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About Venom:

Classic good looks and a perfect smile are just the start with Venom. He's one of Dawgpound's top versatile guys who's got good looks as well as charisma and gigantic ever-hard dick that's always a crowd pleaser.


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Fantasy about Venom submitted by Lance from Newportnews

I would eat his ass all day and suck him from his soft ass.lips down to his toes!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Raja from Richmond

Wood lov 2 c Venom and XL flip flop and suck each others toes2 sexy brothers with beautiful feet.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by cornelius from dayton ohio

i would like to say that i am a big fan of venom and first i would eat that sweet ass and suck on that big ass dick than i will have him to lay down fuck my brains out than i will take him and lay him down and rub all over that nice body than eat that ass until he tells me to stop than take a hot shower together all wet kissing rubbing on each other dicks get hard than suck him dry he is just to damn sexy cause i would not mine be married to him cause chile lord have mercy.well venom keep up the good work and when you get this please respond or email me at much love.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by binga66

Just to keep him naked in bed for the weekend, eat his ass at will, and fuck him till I am dry, hell for the weekend i might just give him some as

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Wesley from Jacksonville

Venom is too sexy to me. I like that he's versatile like myself. My fantasy would be for him to meet me like out on a date somewhere. We'd wine and dine each other flirt with each other at the dinner table kiss between sips of wine and just enjoy each other. Then we'd go back to my or his place and have some hot sweaty flip flop action. I'd love it I'm sure ahh if only my fantasy could come true.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Spencer from Gadsden,Alabama

Well my birthday is soon ..... I would love for MR.VENOM to roleplay with me first... Then lay me down lick all over my body and then I'm going lay him down LICK and Suck all over his sexy body .....I'm going to lick and suck each tattoo.lick and suck that big long dick .......I hope he reads this fantasy letter because I've never fantasied about any man like I have about VENOM .... To me he is the sexiest man ever,and I would love for him to fuck me until my ass cums all over that huge strong dick of his .... I have dreamed of just riding that dick all night ..... I just love everything about this man he's strong and I know he handle every inch of my body ....... So venom keep looking sexy daddy and one day I'm going to get me some of that dick .... B/I know it's good and I want some ... I just wanna ride that big yellow dick all nite long and then let you spray that nut all over ,y yells body ....... Sincerely SPENCER

Fantasy about Venom

To see him bottom for Red, U$H and Drilla!!!

Fantasy about Venom

To bottom for Red, Phat Daddy and Python!!!

Fantasy about Venom

To see him bottom for Python!!!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Rod from Brooklyn

How can I get a date with Venom? Hottest man I've ever seen!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by jeffrey from louisville

i just moved in this new apt my friends didnt show up to help so these two guys walked up ask can they help i said sure cant pay you they said we think of something after we get everything in then i notice who my helpers are Venom and Jovonnie get 3 glasses wine VENOM pull on some weeds and other things lol my phone rings go and answer it comes back both are naked tell me to undress get busy afterwards they tell me WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by First

Fuck me while I lick your big FEET

Fantasy about Venom submitted by jeffrey from louisville


Fantasy about Venom submitted by red from Minneapolis

I have joined DAWG because of Venom new vid. I liked it and I enjoy Venom getting fucked like a bitch. How about MrMarky, Maseo and Venom? Maseo and Venom was hot.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by James from Borger

