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Fantasy about Romance submitted by G from NewCastle

I wanna found my lips on Romance's ass my tounge in his anus before we flip fuck each other.

Fantasy about Romance submitted by fahjah9

The ultimate dick down verse verse verse verse everybody just fuck each other and romance takes two at a time..

Fantasy about Romance submitted by B from Chicago

I want to fuck Romance and King in the ass. That would be the shit.

Fantasy about Romance submitted by Cheron from Los AnGELES

Romance is to fucking Sexci!. The video that I think is the best, and he really enjoyed himself was with venom!. My fantasy would be, making love over and over and over again! Outside in the rain, on the hood of a car while its running! Hot Steamy!, Double the action double the fun! Sex is only good, when you attracted to them physically, sexually, and mentality. Get at me Romance, let me show you what real Romance is, with this Gemini Lover!..Ill leave you sprung!

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

romance still in my dreams would love for him to bring his fine ass to the mack town so i can suck his brain out of that beautiful dick of his then i would tongue his balls ,then start sucking them as well, from dick to balls repeatly until he shoots a load deep down my throat ,he then turn me over eat my ass get it all wet and juicy then plow that beautiful pipe of his deep in me with slow stroking . i reach down and start caressing his balls as he's plowing my ass. findly he release his load for a second time. at this point he is exhausted he falls asleep .i wake him up with my tongue up his ass ,i tell him i not even half way finish with him and continue eating his ass while playing with his dick. soon as it get hard he fuck me for all he's got after that we both falls asleep..

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

i just fell in love with rommace. his dick just be calling be in my sleep have to get up turn on the computer just to see him .i know he can to some dick to that good because in my dream i let him and souja boy to fuck me til the sun comes up. i would just love to get them on a bed or table or even the floor and just lick and suck them from head to toe sobbing over both of them at the same time ,then let them take turn fucking my mouth and ass at the same time .i also would love to suck and caress those balls of theirs i mean how can you suck dick and not caress the balls i don't understand .believe me i will suck their brain out of their heads hopefully they will have a little left to give me another fuck yes , i 'll definatually fuck these to guys to sleep . i believe if it's still hard we are not through that my dream...............................................…

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

after all the talk i was talking about what i was gonna do to romance he shows up at my door but not along souja and 4play is with him. they didn't say a word just come in close the door then start undressing in front of me i say hey man you must not know me because i simply love that freaky shit. next thing i knew i was down on my knees unzipping romance pants with the other hand fondling 4play before the night was over i did more dick sucking ass eatin' and fucking than humanly allow .they slept in after that i was up bright and early they had made my day. when they findly woke up all three of them said would have to up their game next time you will come to us you have home field advantage here. i said baby i just know how to really fuck a man to sleep that all and i takes it serious they all laugh romance kiss me good bye and said he love me souja and 4play was kinda mad because i fuck all three of them like it was no tomorrow and would happy do it again.

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

i just love me some romance that dick of his just screaming for attention. i would love to ride that big stick til he past out. he's the only model on your site that i you take it easy on the rest i gurantee i will wear their backs out. this coming from a power bottom that into all the freaky shit. i believe if my man still awake after i fuck him i'm not doing my job. i think there should be more kissing,ass grabing and finger fucking that shit is hot. these guys need a lesson in turning a brother out from me all of them that why me and my boyfriend broke up he couldn't handle me and said i was to dam freaky for him. i just wannt to see if romance can live up to his name....…

