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Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by Strict_Top from tallahassee

I just wanna eat they asses until I bust a phat nutt all over myself. Seeing all three bent over with they cute tight brown asses tooted up waiting for my tongue to violate their manhoods and make their toes curl!

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by michael from atlanta

six flags over i had a dream about me and curt hooking up for a date at the front entrance.we got on the sky hooks alone while up in the air i started fondling curt dick threw his shorts he had on. this dude has some of the sexiest legs i've ever seen make you just want to lick him up,but back to the story i mean all over the park where i could cop a feel without anyone seeing my hands was on his dick which was about this time hard as a rock him trying to hide it while i'm steady trying to play with it til he told me you think you funny got me expose like this in public don't you i'll take care of you later. I didn't really know what he meant but when it got dark he showed me excatly what he meant every ride we went on his hands was in my shorts fingering my ass rubbing my ass i almost came about three times on the parachutes ride i mean this man knows how to use his hands.later into the night after the date my friends drop me back to my apartment me thinking the night was over it had just begun because the door bell rung and guest who was on the other side of it. yes it was curt . i open the door before i could tell him to come in his tongue was deep down my throat he lift my up carried me to the sofa and rip everything i had on off including my underwears .he turn me over on my back and started licking me from head to the crack of my ass then he undress his dick was harder than a brick i reach for it he wouldn't let me grab it instead he rub his dick from the back of my neck all the way down to my ass then he started grinding on my ass his dick rubbing against my ass was making me want it so badly then he ease his mouth down to my ass . he fuck me with his tongue til i was about to scream then he ask me where was the bedroom which he should 've did because soon as he carried me to the bedroom the real freak came out of me before he could put me down i had reach up and grab his dick put it deep down my throat him fucking my mouth with a rymthm you would not believe you know i never leave the ball out i'm caressing his balls with one hand blowing him with the other then switch it up jacking his dick with one hand lickin' and sucking his ball with the other hands which made him scream out i'm cumm which he did in buckets me trying to lap up every bit . i did give his dick a chance to get soft my mouth was right back to work til he was rock hard again he grab his dick from my mouth turn me over on my back threw my legs over his shoulders buried his dick deep inside my ass i mean he played my ass like a drum beating it on point not missing a stroke .curt must was in a band or something because when he got threw with me we both pass out i could barely walk for days after that night now i see curt on the regular he is the only man for me. he knows when and how to bring it. ps.. we're suppose to be going out on the town in my next dream....…

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by malcolm from phila

I like that Curt Dawg is a top. But that would be the fantasy. I'd like to see Curt Dawg bottom, but in a flip flop and while he's fucking the other guy show a close up of his ass still opened and lubed

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by michael from atl

last week i spent the whole week down my grandmother house down in warthen ga. all i could think about was curt dawg please don't try to make my baby a bottom or verse kept him dishing out dick mainly to me see i love romance but i really love me some curt dawg wish right now he was down in the country last week with me up in the barn gotta go just cumm on myself thinkin' about curt finish the fantasy later ....…

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by michael from atl

this guy wow i would to just give him a massage from head to toe and believe me until you had one of my massage you just haven't had one .first the hot oil rub it all over those sex ass muscle of his gently rubbing and caressing all at the same time while he is lying on his back from top to bottom then he rolls over i start tongue massaging his body from mouth to feet yes i said feet i told you i'm a real freak then go back up to his dick which by this time is hard enough to burst a brick . i start sucking it at the same time massaging his balls then i switch to massaging his dick while sucking his balls i know how to make a dude cumm at least three times with this .he falls asleep i wake him up with my sucking on his nipples while fondling his dick .he get off the table put me on the table and start eating me like it was his last meal which had me about to pass out with joy then he takes that big dick of his and ram it deep inside me with long slow deep strokes i mean he lay pipe into me and i kept throwing it back to him i didn't have to tell him what to do he already knew what to do i mean break it off he fuck me on the table on the floor on the sofa and finish me off standing up after that i have to admitt i fell a sleep in his arm with his body on top of mines oil over both of us now that a massage next time it will be a ski trip.…

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by michael from atl

today's my 25 birthday and boy did i have a wild time. my boyfriend hook me up with a partner of his for a threesome which turn out to be as freaky as i like , i mean this dude tried to break his dick off in my ass while my boyfriend let me suck him dry . i love freaky shit i don't care what any one say about it either as if they would know what goes on in my bedroom. this dude wanted all most everything i had to offer he loved the blow job and the caressing of his balls my boyfriend can't take to much of that without shooting his load .after awhile they switch position my boyfriend fuck me like he never done before he threw my legs up in the air and plowed deep into me, while this was going on all i could think about was curt and romance dam i got it bad for curt and romance imagining that romance and curt who is pounding me .then i suck both of their dicks til they erupt with pleasure then we i start to get up they tell me that was just round one three more to go birthday boy you 're not going to be able to walk tomorrow. that kinda stuff is what i dream about while takin' pipe dam i wish i had two birthdays .......…

