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Fantasy about Ryan submitted by Jason from Grand Rapids, MI

Ryan looks like my neighor, Sam. He is so hot. Dayum the other day Sam came over in just his fatigues and I could see he was wearing a pair of Champion white boxers on. He looks so hot without a shirt on. I just wanted to rip his pants off right there on the street and start going down on his dick. My fantasy would be to have Sam or Ryan take me and ccbill my ass and fill me with their cum. then turn me over and take a long hot piss down my throat.

Fantasy about Ryan submitted by Alpha from Washington DC

My fantasy is about Ryan. First i truly find him attractive, its something about those glasses. In my fantasy, Ryan and I are college roomates alone during a school break. We are there because we didn't want to go home for a short break. The two of us begin to play around wrestling for the most part as we tussle i notice that Ryan's dick gst hard. I push back and he smiles. He says "I'm sorry about that, i guess i should go to the bathroom and fix myself" I tell him naw its cool . i go over to him and begin to rub my hands on his dick. Man the thing is huge. I drop to my knees and take it out of his pants and begin to lick it like candy. He moans as i take his dick into my mouth. He grabs the back of my head and thrust his hips as i apply good suction on his dick. after a while of doing this he pulls away. I ask him what was wrong, he said "i been wanting to tap that ass since we met" I smile and take off my close. He puts on a condom and tell me to get on all fours. He lubs my ass and slowly enters me. I wince because this is the first time I've ever be penetrated. I hurts and he knows it does he kisses the back of my neck and says he'll be gental. He was he gave nice slow strokes and once i began to get confortable he went for what he knew. It felt great after a while. When he was about to bust he took his dick out of my ass and took the condom off, he came all over my butt cheeks. We both collapes and he laughs, "I guess will be doing instead of wrestling huh?" I grab his dick and started to slowly jerk it and said "You damn right" I put his dick back in my mouth as he lay on his back smiling with his hands behind his head.

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