I am playing my music extremely loud an my neighbor come an tells me to turn it down who happens to be Venom I agree to turn it down an as soon as I Hear him close his door I turn it right back up I hear him Bangin on my wall telling me to turn that shit down I ignore his demands an turn it up louder I hear another Knock on the the door this time it's his friend Python who happens to be visiting him I once again agree I wait to hear the door close I turn it right back up at this point Venom & Python Are Extremely Angry they agree among each other we gonna teach this Nigga a lesson Venom says to Python Aye I checked this Nigga out a couple of times An I noticed he has a Phat Azz I hear another knock they both rush me Python grabbing my mouth so I can't yell they force me In my room they tell me we gonna teach yo Azz a lesson Python grabs my arms forcing them behind my back while Venom unzips his pants an pulls out that massive dick of his Python says to Venom go head my Nigga I try to struggle to free myself Venom grabs my head Python says to me open up Nigga I refuse Venom slaps me across the face with that massive Dick of his he then begins to rub the head of that Big Stick against my lips I try to once again free myself It doesn't work at this time I'm tired Of struggling so I open up an Venom forces every inch down my throat I gag the sound of me gaggin turns him on he begins to brutality face fuck me all I can do Is gag an try to breath when I Can Python begins to loosen his grip but only to take one of my hands an make me grab the monster he is Packin by this time my eyes are watery from the brutal face Fuckin Venom is unleashing on my mouth then Python pulls my pants off An says to Venom Damn My Nigga You Right this Nigga do got A Phat Azz then Venom Grabs both my hands an Python stands up they now switch now Python is forcing every inch of that Big Azz Dick down my throat I am gaggin even more now Python bites his lip an says to Venom Damn His Mouth is Fire I can just Imagine what that Azz is like I am overwhelmed by this sudden pleasure It's Venom Eating my Azz so good I begin to roll an Twerk that Azz Venom grabs my Azz open it up an Burrows his tonuge deep in my Azz I try to moan its kinda of hard with Python's massive Dick In my throat I hear him say to Venom get that MuthaFucka nice an Juicy Venom replies It already Is Python says Damn like that Venom replies Yep Python says to Venom I wanna Taste that shit he releases my hands an head to once again switch places with Venom Python grabs my Cheeks an Opens them an eats My Azz like Desert I moan by this time I'm ready but nervous to see which one Of these Big Dick Nigga'z Is gonna Penetrate me first then Python gets a text an says aye My Nigga PhatDaddy just asked what we was doing Venom replies tell him we about to get in a Tight piece of Azz Python replies alright Damn Says Python Venom replies what? My Nigga PhatDaddy Said could he come get a piece of this Tight Azz Venom replies hell yeah we gonna break this Nigga all the way in at this point I know my Azz is gonna be Wrecked Three Big Dick Azz Nigga'z Venom pushes the Head of that Massive Dick against my quivering hole I gasp as he begins to push every inch in me I try to pull away Python forces me to stay in position I yell out Oooooooh Ahhhhhh they both laugh Venom says to Python Damn this shit Tight Python replies Oh Yeah We gonna have some fun I say to Venom Damn Nigga I Can feel you in my stomach he replies with a Mmmmm an then begins to beat my Azz up!!!! We hear a knock we all pause I think to myself Wow somebody's here to save me Python answers my door an yells out to Venom aye it's my Nigga PhatDaddy My body shakes it's over I say Goodbye to my Azz Python & PhatDaddy Enter the room PhatDaddy says to Dammmmmnnnn while him An Python watch Venom Beating my Azz up like it owe him money PhatDaddy pulls out his Big Azz Dick an forces it down my throat I gag I then feel my Azz stretching wide I try to look back but PhatDaddy has full control of my head an is forcing me to take every inch of him I see Venom come stand next to him I already know now It's Pyhton Monster Dick Azz stretching my Tight Azz I just moan An Take every inch this time Python Is trying to Murder my Azz I hear PhatDaddy say Aye my Nigga Let Yo Boi Get a In That I take a couple of hard deep thrust from Python An he pulls that monster out I'm relieved only for a Minute I feel PhatDaddy Phat Dick Azz Push inside me I gasp Ooooowwww PhatDaddy PhatDaddy begins to beat that Azz up he makes me arch my back I'm once again forced to just take Pipe 10 mins into PhatDaddy Beating my Azz up I begin to feel him hitting a spot deep inside me I begin to throw that Azz back PhatDaddy says to Venom & Python Aye I think this Nigga is starting to like it Venom Replies Oh Yeah PhatDaddy replies Yep Venom says let me Get in that feel Venom penetrate me once again I clench my teeth Together He pounds me harder an deeper before I throw that Azz back I can't help but to yell out Venom!!!!! You so Deep Python Bites his lip I already know what's Comin I feel my Azz stretching again but this time much to there surprise I tell Python Get Up In Those Guts Nigga Python Beats my Azz up but is surprised to see me throwing that Azz back he pounds me harder I throw it back harder I hear Python say Oh Shit Venom an PhatDaddy Reply What Python Says I Nutted All In This Nigga They Both Reply Dammmnnnn Python pulls out I'm now ready I feel PhatDaddy Inside Me I throw that Azz back PhatDaddy says to Me Naw Nigga you Ain't Gonna Have me He flips me on my Back puts my legs over his shoulders an pushes Deeeeep Inside me I Cry Out PhatDaddy Fuck!!!!!! He Murders That Azz Missionary Style for Awhile I hear Him says Mmmmmm Damn he Says to Venom That Is some Fire He Pulls out Last But not least is My Daddy Venom He Makes Me Climb On Top of Him I feel Every Inch of Him I begin to think of my one of My Favorite songs Ride by Ciara I begin to ride Venom Sexy Big Dick Azz Up &Down taking every Inch he grabs my Azz we both enter a Rhythmic Flow Up & Down Faster an Faster Deeper an Deeper With One last Deeeep thrust Venom pushes every single inch of that monster in me balls Deep He pulls me close to him Kisses me an releases all his Venom inside me grabs my head pulls my ear by his lips an whispers I always want to Do that to you Exhausted I fall asleep in that Position