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by michael from atl

hell i love them all,could see myself with all of them but curt and romance really have me coming in my sleep. remember when you first started having wet dreams.had another one this time i went out on a date with romance. we came back to my apartment in the middle of a break in .four guys was robbing me .they tied me and romance up and clean my place out being tied up was making me horny as hell and they could tell by the bulge in my pants til one of them came over and said now we about to take something from you. they made me and romance strip completely naked then made us lay on the bed ass up then they tied us up to the bed. man i love freak shit like this .next thing i knew one of the guys stuck his dick in my mouth while one had his in romance mouth. the other two guys started rimm the hell out us .it's hard as hell to suck dick tied up but we gave it our best shot they took turns rimmin and fuck our mouth til findly i told them if you untie us we can really plesae you at this point they was as horny as we was i love how they had me but i just wanted to suck some dick and balls at this point. i look over and saw one guy fucking romance doggy style while he was trying to blow the other.that made me hot as hell i started sucking slobbing all over the really dark skin dude dick and ballssucking and lickin the other dude got behind me and buried his stick deep in my ass i mean he deep stroke my ass nice long strokes they was doing more howling than me and romance then they switch up i don't know about romance but the two guys that was fucking me knew what i liked and gave it to me nice long and deep throwing in a few curves which had me saying shit a couple of times then they bust on our faces started thinking them for a good time they actually told us their names the two that had me was curt and stash ,the two that had romance was soulja boy and king. when they left romance and i really got busy licking their cum off our faces then i went down on him suck him until he said he wanted some of my ass believe me he got some too,but he just couldn't lay pipe like curt and stash. they got me real good and i just couldn't tell really how good they made me felt they made a brother want to go out and buy new shit for the house and leave the front door wide open that how good that felt .....before i finish the dream my boyfriend woke me up with his finger up my ass thinking he made me cumm in my sleep nice one. this the only way i cheat on him un less i meet curt hell the whole dawg pound in person ...til my next dream i'm out...................…

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by caesar from orlando

ive meet curt dawg and each time he fucks me right but i wont him and one of his homies to fuck me at the same time meaning me riding one while the other hit from tha back at the same time meaning i take two at one time he always wont more after so im good at wat i do

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by N from Washington, DC

I've been crazy about Curt Dawg ever since I learned that he was Mr. X. Such a beautiful chocolate body, nice legs and feet and a killer ass! Would love to see him pair up with any of the following tops and let them flip for each other: Slim Thug, Soulja, Treshawn, Brick, or Tyson. Let them ask Cornbread how much fun it can be!

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by michael from Macon

I just don't want to see curt dawg with nobody else but me plowing into me like there's no tomorrow. me curt and romance I would teach both of these fine ass dudes how to let the freak out .they will truly be put to the test if I ever get a whole of them. I will see can romance live up to his name or is he just a virgin at putting it down. as for the great curt we will truly see if you have any dawg in you because I will be out to break that stick off and please have a strong back . I just don't understand how a guy can fuck you and not put his back into it ,I want him to try to break it off in me ,put my ass to sleep that what I try to do so romance and curt you know that what I do to you in my dreams. dam playing with my ass again just thinking about you guys.oh ! by the way curt stay a top I want at least one of my man just laying pipe the other can flip flop but not with me I'm the bottom in my dream and oh, how I love bottoming for these two hunks and everything else........til my next dream curt dawg and romance .......…

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by michael from macon

its always curt and romance can't get them off my mind .would love to be both of their play toy. man i'm totally a freak and would love to show them why their is nobody freaker than me .they would have to bring their a game to the table no half stepping . i want both of them at one time just to see if they are boys or mens .i can't do boys but i will put a grown man to sleep just with my head game ,imagine what i will do to them when i fuck them .curt and romance i will do things to your body that you never dream about dam i'm playing with my ass just writing this me curt and romance in a threesome with both fucking me and i'm draining both sucking balls which i love wow totally hot..that what kinda videos you should do more of sucking balls i love that and it drives them crazy if you know how to do it right. i love get them good and wet with my mouth then start caressing them with my hands while i'm sucking their dicks. opps! just cum all over myself til next time curt ,romance take care of them fine ass bodies of yours because i want to milk them dry ,no joke.....................…

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by Panther from Houston

I actually did meet Curt Dawg/Mr X in person. Hella sexy. I love the way he aims to please. He can get this big ass booty anytime.

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by michael from macon

you must put romance and obsession and curt dawg in a 3 way flip flop please .just thinking about these 3 guys makes me cum in my shorts . i don't even have to touch myself.just thinking about romance gets me off .i'm addict to him......…

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by JORGE from WEST PALM BEACH FL


Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by Sean from Miami

Love him. need 2 c more of him. WIth Venom or Rogue or Scott

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by thadius from miami

My god the that curtdawg is one of hottist models in the dawgpound family. Were in the hell did u find him. I am a top but Curtdawg could do anything he wants to me and i would love it. My fantasy is to see him fuck castro. Now that would be a hot scene a real man fucking a real man. Damn im getting hard just thinking about that. If you could make that happen my greatest fantasy will cum true

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by dave from London

My Fantasy is to see Curt Dawg, Suicide and Raw in a hot three-sum orgy with them all flip-flopping and sucking eachothers dick and ass.

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X submitted by Quan

wow this man is the bomb yo foreal!!!would love to see him and berlin wit slimthug tapping that ass while he fuck berlin's phat ass yes a 3way fuck!!! and no slimthug is no bottom he true top dawg would like to see him suck a dick like he eats ass....

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