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Fantasy about Tyson submitted by Steve from Camden

My fantasy for tyson is for him to actually get down and dirty...and have sex with one of the other guys!!! We always see him by himself..I want to see him either suckin some dick or getting sucked....He's fine..and then all the other guys are hot as hell...so why not give it a try!

Fantasy about Tyson submitted by Demetraz from Jeff Cyit

my fantasy is for me and tyson to be gettin it in. I want him to be dressed up as a vampire and for him to be suckin on my neck trying to get my blood. then somehow i overpower and and put is dick in my ass then start riding him like theres no tomorrow. the sex is gona b sooo gud that we gona be making up our own positions. i mean he gona be fuckin me so hard and rough that i wouldnt be able to walk for months. whew im getn hot and a hard on jus writing this story.

Fantasy about Tyson submitted by Big "L" from Roanoke, Va

This is one awsome bro! When are we gonna see him in action with another bro? Would love to see him and Venom or Victim hook up. They would be the idea playmates for this humongus cock. Make it happen!

Fantasy about Tyson


Fantasy about Tyson

My fantasy is to see Tyson and Solo in action together either in a hot flip-flop or with one topping the other. I'd be so happy to see that happen.

Fantasy about Tyson submitted by A-note

My fantasy about Tyson is I would really love to lick him from head to toe and serve him the way his sexy,phine thug ass should be

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