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Tyrone from Rocky Mount

Venom is my most favorite person in the whole world!!! Venom and Jovonnie (other favorite) should go at itIf I could just meet him, I would just give myself to him Lol...I need a dick like his to satisfy my horny ass. You just don't understand, if he could be my boyfriend, I would no longer have to look for the right guy

Fantasy about Venom

I would love for Venom to be a total bottom for Python, with "Mr. Dick" munching on that fat azz first!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Jack from Minneapolis

I would like to see Venom dicked down by Markie. If not, how about Venom and Young Buck since they are vers.

Fantasy about Venom

Now that Venom is back, how about making him a total bottom for Python, Phat Daddy or Ramon Steele?

Fantasy about Venom

I would love to see Venom bottom for Phat Daddy and his brother King Dingo!!!

Fantasy about Venom

Venom should flip-flop with Phoenix, or bottom out for Curt Dawg, Black, Ramon Steele and Python!!!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by RedB from minneapolis

I am still waiting for Pipe to return and fuck Venom like a bitch. I really want to see Venom be a real bottom to an aggressive top. Bring Masco back as an aggressive bottom. He and Venom was hop together.

Fantasy about Venom

I read somewhere online that Venom would be leaving porn again. It that's true, that's too bad. I wish him well in whatever he decides to do next, but I would've LOVED to see him hook up with Ramon Steele.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by ANTONIO from Phila

I'M TEACHING A NIGHT CLASS WITH ABOUT 10 STUDENTS AND VENOM IS ONE OF MY STUDENTS, DURING MY LESSON/LECTURE WE KEEP MAKING EYE CONTACT AND HE KEEPS LICKING HIS LIPS AS IF HE IS LLCOOLJ. I CANT TAKE MY EYES OFF OF HIM AND MY DICK STARTS TO GET HARD. UPON COMPLETION OF MY LESSON I TELL THE CLASS THEY CAN LEAVE EARLY BECAUSE I WASN'T FEELING WELL. THE CLASS LEAVES AND I WAS HOPING THAT VENOM WOULD HANG AROUND BUT HE WAS LIKE THE 5T PERSON TO LEAVE THE ROOM. ONCE EMPTY I GATHER MY BAG AN PROCEEDED TOWARDS THE DOOR, I TURNED OFF THE LIGHT AND FELT A HAND AGAINST MY CHEST PUSHING ME BACK INTO THE DARK ROOM. I YELL WHAT THE FUCK AS I HEARD A VOICE SSHHH ME AND CLOSED THE DOOR BEHIND THEM. THE PERPETRATOR DROPPED TO HIS KNEES AND BEGUN RUBBING HIS FACE ON MY SEMI - HARD DICK THROUGH MY DRESS SLACKS , I WASNT SURE BUT I FELT IT WAS MY STUDENT. I felt his hand reach for my zipper and i wanted to stop him but i couldn't he was to fast before i know it he swallowed me whole - i got rockhard as he started gagging himself. this went on for forever as i felt my nut building i stopped him and said i wanna be in you, he jumped up reached in his pocket a pulled out a condom and slide it on me before i knew it he was out of his clothes and bent over my desk. i eat him on his chocolate ass just to hear him moan and licked his hole until it was nice and wet, once it was ready i stood behind him and enter him like a wild mad man just out of jail, he jumped and said take it slow, i couldn't hold back my lust for this young man, and he moan so loud it turned me on even more before i knew it i was cumming ,i pulled out of him and shoot all over his face, he smiled and said my turn with an evil grind, he stood up and motioned me to kneel, as i went down, i got scared as his dick was twice the size of mine and bigger than any i have ever had, i begin to kiss it suck it and worship it, he began to moan and grow in my mouth until i was choking, he pulled it out and bent me over my desk, i felt his finger in my hole and i screamed as the pain was unbearable, he was like are you alright, i said sure trying to conceal the fact that i was still a virgin . he wet his finger and proceeded to finger fuck me saying this shit it tight, i yelled its been a while. he wrapped it up and and entered me slowly , it took everything not to scream, you could hear him ripping ass with each thrust i could barely breath with each stroke. He just got deeper in me and i got excited all over again as the pain turned into pleasure, i could feel his head growing inside me as he was about to cum - wanted to him explode on my face but i was to tight and it felt to good to him so he busted inside me like a wild man ripping me a new asshole .

