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Fantasy about Rhythm submitted by Brian from Toronto, Canada

I think you are the hottest model,I have a collection of all your dvds just to look at you fat sexy ass. Actually since i have this fantasy of you, I have your picture on my main frame, so I can see you every day, holla at me.

Fantasy about Rhythm submitted by Dat Boi

Great scene with Rhythm, with him as the submissive bottom. Get the 5 finest tops on da site. Lets say Brick, 4play, SexyOne, Double R, and Big Beef. They all basically taken turns on dat ass. Pleasing Rhythm and themselves all at the same time. End up all nutting somewhere on him.

Fantasy about Rhythm submitted by phatdick29 from philly

I just want to hammer that fat ass all night long, plain and simple.

Fantasy about Rhythm submitted by leon from DC

I want to see Rythm get banged by pipe and another big dick brutha on here while im jerkin my dick in his face and bustin all ova him. I want to stick my toung all the way up his azz and lick his balls while he sukin pipe off. Got dam yo it get me horny as hell jus thinkin bout it. Dont normally like red bones but he a fine brutha

Fantasy about Rhythm submitted by Poops03 from philly

First id wanna meet Rythmn just to see if dat ass is real...then we chiil and smoke and shit 4 a min wit my freaky ass homeboyz. I dont think niggaz know how to hit that fat ass right so we have to show him wassup and take tuns showin him and giving him that good ass pounding i know he like. Me and my boyz would bust on his azz and face while we smokin blunts and drinkin that drank. This nicca rhytmn need to be broken in right. He seem shy and when he see this dick im packin then he will loosen up. HOW CAN I GET SUM??????

Fantasy about Rhythm submitted by Rhythm from Bmore

Wassup yall im really fellin these fantasies with me and some of these niccas u all want 2 see me with....especially carmello, hes as cool as he is hot 4 real. He definately knew how to hit it right. I didnt really get enough though so i need some more of dat 4 sure believe dat. So you all can hit me on the email address posted above cuz i like talking to ma fans you know. Carmello, slimthug, obsession, deezil.....im ready! The qustion is are you ready for dis? Oh and this nicca "pipe" WHAT THE FUCK!! Def a must for me....holla my niccas.

Fantasy about Rhythm submitted by marco from seattle/new york

I think Rhythm is gorgeous, he looks alot like my novio. I would love to watch both Rhythm and Carmelo going at it. Hell I would pay them both to go at them. Guys is you ever want to do a private showing, I have both the time and the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Just tell me your needs. Marco

Fantasy about Rhythm submitted by kenny

Hi thanks Rhythm,i got your lovely mail.Yes i do like your scenes as well.Most of the actions are really intresting,looking forward to see you with Deezel.

Fantasy about Rhythm submitted by Manny from Atlanta

Im from the south and i love those yella motherfuckers....especially when they have a phat azz like that, it doesnt make sense. I was suprised when i saw this nicaa rythm on here. Ive seen him other places before. I just wanna know how i can get some of dat azz 4 real. Ive bust many a nut to that phat azz booty. I want to eat the hell out that ass and get it all wet and get it ready for this big ass dick. I wanna hear that nicca moaning and telling me not to stop, i love ass so i would break to eat that shit some more cuz i think he really like it. I want to have him on his back and suck his dick and lift his legs up so i could get to his azz to eat it back and forth. Is he for rent?...lol!

Fantasy about Rhythm submitted by Dave from Philly

Yo that sexy ass papi rythnm can take some dick 4 real! Ive seen him on here and other companies. That niggaz ass is phat as hell like a girl ass all giggly and shit, but he masculine and thats hot. I would like to see him top more too cause i seen him top a few times. he throw down dick with no problem. Id like to see him with a couple of phine ass vrsatile dudes on here. Id like to take turns fuckin him and him fukin me too while hes staring into my eyes...theres something about his eyes i flip out over.

Fantasy about Rhythm submitted by cree

i'm surpised nobody talked about my man rhythm that tall pretty muthafucka with that thick juicy ass what i would'nt do to side my dick in and out that muthafucka i would love to see him take some dick from slimthug,vibe and stylin

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