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Fantasy about Solo submitted by Kafele from Bowie

Forget a fantasy, need to be a reality. I'm feelin the hell out of SOLO and want him to just get in me!

Fantasy about Solo submitted by DRE from FT.LAUDERDALE


Fantasy about Solo submitted by Jack

YO yo yo, what up kidz...last time i was on this shit...Blaze and myself had a li'ol ISSUE!...Son got caught dippin in tha cookie jar...(check tha last episode if you wanna get "caught up")... First off lemme say, SexyBack is a hot clip...and son (Berlin) is hot ta def...duke got a PHATBACK...thas what tha clip SHOULDA been called!...LOL. I think son would make a tasty bottom...and besides "bone"afide tops, don't need COCKRINGS to dig some hot ass. Hmmmmmmm...nuff said on all'at... But check it out...afta I sat and watched my shorty Blaze fuk tha hell outa some vagrant bottom boy...he sat up on tha bed and decided he should prolly try and bring tha noise, since he figured tha shit was about to hit tha fan. But yo, I was cool...that li'l episode was kinda hot to watch...i was actually proud of li'l man. I know i'm "taggn" that ass like crazy, and he still got a li'l swipe game about him. Good shit! While son is yellin and screamin about how i got all these chiks runnin up to me in tha mall, skinnin and grinnin, sayin shit like "call me, we need to get togetha again, sometime..."---I'm sittin in amazement becuz I had no idea son thought I was fukn around on him with chikz OR dudes. So I got pissed, because a GOOD reason to fuk ole boy woulda been..."i just needed some ass...or dawg i got horny man", but "i did it becuz i thought u was fukn around on me" is CRAZY! And I couldn't process that shit, for one because thas just a STUPID fukn reason...LEAVE if i'm cheatin, don't be a hoe! And TWO because son has no clue of who I am, so I felt a li'l insulted that duke thought i was so shallow. So you know how neggaz get...I'm tired of all tha chit I walk up on son, and CLOCK dude...and we commence to do tha damn thing. I ain't wanna hurt son, so I just held him down until he decided to quit strugglin. Then tha energy kinda shifted to some crazy freaky shit...i told son, i ain't want nobody but him...ya feel me? I flirt cuz thas what neggaz do. So I turned duke around...and plant a li'l kiss on son's lip where i popped him...and shit moves from there. Since son just got done fukn on tha sheetz...LOL...we just stripped tha shit and soaked up tha mattresses. I'm fresh outa tha shower, so it didn't take me long to get nekid...Blaze was fresh outa some ass, so he was ALREADY nekid...LMAO! My dick was BRICK and wanting, and that ass was lookin RIPE as i parted them cheeks and ate dat negga SENSELESS. If ya'll ain't neva seen Blaze slob tha knob...SON IS FIERCE! Ole boy just nutted a li'l while ago...and ya'll how dat shit takes a li'l minute to bring tha "sexyback"...but i ain't waitin on'nat shit...i'm bout to get this negga NOW! Since tha KY and magnumz were already out...why wait? Son rolled tha shit down my dick with his mouth...sat on top of me...pulled tha ass apart...and slid down my shit like a fireman in trainin! Son started workin that ass...up/down, side to side, and even swirl motion...son even got KEGGLE skillz...LMAO! Crazy control wit tha ass muscles. I'm good w/this...but I'm a negga...and i ain't used to not bein i roll son over, dick still in...and start nailin son to tha bed. Damn even i woulda wanted to be a fly on tha ceiling, to see that shit. Since i'm so much bigga and wider than son...i imagine all you would see was tha bottoms of sons feet, thighs spread open around me...sons hands massagin my back and ass, and his face buried in my shoulders...and this MASSIVE muscular chocolate coated tatted back, ass and thighs puttn down some MAJOR dick action. "Big bank take li'l bank!" I'm likn how this shit is goin...when all of a sudden son puts a deathlock on me. Arms wrapped around my neck...lecks locked around my fingers and toes are diggin in tha mattress for a grip and leverage...I'm about to buss, SON is definitely about to buss...and then i FEEL IT! Sons abs cringe and contract, and i feel that hot wet shit between our ripped stomachs...and at that moment...I fill tha jimmy with tha juice!...All in was a good day! peace kids, time to go ta work! (BLAZE I'M COMIN FOR YOU DAWGY!)Jack