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Jack from Minneoplis

I would like to see Venom and Young buck together if there chemistry. We can tell the models are not feeling each other. But, Young buck and takes some dicks.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Bob from atlanta

my fantasy is to have venom and hotrod playing basketball. call it "above the rim". both are excellent rimmers. it would be fantastic to see them take turns laying on their back stroking their long fat dicks while the other one is licking and tongue fucking his asshole. once they are both throughly wet with tongue juice, they take turns fucking each other in every position possible. then a mutual climax on each others chest, followed by grinding against each other as they kiss and deep throat each other's tongues.

Fantasy about Venom

I LOVE VENOM!!! And, I reaaly love watching him give up the ass! I'd like to see him be a total bottom for Terror, Cornbread, Black and Slim Thug.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Micci from DC

The ultimate sexual fantasy for me would be to have a no holds barred session with Venom, Slim Thug and Jovonnie. If I ever had an oportunity for that to happen, I would truly feel that my life was fulfilled!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Akeem from D.C.

I just want Venom to sexually harass me in the worst way possible.. i promise i cant stand to watch him cause he makes me sexually frustrated.... just know if i ever got my chance w/ Venom im popping Viagra & im going to make love to that pretty ass, dick, mouth, nipples, & thighs of his

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Jay from Chicago

Fade-in. Venom is doing anonymous glory hole action in the men's room of a police station with at least two cops coming in and going out for action. Venom obliges them, greedily sucking their big dicks, fucking them and/or licking each ass through the glory hole, or offering up his dick and ass for a suck, fuck or a tongue through the hole. Then the bathroom door locks behind the last cop after Venom has gotten him off, and the lights go off because of a storm outside. The lights go back on. Venom realizes he better leave before the lights go off again. He gets up and pulls his pants up but finds the stall door can't be opened. The lights DO go off again. When the lights come back on, Venom finds himself sitting there in the stall beating off his big beautiful dick to pass the time, gets up, pushes the stall door and it opens easily. He finds himself surrounded by three uniformed cops down on their knees with their dicks out and pants down licking each other's asses in front of his stall. They are not even paying attention to him as they lick away. He steps over them, goes under each, sucking all three dicks and licking their asses. Says he's had enough and goes to the door, finds its locked and before he can turn around, he finds he's handcuffed to the leg of the stall and proceeds to get fucked by all three. Two leave with a key they have. The third unlocks his handcuffs with a key but before he can leave also, Venom gets to the door, grabs the key and the cop starts sucking him and licking his ass, telling him he's afraid of the dark and what might happen if the lights go out again. Venom says, "You're a cop and you're afraid of the dark...? I'll show you dark." The lights go out. When they come back on, Venom is fucking him and ends up shooting a load in his mouth/face as the guy beats off. The cop says "I'll never be afraid of the dark again." Venom says: "Welcome to the darkside, pig." You pick the other participants. Venom is THE man for this. Fade out. P.S. You can use my name; just don't know about using the can give the email to Venom, though!

Fantasy about Venom

To see Venom return and see him be a total bottom for Cornbread, Zion(aka Sexcyone), Slim Thug and, ESPECIALLY Treyshawn Valentino!!!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by MO

Great body , beautiful face , sweet ass , big dick : what can anyone ask's for more ?!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by JONATHON from BALTIMORE


Fantasy about Venom submitted by Big from Hartford

Venom is the sexiest nigga alive.. i would suck that nigga dick and eat his cum standing next to dick clark on new years eve while the ball is dropping so the whole world would see. HE IS THE SHIT!!

