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Fantasy about Romeo submitted by Willie from Jax, Fla

Ooooh would love to have him dipped in chocolate and strawberries. He is so fine, nice lips, nice ass, dark mother!@#$ cummin...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Fantasy about Romeo submitted by Chris from San Francisco

My fantasy about romeo is that I can hook up wit on a hot summer day and I notice how ripped he is wit that tight muscular body and ass and then I get him home and he let me fuck all nite long. I hope that you all use him more often bottoming would be my choice with somebody hard and rugged that can give it to him and somebody new to all the fans.

Fantasy about Romeo submitted by kyle from bronx

Yo I think that Romeo is the Phoinest Man I have ever saw. My fantasy is to one day see this beautiful brotha on the train in NYC and start a conversation because I know that he is a porn star. We hit it off quickly and decide to spend sometime together. Romeo tell me that he has to go to a friend office and ask me to join him. I tell him no problem. Now, when we get their, it is his friend loft, but the friend is not their. Romeo has a key to the place and we go in. There is a note from his friend tell him that he will be gone for the weekend and that Romeo should enjoy himself. Well we do. First Romeo tells me he want to take a shower and change his outfit before we go out. When Romeo get in the shower, he forget his towel. Then he ask me to bring it to him. Then I am his from their on.

Fantasy about Romeo

Just a wish to worship your lovely,dark and long meat all night long dear,then you get it inside me to feel it deep n deeper inside me lol.

Fantasy about Romeo

dus lil nigga just dont kno all I need is a hour wit him

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