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Fantasy about Fox submitted by pakkin from Atlanta

python is fuckin ace rockwood real hard in the room while ace's roomate Fox comes back home from arguing with his girl, fox hears moaning coming from ace's room and thinks hes got a girl in there, fox stops in front of the closed door to listen and he hears ace and another dude. fox cant believe it and realizes that his roomate might b on the dl. disgusted and intrigued at the same time fox is motionless and frozen wanting to leave but wanting to see at the same time he doesnt realize that his dick is hard untill he reaches in his pocket to grab his phone that is vibrating. tempted to see what was goin on fox twists the door nob and to his surprise the door is not locked. he slowly cracks the door to see ace on all fours throwing his ass back on pythons dick like a champ, fox grabs his dick again amazed at how hard it is and amazed that ace can take dick so well. meanwhile ace is having the time of his life this is only his second time being a bottom but to him he can get use to it very quickly. fox decides to take matters out of his hand and into the room. Ace and Python sit up quickly to see fox coming in the room. ace was at a loss for words untill he seen the bulge in fox's pants and fox looking at him with a sort of glazed look in his eyes ACE knows whats up he motions for fox to come to him and begins to suck his dick while python is still beating his ass up and out. Fox cant believe how good it feels to get head from a dude and begins to palm aces head while rubbing pythons chest and nips. ace starts to take the rest of fox clothes off to expose fox fat black ass and his toned body. ace motions for fox and python to switch positions cause he has always wanted the dick from fox but fox says no and to everyone surprise even fox he tells ace that he wants to switch positions with him "i want some of that dick" fox says without even realizing that he said it. bet says python as he pulls out of ace. ace is shocked that this is happening but is too happy and horny at the same damn time. fox gently gets on all fours at the edge of the bed while ace eats his ass and python sucks his dick.uuuuuummmm says fox he has never felt like this but it feels great so he is not complaining, after getting his ass wet and ready python proceeds to slide his dick into fox's sexy black hole... oooo foxs moans in pleasure damn this dick feels good as he starts to take the whole thang in, this ass feels better python says as he starts his long stroke...... want more email me lol

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