Fantasy about Venom

I think he's extremely sexy. He does it all and he does it well yummmmmmm.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by tyrese from Bad Newz, VA

Oh my Gawd! This dude has the sexiest cute face and the phattest ass cheeks! Please find somebody that can fuck this nigga good and please find a good camera man too! Even da sexiest nigga can have a horrible vid if the angle of fuckin aint right! And please make the cum shot a good one! I am so fuckin tired to these cumshots that are not porn worthy. Nutt belongs on 2 places: On a niggaz face or his ass cheeks. And Venom should always get blasted on da cheeks cuz dat niggaz thickness is crazy as a muthafucka!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Bernard from Dallas

I'm so in Love with Venom. I just love a Versatile manly man like Venom. His scene with Jovonnie and Carlito set my dick on FIRE!!! It should have been a foursome with me. This would have been a dream come true and I would like to see Jovonnie get fucked by someone other that Citybwoi sometimes. I know they are together but damn It's work right...I'm in love with Venom, Jovonnie, and Carlito, but I could only chose 1, so I choose Venom with his fine ass....Fat dick and Fat ass....I'm in Love...

Fantasy about Venom

Venom, glad to have you back!!! Hope you stick around for a minute. I would love to see you give up dat azz to Slim Thug, Jovonnie, Big Beef and Zion!!!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by M from ATLANTA


Fantasy about Venom submitted by D from Lexington

Venom is the hottest man to eva hit earth. I would just love for him to be in a hotel....Invite me up, and as soon as I walk in he is in a towel, as the door closes behind me, he picks me up and puts me against the wall, adn while my thighs are on his shoulders he eats da hell out of dis azz, and then raises up to slide in as he4 locks lips wit me and our bodies grip

Fantasy about Venom

Words cannot express how happy I am that Venom has come out of retirement! WOW!!! And, to have him return by giving it up to that 12-inch monster otherwise known as Pipe is worth the price of admission!!! I can honestly say that I've never seen get fucked as hard or as deep as he was by Pipe. GREAT SHOW!!! Now, with that being said, I'd love for Venom to return soon and bottom for Black, Cornbread, Slim Thug, Zion aka Sexcyone, and IAN ROCK!!!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Anthony from Philadelphia

Dawgpound is officially back to putting out the type of films that I like to see. I am so glad that you have Venom in the fold again. He was always one of my favorites. My fantasy is to suck on that huge dick of his while fingering his asshole. I would also like to either bend him over or put him on his back with those legs up in the air and eat out that asshole. I would then like to stick my fat dick all up in his asshole. Pair him with Slimthug or Jovonne because I would like to see one of those big dick dudes really pound his boi pussy out.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by brad from Miami

Just want to know when Venom is going to bottom for Slim Thug. Man I know that is going to be hot as hell. You know that Venom has the nice healthy ass and Slim Thug has the tool to deal with. Can't wait to see that action man. I know I'll be milking for days when that happens

Fantasy about Venom submitted by vernon from jacksonville

i will love to have 3 or 4 guys to fuck thehit out of me all of them to nut on my face i will like too kiss and suck on there feet and much much more,,,

Fantasy about Venom submitted by quan

this big dick nigga need to come back and get wit obsession and jovonnie in a hot 3way.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by J from Decatur, GA

Venom is that nigga with ass and dick. I would love to see Venom get gang banged by a group and then get nutted on his face by all of them.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by MANUEL from MIAMI


Fantasy about Venom submitted by Dontavion from St. Petersburg

I would take Venom by knife point. Make him strip and then tie him to all four bed post. Then I would lick him from head to toe. Once I got to that ass, I would eat it for hours. Push my tongue in and out making dat nigga beg for more. I would finally make my way back to that LONG ASS DICK!!! Then, I would suck it so good, I would make him catch his first nut in my mouth but I would keep suckin it tho...Then, once he was back hard, I would ride that shit until he bust again! Then, I would take his ass!!! I would fuck him so long and hard and deep until he made my toes curl! I would make dat nigga throw dat boy pussy on my dick until I busted a serious nut!!!! DAMN dat niga fine as hell!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by jt from ny

chapter2-he lifts me up and carrys me inside my apartment. he ripps off his and my cloths he starts to eat me i start to mone. he then starts to fuk my man hole.he starts of slow and he starts pounding the livin shit out of me.i start to scream 'harder harder.he then cums in my hole then he tells me 'i owns this tight ass and i dont not want to see another dick up ya ass eva again and the only dick tat goes up ya ass is mine'.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by jt from ny

i call up a couple of my boyz to go clubin.we head out to the club. so i'm ther just sipin on some coke and rum.all of the sudden this big nigga walks in the i ask one of my boyz who tat was they said tat was venom.He stairs at me with a look tat could put me to my knees. As i get into my car venom gets out of the club.As i was driving i notice a black car following me.i pull up to my apatment got out my car and then out of nowhere somone grabs me and starts to kiss me. ' i new it was u all alog