Fantasy about Solo submitted by Jack

Hey yo "dawgy"...I would share, but i'm a stingy negga...LMAO! Thas real talk...uhm tellin u b...if i find Blaze on tha streets...i'm WIFIN' that negga...LOL! And DPUSA can put a headstone where his pic used to be. I got visions of fukn that negga on some TINA AND IKE shit. Call me deranged and crazy...but that damn studio scene was HOT TA DEF!...I don't condone violence and takin of tha ass by force...LOL...but Tina shoulda just gave it up. I'm talkn bout dat early mornin pressure on tha prostate, yo! Son would be in tha bathroom brushn his teeth at tha vanity, in comes tha kid, dick brick, like it is EVERY MORNIN...gotta piss and stretch...or stretch and piss...or BOTH at tha same time...LOL...brush tha pearlies, gargle a li'l Scope...and press up on young bulls ass. Str8 up dick and abs to ass and back, kids! Duke got this CRAZY smirk on his face...absolute BANANAS how this negga smiles. (if you ever seen it, u know what uhm talkn about). He knows whas up...gotta take care of his manz. I pick son up...set dat ass on tha vanity, reach in tha medicine cabby, grab tha lube and jimmy (gotta keep it safe)...son "dresses me up"...and iss ON! Tha hot shit about son is...he don't complain about SHIT! Iss whateva dawgz!!!! Picture it kids...BLAZE pinned against tha mirror, ass restin on tha countertop, legs pushed back, and a MONSTA' of a negga between his thighs...puttin in MAJOR SWIPE...BLACK CARD STATUS, tha BIG BALLA' SHIT! and still that negga don't say a word...every once in a while, you see his hand reach around and grip my ass, pullin me close...but game recognize game...i know that trick. Son is trynna cushion tha blows to his insides...upper cuts and jabs, lefties and spot is left UNTAPPED! In tha last minutes, I put dat SWIRL motion on son...snakin that ass, slow and steady, givin that gland tha attention it so richly deserves...LMAO!...Duke puts his arms around my neck...locks his legs around my waist...buries his face in my chest...and BUSTS like a BIAAAATCH!...without touchn his dick ONE TIME! I carry limp and tired BLAZE to tha bed, cover son up. He THOUGHT he was goin to play ball w/tha fella'z but he just got hardballed... I yank off tha loaded jimmy, toss it in tha wastebasket (always keepin it tidy at tha cryb), jump in tha shower...and I'm off...WHERE?!?! TO PLAY BALL NEGGAZ!...LMAO! Iss a wrap kids! Jack

Fantasy about Solo submitted by marcus from Chicago

he sexy ass hell i would love 4 him 2 put dat cock down my and bust his nut all in my mouth every drop i would whereever to get at him

Fantasy about Solo

Blaze, WOW...He could hit it...Easily!

Fantasy about Solo submitted by Max

Wassup with Blaze and when is he coming back 2 do new scenes? This nigga is the bomb, love how he kisses niggas, gives head and throws his ass up/out 2 get it licked. That's my nigga right there, BRING BLAZE BACK!

Fantasy about Solo submitted by Max from New York

I aint even gonna go in2 a fantasy cuz that'll take a day and night. But I'ma just speak on the nigga with the most sex apeal on here and that's Blaze. 2 me he got the most sex appeal cuz he's the kinda man u want. A nigga that aint afraid 2 kiss or b kissed (and not just a kiss, some full-on passion type kissing). A nigga that loves 2 get head, but is eaually loving head as he is giving u head. A nigga that'll toss ya salad and then turn around and let u toss his (my man even spread his cheeks in the video! Think I fell in love right at that moment). A nigga like that? He's worth getting at and keeping around...4 life.

Fantasy about Solo submitted by Quan from Ft Hood

Yo im from NY, so I dig da way Blaze got dat sexy run-shit attitude, yet he knows how to be passionate at da same time. My fantasy would be for dat nicca to randomly knock on my door cause he needs to use a phone. Knowin me, I'm rockin nothin but boxerz inda house, so he's checkin me out when i open the door. Of course I'll let da bull in cause he got it like dat. I show him to da phone, which is by da kitchen counter. He makes his call while peepin me out the corner of his eye. The nigga must think I dont know wassup, but I'm already lookin at him like I got what he really came for. Once he sees me bitin my bottom lip it's on & poppin. We start off kissin and he's strippin. Both our dicks are maaad hard. I ain't a scrawny nigga, so I lift da kat up onto the counter and ya boy starts gettin at his dick...usin alotta spit...workin my tongue and lips. I can tell he's feelin it too, cause he got my hair in his hand and follows my motion up and down on his piece. I swirl my tongue around da head, tasting da pre-cum, and dat lets me know my newfound nigga is ready to fuck. He hops off da counter and gets behind me while i put one leg on da counter (so dis nigga will have da most access to get up in it.) I let B work me while my chest and face are pressed against the counter top. He's tearin da ass up and kisses my neck while his sweat drips on me and rolls down my back. Then we get a chair from da dining table. I push Blaze down onda chair and sit on his dick while im facin him. From that point, I ride him while he beats my dick and we kiss. Dat shit is gettin to be too fuckin hot yo. After a few minutes of me bouncin on his dick while he jacks me off, I bust all over his shoulders and chest. Then I kneel in front of him so he can shoot dat warm nut all over my chest. We stand up and start kissin again while we rub our chests together, lettin da nut mix on our bodies. After that, son cleans off and gets dressed. U know with how shit went down he leaves his number, and half his heart, before walkin out da door.

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