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from Macon

i just want him to be my body guard when i travel out of town .we meet up on the plane. he sits next to me i tell him where we are going then fall asleep .he takes off his coat place it between us then start fondling my ass . i wake up he got his finger up my ass finger fucking me .he ask me how that feels and tell me he been wanting to fuck me .i tell him you know i'm a freak in the bedroom and i love a big dick and that me and my boyfriend had broken up last month. he say cool. i tell him to meet me in the bathroom. soon as he makes it to the bath my mouth is all over his stick he starts moaning because i go to work when i suck dick i mean i love it .while i'm sucking his dick i caress his balls in my hands then start licking and sucking them he tells me to turn around so he could eat my ass i say not now please let me sit on it .he sat on the seat i climb on top of him and rode him like a four wheeler all the time his toes are curling up. he let out a great moan shot his load and fell asleep i got off him kiss him then went back to my seat.he woke up about one hour later saying okay you put it on me next time its me in control i'm gonna do to you what you did to me i had to tell him i'm totally bottom and you got to have a strong back to be with me that why me and my boyfriend broke up. he said wait til i get you back in your hotel room be continued............…

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

to see my baby romance,curt dawg,panther and felony go at it each doing each other ,then i come in romance and curt dawg start working on me . then i wake -up with romance deep in side me pinching my nipples with every stroke .....…

Fantasy about Romance submitted by michael from macon

just can't thinking about him .wish he was right next to me just want to kiss and suck every part of his body.then let him do what he want and how he want to me...i can really see myself really letting the freak out of me ...…

Fantasy about Romance submitted by Bryan from philadelphia

U did an excellent job on creating my fantasy already! The combo of Romance, Soulja & Mr. Alexander was the hottest scene I've ever seen on much raw energy I bussed many nutts from repeatedly watching that scene. From the shower segment when Soulja was hittin that ass, to Romance fuckin the hell outta Mr. Alexanders ass out I came plenty. I dont know how U gonna top that but I'll be looking out!

Fantasy about Romance submitted by TJ from Baltimore

Is the hottest nigga on this site he flip flop like a champ he aint weak his ass is shorty J perfect keep pairing him with lil niggas nobody too overpowering... with a clean cut he'd be tyson kobies perfect first. Him and another serious person is cool but him and slimthug not a good pair u could see the chemistry wasnt there

Fantasy about Romance submitted by jay from Philadelphia

DPUSA this by far your best year. I love the dude Romance he is sexy, that azz looks delicious. I am still watching introducing Souja. That video is by far dawgpound usa best ever. I love it for the three principals Souja, Scott Alexander and Romance. Dawgpound do a part 2 .

Fantasy about Romance submitted by Xavier from Orlando

Romane Romance whatever your name is your all I wanna see Sexy Real shit nigga Im in love with your ass nigga Its perfectly Shaped Oh My shit NIgga im in luv bruh Id do it all with you lol *i will* Baby you don't got fine since Taggaz G shit nigga WOWezerz Nigga I luv that ass and dat dick too bad eitha I wanna see you fucked by Tha King Double R wherever that nigga is hiding bring him out now Double R is tha shit I would luv to see my Baby Fuck My Other Baby so make It happen Please!!!!!!!! Im begging Luv Ya Romance .

Fantasy about Romance submitted by Ant from New York

Romance baby I love you! Please baby please will you marry me? You're so fine! PS Romance I want to suck them toes. Please put in him a scene where he gets his toes sucked. The boy is pretty from head to toe.

Fantasy about Romance submitted by Jay from Philadelphia

I am a big fan of Romance he is just fuckin sexy with great azz. I would love to see Slim Thug take on that azz of Romance. Slim thug will punish that azz of Romance. Where is Souja team him up with Panther in a theme type of setting. But dawgpound usa this is your best year ever just hot masculine new top dawgs, hot bottom dawgs like Romance. Dawgpound feature Romance,Souja, King and Scott phat azz alexander more in coming months.

Fantasy about Romance submitted by GREG from WASHINGTON, DC


Fantasy about Romance submitted by jay from Philadelphia

The video with Souja,Scott Alexander and Romance was by far dawgpound usa hottest ever. Romance just so sexy with a phat fuckable azz,sexy smile. I would love to see Romance team up with Jovannie and his partner citibwoi.I would love citibwoi to see citiboy fuck Jovannie phat azz again,Romance. But again Souja,Scott who got a phat azz Alexander and sexy Romance was the hottest ever.

Fantasy about Romance

Romance is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!. Please bring him back soon and pair him with Venom!!!

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