Fantasy about Venom submitted by jt from ny

i call up a couple of my boyz to go clubin.we head out to the club. so i'm ther just sipin on some coke and rum.all of the sudden this big nigga walks in the i ask one of my boyz who tat was they said tat was venom.He stairs at me with a look tat could put me to my knees. As i get into my car venom gets out of the club.As i was driving i notice a black car following me.i pull up to my apatment got out my car and then out of nowhere somone grabs me and starts to kiss me. ' i new it was u all alog

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Chris

Venom begins selling drugs to earn some money. He owes Tank some money from way back. Hearing about Venom selling drugs, Tank shows up at Venom's house unexpectedly, wanting his money. Venom tells him he doesn't have any but he will get some soon. Venom and Tank argue for about five minutes and Tank heads to the door to let himself out. Tank realizes that he is going out like a punk. So he steps back in and closes the door. He them ambushes Venom and puts him in a sleeper hold. He tells Venom that he is not leaving empty handed. He tells Venom he hasn't gotten any ass in a month and wants some. He pushes Venom to his knees, sits on the leaving room couch and tells him to suck his dick. Venom doesn't want to do it but he knows Tank will fuck him up. So Tank pulls out his dick and Venom starts sucking. Venom starts sucking the tip of his dick, which annoys Tank 'cause he wants his whole dick satisfied. He grabs Venom's head and starts fucking his mouth. Venom moans. Tank then bends Venom over the arm of the couch. Tank starts fucking him. Venom yells in pain but Tank doesn't care. Then he moves Venom in the missionary position and fucks him. Venom yells louder. Then Tank makes Venom ride his dick and Venom can't take it. Tank finally pulls out and nuts on Venom's face. Tank tells Venom to get his money or he's coming back for some more of Venom's tight pussy.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Kenny from Nairobi

Just wish i can fuck with you,you make me adore you as if i were sleeping with everynight of my life.I feel much satsfied when i wank thinking of you than having sex,you always make my day dear,damn you are just one guy to die for sexy.Kenny

Fantasy about Venom submitted by david from rochester,ny

i just want to say i want every nicca in the dawgpound,this shit is off the meatrack!!! word! but that nicca venom can get it all day!! there's nothin better than a fine brotha with a big dick,big balls,an a fuckin big ass!! then to make things even better the nicca will take a dick as well as he can dish it out!!! ummmm! words can't even exsplain how me an this kid would be fuckin an suckin,an bustin nuts! venom if you get a chance to read this nicca this kid here got a 10inch dick an i fuck just as well as i get fucked! cum (lol) let me bust this nut in dat ass after i done ate an fucked the shit out of you, then i would turn around all thugged the fuck out an let you do the same shit to me!!! ya heard an that's real talk son!!!!!!!!!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by nevin from new york

CHAPTER 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------- nevin end up spending the next 6 weeks in jail what the fuck was this nevin said to his self spending a whole life time in jail 6 weeks felt like 6 years as nevin kept calling vernon about his bail he was no where to be reach for one i could not belive this nigga fuck me over and the bail was a whole lot shit it was worth 100.000 thousands dollors i sure did not need to be brothered with vernon was goes around comes around as nevin stared to lose his mind in there could not belive what happened to him in there where was vernon no where to be found as nevin bail was set nevin took the taxti home while nevin got home moving in with vernon was the biggest mistake i ever made nevin said could not belive what the air smelled like as he enter into vernon home the place needed a little clean up all the plates in the dis waher were dirty but not washed as nevin stared to clean up the place vernon lived in a penthouse but his shit was off the hook as nevin took out the bleach and put it on the marble counter to clean put some sope in the diswasher and map the kitcheen floor then put some clothes in the washing machine most of which were vernons things nevin made sure he wash all of vernons white socks i would not wanna here this nigga bitching as nevin socked in the bath tub of warm water missing his own bath room forgetting wht it felt like to be home when nevin finsh washing of the sope nevin climed in vernon hig king size bed nevin turned of ringer and left on the answering machine nevin felt asleep waking up at 6 pm noticeing that vernon was not home yet well he was a rapper music blowing up the charts as nevin look through the night stand noticeing the condoms and some used condoms in the trash nevin was not the only one been hurt hell i cant belive that vernon did me bad and worse of all am feeling like shit as nevin stared to pack up his stuff why did vernon do this to me well i spend 6 weeks in jail and the sun of a bitch didnot do nothing to help me get out and two hedidnot have the guts to call me well what goes around comes around

