cape Town, South Africa

I would like to be a friend of you, Ian Rock

Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by Sabastian from Tulsa

My fantasy with Ian is to have him spread eagle on the bed and I crawl up from behind and spread his ass cheeks exposing that nice hole and run my tongue around the edges of his whole as he moan begging me you stick my tongue inside. I continue to tease him and he moans louder and louder and suddenly he burst with a loud sigh of relief and my tongue reaches his prostate. As i go in and out massaging his prostate and getting his hole nice and wet he toot his ass up in the air inviting my dick to take control

Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by josephtoms

I would like to see Ian get fuck. Ian so masculine and to see him get fuck would turn me on.

Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by Gregory from Houston

I would love to see Ian Rock suck dick! In the movie Black Balled.6 he was kissing,sucking nipples and eating ass it was hot! I'd like to see him go all the way and lick and suck balls then give head and deep throat a big Black Dick,preferably more in an orgy. That would be explosive!!!

Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by allan from winnipeg

meeting up with ian and as he pounded his huge black cock down my throat hot rod , ace rockwood and aron ridge come up and ask if they can join in and then they take turns pounding their huge cocks down my throat and in my ass and i'm asking for more so as i'm bouncing up and down on ian rocks big cock hot rod pushes me over and rammes his huge black cock into my ass along side of ians and as they pound away at my ass bam and four more big black cocked guys come up

Fantasy about Ian Rock

Ian Rock should come out of retirement, and the following men should be on his Hit List: Sarge, Venom, Phoenix, Shorty J, Berlin, Romance and BigBeef!!! Taking on this monster should leave no doubt what these men are truly made of!

Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by jim from atlanta, ga

"COP ROCK" Motorcycle cop, Ian Rock stops Sarge for riding his cycle without a helmet. Rock scolds Sarge as if he were a child. Sarge gets defensive, and Rock arrests him and cuffs. Rock forces Sarge over into a wooded area and down onto his knees for cop head. Tired of this, the cop decides to explore Sarge's ass, first with the tip of his billy club, and as Sarge moans and begins to ask for dick, Rock gives him a fuck "for the ages" Whole thing ends as the ticket is torn up, Sarge is warned about further consequences, and ends with Sarge, smile on his face speeding off, only to be stopped again?

Fantasy about Ian Rock

For him to return to DPU especially to top Berlin!!!

Fantasy about Ian Rock submitted by Willis from Charlotte

My fantasy is simple. I want to make love to Ian Rock. I want him to have his way with me.

Fantasy about Ian Rock

HOT! HOT! HOT! That's all I can say about this man. To call him "thick" would be an understatement! Ian Rock is absolutely PERFECT for DPU, and I hope he returns ASAP to give it to Berlin!!!

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