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Fantasy about Double R submitted by Double R from Orlando

This is Double R...I appreciate all the love from my fans...if you want to reach out to me on twitter @originaldoubleR

Fantasy about Double R submitted by Andre from New York

Double R, where are you? We, your fans, been feignin' to see you. Either way, my fantasy is to fuck the shit outta Dbl R. His ass is gorgeous and knowing how sensual of a performer he is, I pound him til he tapped out.

Fantasy about Double R submitted by A from London-UK

i think i l... Him

Fantasy about Double R submitted by Corey from Dublin

My fantasy is......I want double r to have sex with me and let me suck his dick. I also wish he could fuck me while standing up and let me bounce on his dick. I want he to put his dick in my mouth and let all the cum go down my throat. I wish he would fuck me so hard to where I start to bleed!

Fantasy about Double R submitted by Max from NYC

Where has Double R with his phat ass been? And yo, he bottomed on film b4 4real? What's the plz?

Fantasy about Double R submitted by Blaze from Brooklyn Park

I walk up in tha club and this nigga tha bartender.i walk up to him and he checkin me out.i ask for a drink and he like i got sumthin u can drink.its tha end of his shift so he takes me back to his crib.we start kissin and grabbin each otha real rough.he rips off his clothes and i do tha same.i get on my knees and suck his dick while he talkin real dirty to me.he tellin me to swallow his dick, get it real wet.i take his whole dick in my mouth.then he pulls out and flips me ova.he slowly puts his big dick in me til the whole thing is in.he starts to pound my ass real hard and rough.he got me screamin his name.he keep talkin nasty to me sayin "u like dis dick huh?daddy gon tear dis ass up".he flips me ova again and puts my legs on his shoulders and hits it real fast, just how i like it.then when he's about to nut i put his whole dick in my mouth.i swallow as much as i can while im suckin his dick.he's sayin "u likin that nut huh?it taste good?".i jus shake my head yea since i got his big dick in my mouth.then we lay on tha bed, im suckin on his dick like a pacifier til we fall asleep

Fantasy about Double R submitted by Larry from Jacksonville,Florida

I would love to see Double R, Slim Thug & Deezle gangbang a bottom brotha. Those three brotha are da bomb....

Fantasy about Double R from detroit

what you guys think about Double R, Tiger Tyson, Slimthug, Zion and Supreme gangbang Kapone....all that dick for Kapone...DAMN