Fantasy about Venom submitted by NEVIN from NEW YORK

CHAPTER 2 -- ------------------------------------------------------------------- Vernon was in school as and he did not here form nevin for about 2 whole months after what went down the other night he still could not belive what had happened as vernon was getting ready to see his girl the both of them did not have anymore classes and really wanted to be with each other vernon girl angel was a sexy pretty african american girl form the area he lived at she was dertained to get a education and make it out of the ghetto how ever where they live was not called the ghetto as angel and veron went to queens for a party they dance the night away like a old couple as angel and vernon spoke with there friends all of a sudden nevin comes through the front door vernon could not belive what he saw it was nevin he really wanted to go and say what up but angel was with him and she was too dam noisy and too dam load veron could not belive his eyes nevin was looking hot and sexy baby boy had on a pair of gray sweat pants a yankess shirt a sok backball had his ear rings in both ears veron wanted to say what good thank god vernon had on sweats pants too cause right about now veron feels like getting his dick sucked by nevin veron could not belive what he saw nevin was at the party vernon asked angel if she wanted to go home angel said no we just got here too bad for that plan veron had to have nevin for one and two i had to kiss him veron made his move to nevin but angel said lets dance baby angel felt a little funny while she was there because for one vernon didn not even looked at the dress angel had on. shit bitch was not even wearing any panties there had to be a another girl here while vernon was not checking out angel vernon had his eye on nevin all night long as nevin went out side vernon said good move sexy as he went out side to join nevin,nevin was out side talking to tank what the fuck vernon said to his self as vernon watch tank and nevin drive off in his suv vernon was mad as hell and hurt angel came out side saying there you are no angel i feel like leaving angel said fine i will take a cab as veron got in his car and drive off vernon was mad and hurt could not belive what happened nevin was suppose to be my baby not that other nigga where does he get off getting away and taking what mines as venon flick his phone open looking for nevin number it was no longer there and he did not remember the address angel fucked with my cell phone veron noticed because a whole lot of numbers are no longer there exspecally clinants numbers what the fuck am going fuck her up to night vernon did not care about the other numbers only nevins and there was no longer nevin number and it bin a while i dont see nevin plus he forgot where nevin lived am dead meet vernon said well it was just not meant to be but i will fine nevin somewhere some how even if i have to hire a detivced

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Nevin from New Yoek

it was in new york i had just finish sending of my demo tape and i was leaving the studio and thats when i saw vernon i said dam he is too fine he is just the guy i want to be my dersert anyway he was asking one of my homeboys who i was and then my boy was like that is the new R&B singer name nevin reid i could tell that i was turning him on vernon was a hot rapper from ATL as i enter im mcdonalds i saw vernon again saying to me what up i said what good with you i like those tracks you lay down in the studio exspeally the one called do you wanna get with me dam vernon lips were nice sexy and ready to kiss on his lips were dark nigga smokeing too much weed. so we talk for a good while and we exchange numbers about a week later i get a called form vernon asking me if he could come thru and see a brother i was like sure veron came in a white hummper blassing 50 cent cd as he came out nigger was looking fine too fine i said to my self there should be a law for niggers like him to be so fine as he rang my door bell i went down stairs to open the door vernon had on a black du rag black sean john jeans which were baggy a white nike shirt brown tims lose up white nike socks ear ring in both ears dam nigger was looking fine as i let him in he came giving me a hug saying i miss you too baby i acked like i did not here that as we went into the living room he was very angry about something so i gave him a glass of jamaican white rum so he sat down talking to me about stuff what was going on about his girl i was like dam like i gave a dam i only wanted him to mess with me he called me over to him and said i think you are mad cute i dont mind keeping you on lock down as vernon made his move on me by kissing my neck shoulders belly bottom he gently takeing of my clothes kissing my nipples then spread my ass cheeks apart runnning his hot tongue into me moaning like a little bitch that feels so good i told him his tongue was so warm he did not respound back then he made me suck his dick that shit had to be 10 inches think he was moaning saying suck that dick suck that dick you love that dick dont you. then i gave him one of my adam and eve condoms to put on he throw my legs over his shoulders while he started to fuck me he said hole up did the condom break he pull out and looked which the condom did not break then put it back in saying to me i dont wanna get you pregerant as yet baby fucking the living shit out of me screaming like a mother fucker i was screaming like patti labell i belive the whole block heard me screaming for my dear life vernon was about to come and he shouted all over in my face and mouth he had so much milk it was like milk was going out of style.then he held me in his arms and said baby you are now mine. this my pussy from now on dont give it away because if you do we are going to have promblems.get ready am taking you to club to show you off to my home boys

