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SlimThug |Suicide |Panther |Osian as Victim in Fukkin in da Dungeon


Suicide |Ty Woods in Ty Wood Sex Party


Rogue |Felony |Suicide in Madd Fukkin Party


Suicide |Neo |Starr |Threat in Dis Is Y I'm Hot


Kamar |Starr |Suicide in Suicide Fukkin

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Fantasy about Suicide submitted by kenneth from houston

I would love to see more of Pinky now that he has become a Bottom Boy. I think he would be a good bottom to pair with someone like Pyton or even Jovonnie even though they have been paired together before. I think he really loved being Fucked by Jovonnie and it was hot as hell! I would really appreciate it if you can make this happen or at least have him featured more. Another good match would be Soulja and Pinky. What ever the case, i would love to see more of Pinky on your site. I am a long time Member and would love to continue to be a active viewer.

Fantasy about Suicide submitted by John from Washington,D.C.

Here's and idea for you guys..Suicide and Curt Dawg are playin bball while they are out somebody breaks into the studio and tries to steal their cellphones and money out of their pants pockets,well Suicide forgets something and he and Curt come back only to see the robber going through their stuff, they both jump the guy and a while Curt has the dude in a head lock Suicide checks him out to see that he has a nice ass,he tells the guy you want to take our shit,yo well here is what we are gonna do with u and he turns the lights off, you hear fighting sounds for about 10minutes then the lights come up and the robber's clothes have been torn off;except the mask and he is hanging upside down;off of a couch, with Suicide forcefeeding him his dick and Curt sitting underneath the robber eating his asshole and holding the robber's hands so that he cannot get loose, the rest writes itself( this idea was taken from The Batman TV show with adam west;just look under "The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra" its when batman had to fight the bad guys in the dark.

Fantasy about Suicide submitted by The Champ from Raleigh

Yes Suicide does have all of the qualities! My fantasy would be to spend the night with him along with Berlin and Raw. We would have a foursome! Who knows what would happen. I would love for the 3 of them to get together since it would be impossible for me to do so!

Fantasy about Suicide submitted by bobby from CHICAGO

My fantasy is to fuck suicide in that phat booty. I would settle to see some one else do it though.

Fantasy about Suicide

Suicide is a great addition to Dawgpound with his greatest asset being that phine phat juicy azz of his. It looks like a firm ripe plum ready to be picked and my fantasy is to see him flip flop.

Fantasy about Suicide


Fantasy about Suicide

My fantasy is for Suicide, Raw and Solo to be in a steaming hot hard fuck session with versatile surprises. That would be a red hot, hot video !!!!!

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