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Slate |Brick in Camping It Up, (Again)


Boo |Stash |Slate |Raw in Raw Madd Fukkin 4 Sum


Will-K |Rogue |Kapone |Slate in Kapone Month Fuckdown

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Fantasy about Slate submitted by Wale from Los Angeles

I wanna eat his ass ALL NIGHT LOOOONGGGG! Nd eat his cum for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner!!!!! I wanna suck on his dick til it shrivles up. I wanna kiss him like there is no Tommorow. Fuck he is just too SEXXXYYYYY!!!!!!

Fantasy about Slate submitted by Ant from brooklyn

Slate you my husband. My dark chocolate confection perfection. Please let somebody suck Slate toes he is fine from head to toe. Love u Slate! u so fine!

Fantasy about Slate

Slate does excellent work and the New Kidd on the block New York. Sweet piece Chocolate, that I would to love take bit of his M&M'S.

Fantasy about Slate submitted by quan

your hot great at taking dick and dishing it out but dont call out my boy kapone he the best at taking dick from anyone if stash wanted that ass he should have taking it maybe stash just love getting dicked down!!!!

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