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Tank |Ryan |Storm in Stroke Dat Azz


Storm |Starr |Rocko |Blaze in Thugz Fuggin and Bustin


Rogue |Storm in Double the Fuckdown


Storm |Venom in Smack That


Thirst |Storm in ThrowDown


Mystic |Storm |Brick in Brick Freakin


Storm |SlimThug in Thugz Fukkin

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Fantasy about Storm submitted by Kenny from Nairobi - Kenya.

What a guy and man who really knows what he wants as seen in my two favourate videos of him With Venom and now Rogue.He really knows how to give and take it like a man,the kind of guy i would like to nock on his door and suck his chocolate dick all night long together with Venom,Rogue and Romeo.Then we all have a group sex party.I love the site i just wish i can promote you by buying some of your dvds,keepup the good work guyz.Theres no day i browse,i fail to catch up with you.I say hallo to my dream guyz,and lets rock it like men.

Fantasy about Storm submitted by BCB

I wanna deep dick Storm and crack that ass open wide. He take dic like a pro.

Fantasy about Storm submitted by Kenny

Hi,storm! You can really make it dear. Lookforward to see you with Zion or Deezel or Big beef. and slim thug.Will be a great one as well.Keep up the site.

Fantasy about Storm submitted by Jabari from Miami

My fantasy with STORM is that one day i'm like walking on the beach and i see his fine ass walkng out the ocean and i he yells for me to stop so i do and then he spits some game at me and i'm falling for it and then he tells me to meeet him at his hotel room at 8pm because he was on vacation and he gave me his number and i meet him at the hotel room and he's like naked and glistening already because he just got out the shower and then i follow him to the bed room and he says well since i'm already naked you might as well be to and i let him kiss my lips and take off my clothes and then he tells me everything that we are going to do and i'm like ok that's cool with me and then i start doing everything that he tells me so much that i can't even get down to all the details.Lol.Just know that it was a whole lot of freaky shit including me doing splits,dancing,a pole,food,music,kissing,lots and lots of cum and pee,and etc.

Fantasy about Storm submitted by tex from st georges trinidad

this brotha rocks for sure! wish i could get him for a night! brotha knows how to fuck and take fuck! wont mind a little one on one vers action with him and please put him and obsession in a video together,dat will be something

Fantasy about Storm

Put dem niggas Thirst, Storm and Rogue in a 3sum. Three dope ass bruhs kissin, suckin,fuckin...they do it all. This fantasy needs to become reality on some real shit.

Fantasy about Storm submitted by Rico from pittsburgh

storm is so cut, dude make the most of the gym for real, specially that sweet 8 pack, like to lap that shit up, every drop of his versatile passionate ass! i love to kiss and he's easily the best kisser on this site, him and me could just explode on each other so sweet, shit i would just love to move my tongue around every inch of that tight body mother, oh my god, and just kiss and suck and fuck for hours! Storm is IT y'all!

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