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Tony

While working at my newest job in the shoe store, I've always had my eyes on my Supervisor (Venom). As it was a slow day, it was just him and I in the store. He tells me to take a lunch break, so I go in the back of the stock room to chill. I see boxes that need to be put, so I make the good effort to put them away. As I'm up on the ladder putting one up, I turn my head to see my Supervisor (Venom) looking at me (and my ass). He quickly turns away and I address him, saying whats up? (knowing what the deal is). He's responds, "Oh, nothing..just seeing if you needed some help, but I thought I told you to take a break?" I knew he was trying to change the subject, but I replied, "I just wanted to get this out the way". He comes closer offering me some advice about how to stack them while all the long I know he's behind me looking at my ass again (just a hunch). Trying to put a box away that was out of my reach, I stumble off the ladder and who you think is there to catch me? boss (Venom). While in his arms, he leans over and kisses me, unexpectedly. I act surprised wondering what just happened, knowing I wanted him to do it again. I never thought my supervisor (Venom) would do something lie this. I take advantage of the situation, and we kiss some more, soon clothes start flying off and next thing you know, Im on my knees giving him some good head...he's moaning and stuffing my face with his big black dick and Im playing with my ass getting it ready 4 some deep penetration that I KNEW WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. He tells me to bend over in front of him and I quickly do. He puts on a rubber and eases his way in my tight ass very slowly as Im grabbing his thighs and moaning. He goes deeper and deeper to where it feels like Im bout to cum out my ass. He fucks me harder and I guess since my ass was so tight...he cums quickly with no hesitation on my back (and a few shoe boxes). We look @ each other, wondering...did we just do what we did for real????????? As we gaze on at each other from our quick, but amazing fuck...A DAMN CUSTOMER COMES INTO THE STORE WANTING HELP...PERFECT DAMN TIMING!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by d_licious_d70122 from New Orleans

Tha tru fantasy fukkin would have Brick, Lil Guy, Stash and Venom! Much luv fa Brick but it's time tha brotha suck a dick or let a finga up that phyne azz!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by ROME from reedley california


Fantasy about Venom submitted by Cory from Dallas

My real fantasy is have Venom,Stash,PA,and Slim Thug all together. I like masculine versatile men and I don't think they show enough feet w/ no socks.Of course Slim Thug is in a class by himself being black with hairy legs and the hotest feet.I would luv to swallow Venoma and Stash while being topped by PA and Slim Thug. Would luv to eat Slim Thug and PA and suck nipples, dick and toes until the fountains explode one at a time in my mouth

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Anthony from New York

Venom! Dayum! That boi is beautiful, sexi, versatile, hung and got that perfect PERFECT body. When you show him in one of your new action videos, you got me dreaming about him for weeks in a row. I think about that boi nite and day. I think anybody that works with him probly feel that way too. The last one he did you could hear them kisses for miles. I think Storm was having a real good time working with Venom. Plus, Venom gives and takes. You seen how hard his big dick was when he was taking that dick. Dayum! Thats all I could say. I'd luv to see a foot fetish video with him and my other fantasy man Slim Thug. Those are 2 fine brothas who I think would be hot together. Let's see them toes yall!

Fantasy about Venom submitted by cj from milwaukee


Fantasy about Venom submitted by Kenny from Nairobi_Kenya.

On that note,would also like to see a threesome or so betwwen my fantasy man Venom with kacorot,bigg-beef and zion.Ithink those three will make a great video,but am still dreaming of Venom let him write to me please.I love him.Our sex together will be great than all,kissing,rimming,carelessing and that deadly fuck of eachother,wow! that will make my dream come true,why lie guyz hes Hot.

Fantasy about Venom submitted by Kenny(nichoken2003@yahoo. from Nairobi-Kenya.

Oh cogratulations first of all,but most of your models are pretty hot and any one can die for them even straight guyz i swear.Much more i will do anything to lie down with hot Venom,hes the one and really the one.That big phat dick in me then i give him my phat one as well,am very sure it will be areal fantasy to me and us.Always wank thinking about you dear,hope some day i can have the honour man.

Fantasy about Venom

just the guy i'm wiling to lay down for

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