Fantasy about Double R submitted by Lamar from Atlanta

Im chillin in the club with the fellas just kickin it and having a good time. When I go to the bar to get something to drink. When I turn around and he comes in. The hardest nigga there and by far the sexiest. Never scared to introduce myself, but Something this nigga had on me to make me scared to go ask for his name and introduce myself to him. One hour pass by, and still Im nervous to go ask for his name and number. My fellas telling me to go get that nigga, cuz I know I want him. I finally get the balls to go introduce myself. "What's Up? My Name Lamar and Yours? "Its Double R and Lamar, I Like that Name" I ask "Can We go Somewhere and Talk?" Yeah, No problem My Nigga, Double R Said. I was fellin horny as Hell, in the club private lounge area. It was just me and him and I can tell that this nigga was horny too. I was thinkin in my head, Why they call him Double R? When all of a sudden that Nigga said This is why They call me Double R. I was like how the hell did he know What I was thinkin. It did'nt matter cause when he pulled out that dick, the only thing I was thinkin how much of this dick can I fit into my mouth. As I begin to slob on his dick, takin all that wood into my wet mouth, going up and down on that shit, then I opened my mouth wide and took his balls and he begin to tea bag my mouth. Damn this shit was good. As i worked my way back up to his dick, suckin that shit like it was my last meal or somethin. Going down on his dick like no other nigga has ever done before. He yellin "Suck this dick nigga". Shit I wasn't complaining, with this sexy ass nigga and his big ass dick in my mouth, shit i had it made. I got naked then he got naked. His body was made just right, his tats was on point. I love a nigga wit tats, a body and a big ass dick, which this nigga had. I like em hard and thugged out. No more talkin. He grabbed me by my ass and started to smack it, slap it and damn it was feelin good, cuz he had some big ass hands and knew what to do wit em. I was still sucking his dick. Shit it felt so good, His dick in my mouth, soon that piece of wood go be in my guts. Slobbing on his dick, taking it all in my mouth, making it wet ass hell. I was his bitch that night and shit I did'nt care. This nigga is the cream of the crop. I was waiting for him to put that dick in my guts. When he picked me up and bent me over and slipped his dick in my ass. He put it in nice and slow, then he started to go faster and fucking me hard and aggressive like I like it. Damn He was bending me and twisting me and I was takin all that dick in every position he put me in. upside down on my head, bent over on one of the chairs in the lounge, over the bar area, and on the floor like I like it. he was fuckin me like we were the last two niggas on the face of the earth. I was moaning loud as hell. Shit, It seemed like the whole club could here us fuckin, tho it was noise proof. "Fuck me nigga, Fuck me" I said and he Did. Shit I was riding Double R's Dick like a fuckin bike. His balls bangin against my ass, makin me scream louder and louder. Ahh, I cant take this shit no more, but I aint a punk, I took that shit like a pro. "Fuck Me Nigga" He keep going and going like the fuckin Energizer Bunny. "Bitch, take dat Dick, take It" he said. I was about to cum, then Ahh, It came out creamy and hot all over the floor. Ahh the shit felt good. After all that dick I took, I wanted some more of that dick in my mouth. I was suckin that shit and still suckin it till he busted a nut in my mouth. Im a souljah, I took all that shit in my mouth, "Yeah Nigga, My bitches got take it all" Shit he know how to talk to a nigga don't he? Ahh that shit was good. I knew I rocked his world, damn he sure did mine. "Nigga, go Wipe that shit off Yo mouth" he said. Yeah, but When we go do this agian?" I said. In Your fuckin Dreams Nigga. The End

Fantasy about Double R submitted by Marquez from Oakland


Fantasy about Double R submitted by bigroud from lawrence

I would just like to see him meet and take his time with someone. start by stripping him and him double r. some real passionate kissing then they move to the bed. this must be done in a bedroom/hotel to get the real effect. just a little bit of sucking, some dick rubbing together while lying on top of each other, then some slow missionary action along with some kissing and some sexy talk. words like, I love you, please fuck me, begging and such n a very mild seductive voice. Double r gets him from behind with his legs gapped and he slowly starts to speed up. and with some heavy breathing (i'm just horny as hell) and much rubbing and kissing of the neck and back and noise of out of control-ness, double r speeding and pulling out unloading all over his ass and between his legs. then double r just and him rubbing dicks for awhile. if he needs some assistance i'll take the load. for that nigga is just fine as hell and his dick i'd love to have in my hand. I just wanta rub and kiss all over that ass and take his dick in the mouth and ass. he'd enjoy it, because this ass is as tight as it gets and he'd..... (i'm cumming everywhere just think'n about it.)

