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Fantasy about Darvin submitted by Chris

Brick is in town and decides to visit his old friend, Darvin. Brick walks up to Darvin's house and rings the doorbell. Darvin flips when he sees Brick and tells him to come in. Inside, they hug for a long time and Brick asks to get a tour of Darvin's house. The last place Darvin takes Brick to his bedroom. Brick begins to flirt with Darvin but Darvin ignores him. They sit on the bed and start talking and they watch a game of basketball. Brick leans over to kiss Darvin and Darvin gives in. Before Darvin can say anotha, Brick starts kissing and sucking on his neck. Brick starts pulling off Darvin's clothes 'til he is completely naked. Then, Brick removes all of his clothes. Darvin stares at Brick's big dick and Brick smiles. He asks Darvin if he wants to suck it. Darvin hesitates but they he gives in. He sux Brick real good, then Brick pulls out some lube from his pants pocket and starts finger poppin Darvin. Darvin becomes nervous about takin Brick's dick but Brick tells him he won't hurt him.....not too much! Brick then fux Darvin doggystyle, then flips him over in missionary, and then makes Darvin ride him. Darvin is yelling out in pain but he loves it. Afterwards, both Brick and Darvin nut on Darvin's chest and they kiss each other.

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