Fantasy about Double R

just punish it

Fantasy about Double R submitted by David from london

My fantasy is take Double R to Dinner at an excellent restaurant with great atmosphere. Over Dinner we have an interesting conversation and get to know each other with our enjoying each other's company. Very soon I begin to find out, that as I suspected, Double R has a gentler side with our having many things and interests in common. After a great Dinner we go back to my apartment and talk some more, listening to some fine mood music and soon we have the real hots for each other and start kissing. I take Double R to my Bedroom and we get on the bed and start kissing again and rolling in each other's arms, soon we are both naked and sucking on each others rampant hard dicks. Suddenly Double R asks me what I want to do and I ask him immediately in reply what does he want ? Double R learns upwards emphasing his great abs, pecs and hard erect dick and says he wants me to show him how much I feel for him and to do what I want to do. This is what I want to hear and I reply to Double R that I want to show how I feel for him by making love to him. He smiles and grabs me, giving me a big hug saying he don't usually get fucked, but is in the mood now to do so, he then he asks if I have lube and rubbers. I get my Lube and rubber and while still kissing him carefully lube his tight hole. I ask him how he wants me enter him, he says that he hasn't been fucked for two months and kneels on the edge of the bed so that I can take it easy and fuck him doggy style. With my rubbered dick well lubed and standing by the edge of the bed right behind him, I look down on Double R's wonderful Ass which looks so glorious with globs of lube glistening around his tight hole. Double R asks me to be gentle, then with my right arm around his waist and with my kissing his neck and saying sensual things to him I gently guide the head of dick into the entrance to his tight hole. Double R holds his breath as I enter him and then lets out a gasp as my dick begins to slide carefuuly up his tight hole. Then with both both my arms holding onto him I begin to pump my Dick intp his hole increasing the speed, soon Double R is working his Butt along my dick as I move in and out and he begins to shout encouragement for me to fuck him harder and deeper into his tight muscular ass. Soon his ass is no longer so tight and I pull out and get on the bed and roll him quickly on his back, lifting his legs up I re-enter his glorious ass whilst kissing him face to face. I thrust and thrust deep into him and his Dick gets even harder and bigger. I grab his dick with my right hand and begin to pump it hard, Double R's arms and legs are wrapped tight hard around me as I thrust into his butt and Double R shouts lets cum together. I increase my thrusts into his Ass and pump his Dick harder with my hand until we soon both shout loud together, at which moment a massive rush of cum explodes from my dick into my rubber and at the same time a volcanic eruption of hot cum shoots from Double R's dick hitting me in my face, cascading down onto Double R's chest to form a puddle between his tight pecs. We then lay kissing and holding each other. After a while Double R says that was so hot. I say I was surprised that he me Fuck him, but Double R says for me not to be surprised, as what he does in bed with me is his business and that he had needed a good fucking.

Fantasy about Double R submitted by David from London

Man it would be perfect if you can show Double R and Brick as two dudes who break in somewhere they shouldn't be and get caught by Daddy Deezel and Tank as two security guards. Daddy Deezel and Tank, cuff Double R and Brick and are about to phone the cops when Double R and Brick plead that they will do anything if the cops are not called. With that Daddy Deezel and Tank smile and push Double R and Brick onto their knees then pull out their big dicks and push them into Double R's and Brick's mouths. Both Double R and Brick begin to choke on the big dicks, but soon they begin to really suck and caress those big dicks, each of them switching between sucking Daddy Deezel and Tank. Then Daddy Deezel and Tank look at each other and together they say " Lets do it " with that they pull Double R and Brick to their feet and push them still cuffed over to a large desk and begin to rip their clothes off until they are both bare assed with their dicks hanging loose. Daddy Deezel then opens one of the desks draws and pulls out some lube and rubbers. Double R and Brick begin to shout and plead for mercy, but Daddy Deezel and Tank push both of them together over the desk so that their heads are held hard tight on the desk top with their meaty butts raised up in front of Daddy Deezel and Tank. Then Daddy Deezel and Tank lube up their rubbered dicks and Double R's and Bricks tight holes. Daddy Deezel is standing behind Double R and Tank behind Brick, when together they begin in tandem to slowly push their big dicks up into Double R's and Bricks muscular tight butts. Double R and Brick try to fight back but can't and they yell in anguish, but Daddy R and Tank are firmly in control holding Double R's and Bricks hard done on the desk top as they steadily increase the pace and strength of their pumping. Soon the yelling dies down to be replaced by sighs and groans and instead of trying to resist Double R and Brick begin to roll and work their asses along the full lengths of Daddy Deezel's and Tank's dicks. Double R starts to say "fuck me man" and Brick says "fuck that Ass." - While still fucking them, Daddy Deezel and Brick unlock both their cuffs at which stage Double R and Brick put their arms behind them to hold onto Daddy Deezels and Bricks hard butts pulling them in to help increase the depth and power of their penetration. The two street Kats are now purring like pussy cats, when Daddy Deezel and Tank change places and start fucking again with Double R's arms now behind and pulling Tank inside him and Brick's arms pulling Tank deeper inside him. Sweat is pouring from all the dudes when Daddy Deezel and Tank together stop fucking and pull out their dicks. Then with Brick's and Double R's heads looking upwards, Daddy Deezel and Tank begin to Jerk Off their big dicks into Tanks and Double R eager open mouths. Soon two new Niagra falls begin to gush "gallons" of hot steamy white cum juice into the open mouths of Double R and Brick until it is gagging them and running down the sides of their open mouths and pouring onto their broad chests. After a moment a smiling Daddy Deezel and Tank pick up Double R's and Tank's torn clothes and push them into their open arms. Without letting them put on their clothes, Daady Deezel and Tank pull Double R and Tank over to the main door, open it and push Double R and Brick both bare assed out onto the side walk and slam the door shut.

Fantasy about Double R submitted by John from Benton Harbor

Man I would luv to suck dat nice size dick and I need dat shit

Fantasy about Double R submitted by tony from va.beach va.

two or more black men standing with their hard dicks in hand and half bent over while i'm eating juicy asshloes under the night skys of the wilds of the safari, loins , tigers , and bears oh my!

Fantasy about Double R submitted by Jason from NYC / Jersey City

My fantasy would be to star in a video featuring both Double R and Brick. The both of them are gorgeous and I think I wouldn't be able to control myself being in the middle of that sandwich.

Fantasy about Double R from butler,Alabama

My fantasy is one day I go to visit my friend I knock on the door and DoubleR answers' the door he says yo wat up my nigga I reply nothing.when did you get out.he says a week ago then he says dam Im' glad its you I thought it was my p.o then he pulls his dime bag of weed from out his sweat pants standing there with no shirt on I stand there looking at his toned upper body he scopes my looking and laughs then I snap out of the daze and ask if his sister was here he says nah but she said she'd be back in a little while then he says come in nigga I come in and sit down in the living room with him and watch t.v he starts rolling his blunt then he lites' it and starts smoking then he offers me some holding it in my face I say no thank you then he says come on nigga smoke a little bit I could never say no to him because I always had a crush on him so I leaned forward and started smoking some with him still holding the blunt and watching me as I put my mouth on the blunt after a couple of hits Im' high as shit I turn and look at him and say you always could make do stuff I didn't want to do he says yeah you always was down for a nigga I say thats' because I liked you DoubleR knew how I got down but from what I know he always was straight but as soon as I said I had a crush on him he turned and looked at me sexy and says then hook a nigga up while slightly lifting off the couch and pulling his sweats and boxers down I look at him then immediately start giving his dick some oral attention as I wrap my lips around that pretty ass dick it tastes so good that my mouth starts watering so much that Im making slurping noises as I bob up and down his dick I then get on my knees in front of him for a better position to suck that dick while Im sucking he slides my pants down and starts playing with my ass sticking his finger in and out my ass he says dam you got a phat ass da shit soft and hot too then I get up and finish taking off the rest of my stuff then he says let me get some of that ass so I turn around with my ass toward his dick and get on he grabs me by my hips and follows my movements at first I ride slow grinding and wiggling my ass on his dick that is deep inside me then he really gets into it and gets up turns me facing the couch then he starts digging me out doggie style leaning on top of me with his arms wraped around me and then he gos' to work and starts tearing that ass up power fucking me long stroking me with his big dick that feels so good to the point that I explode with cum so much that its' dripping down his nuts that keep smacking against my ass while blowing my back out he talks dirty to me asking me is it good I scream yesssss baby then he says dam you wet baby I say only for you only you get my juices flowing baby then he says dam you ass is tight and throbing Im bout to bus a nut I say yes daddy shoot all that sweet creamy cum in my mouth then he pulls out I turn around get on my knees open my mouth as the cum spews out of his dick right in my mouth and I drink it as if it was kool-aid then his sister walks in. if you like my story E-mail me at p.s stay freaky because I will

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