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Fantasy about Pipe submitted by James from mobile

I think overall he is the sexiest Guy on here, his swagger is so amazing his voice turns me on his dick is perfect feet beautiful body banging, my fantasy is to role play I want him to strip tease me and I wanna tie him up so I can give him a show

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Panther from Houston

I love the way Pipe digs DEEP. He aims to please. Picture this. I'm at home watchin TV and the door bell rings. When I answer the door, its a sexy electricity salesman (Pipe) pitching a sale to me. Now the sale is bullshit, but look at this bomb ass dude at my doorstep lookin good in his uniform. So I invite him inside to sign me up. Now electricity salesmen only get paid by commission, so if I dont sign he dont get paid. That means he gotta REALLY convince me to sign up for some bullshit like 15 kWh. So I start telling him Im not interested in the business. He asks me "What do I have to do to convince you?" I think about it and tell him that "I dont think you have what Im looking for to convince me." Pipe stands up and pulls that big ass dick out and grab my hand to make me touch it. Then I give him a 7 minute head job. Pipe pulls his shirt off bearing that bomb ass body. I suck his dick some more. Then he pulls my pants down bearing my big ass booty (its big as hell). He grabs it while I'm suckin his dick. Then he decides to eat my ass while Im layin on my stomach. Now he's stuffin all that pipe in my ass doggy style. Now he's power fuckin me hard as hell untill I lay back on my stomach. Now Pipe has layed all the way down on my back, put his arm around my neck and hes other arm around my waist, and digging DEEP and hard as he can. Now at this point Im moanin loud. Then he goes evnen harder and deeper like he tryin to stab me lol. Then we keep that tight grip and roll all the way over on his back and hes arms still around me, trappin me, and fuckin the SHIT out of me. Now we roll back to me layin on my stomach with Pipe grindin slow but deep as he can. He then pulls out and cum all over my cheeks. I sign the papers and its a done deal.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by aarondondo from oklahoma city

Being a country boy at heart and being raised on a farm...my fantasy has everything to do with the open range and horses. I envision the oh so sexy and hung Pipe working for me as a stable hand. I watch him as he lifts those bales of hay, as the sweat drips ever so slowly from his frame, he wipes the perspiration from his brow. He catches me watching him from my veranda, the sun beaming as he continues to tend to the fields. I am consumed with desire and find myself walking towards the barn to catch a closer view of his shirtless body. He pays no attention to me but his physical gestures tell me that he wants me to draw closer; I am forced to comply like a fiend to a crack rock, I draw in closer until I can smell his sweat. I offer him some tea he declines, I tell him he can take a break, he shakes his head and tells me he just wants to finish the job at hand. I stand there for a few more moments, the tension in the air is so thick I almost choke on it. He gives me a half grin knowing that I want something but lack the courage to ask for it. finally he breaks the monotony and approches me; I tremble at the thought of him confronting me about my secret thoughts but he says nothing, he draws in closer until i feel his breath on my moist neck I swallow wordless as he leans into me and whispers ever so gently is there something else you would like me to do for you instead of finishing my work? I stutter and find myself at a loss for words. Then suddenly I blurt out YES he steps back with a smile that could rob anyone of their demeanor. He tells me to continue...I absent-mindedly continue to stumble over my words, I look back towards my ranch, I look at the horses as they look at me puzzeled finally returning my gaze to him, with all abandon I blurt out FUCK ME... yes thats what I want, FUCK ME, deep and hard he grins as he grabs his semi hard tool and orders me to my knees "get to work boss" he replies. Like clock work I drop to my knees like a slave who just got whipped for staring at the 'mastahs' wife. I tug at his tattered and faded blue jeans rushing as if he was going to change his mind. "Slow down boss...you gonna get it." I slower myself gently unzipping his pants to release his massive black,thick,juciy rod ready to inhale every inch which is no small feat. I begin to slob it down he grabs my chin and tells me to suck it not make love to it, "your wish is my command." I replied I started slurpping and sucking with a fury that would drive an egg through the tunnel of any water hose. I knew that I was performing the task to his pleasure as he forced my head down the length of his shaft, I continued until I heard his moans grow stronger and stronger I whipped my rock hard rod out of the bondage of my pants as I beat my shit I could feel his sweet fluids dripping down the corners of my mouth. Just then he pushed me off his beautiful pipe leaving my mouth still motioning as if his snake was plunged down my throat, he ordered me to turn over annd assume the position I was reluctant at first, but my body obeyed his every command. As I did what I was ordered I caught him retrieve the infamous gold wrapper containing the glove only used by true stallions and with a spit in his right hand and a thrust guided by his left he was buried deep in my sacred spot. I gasped first in excruciating pain and then exquiste bliss. Or bodies made a rythmic sound that felt like the drums of Africa where playing on my vibrating ass. As he beat me into total submission I held on tightly as he rammed his fat shaft into my soul draining me like a vampire sucking the life out of his prey, faster I begged; faster,harder, deeper...just then I felt my body shake uncontrollably and I could no longer hold myself I released as the horses bucked and sneared forcing the buck inside of me to jerk and twitch as he released all over my back. "Bravo" I exclaimed as he bent over me asking me if he had done a good job.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by nivram from baltimore

DAYAM...dis dude is packin'. got skills too. Hook em up wit SMOOTH to get SMOOTH'S thin ass stretched inside out. POUND his ass to the ground so smooth can show is BOTTOM skills. Hit it till he shoots dat cum straight into the air from dat long thin dick.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Oscar from Washington, DC

My fantasy of Pipe is to suck his big dick and balls, rim his asshole, just freak him in foreplay, then try to take that big long beautiful dick inside of me . . . I've had some nice ones but that is so appetizing... sure would love to meet him!

Fantasy about Pipe from boston

would love to see Pipe and Slimthug take turns on a thug like Venom or Scott Alexander - tearin up their holes till they make em their bitch - love the verbal and those guys are 2 of the hottest muthafuckers on this site or anywhere!!!!

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Jayce from Philly, PA

I honestly just want Pipe! Hands down...I will take every inch of that nigga! I would love to get a tag team on this phat bubble ass by him, Jovonnie, Venom, & SlimThug while I am sucking off Tyson(the new college kid). For real!!! I put all I have on that one. But, I would also love to see Pipe & Venom bust down Victim...NO MERCY!

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by james from daytona beach

I think Pipe, Jovanni, slimthug and venom will make an excellent production. Would def like to see pipe drill Jovanni or venom. HOT!

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by henry from accra

i will like him to drill my sweet ass for just an hour and he will forget he had so many asses to fuck. His cock is just right for me and my sexy ass is just a perfect macht

Fantasy about Pipe

Pipe, great to have you back!!! Please don't say away for so long. You've to return soon to give it to Starr, Stash, Venom and Berlin!!!

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by K from D.C. on way to Miami next we

I got this big time crush on Pipe and want him. I love his videos!

Fantasy about Pipe

Wow, he is back n doin a female thats some grand shit right there lol....n he has put on some weight which looks good on Pipe...

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by bEACON from cHICAGO

Damn, Pipe it's so damn good to have you back! I've been a fan since your first video on here a minute back. Ain't never seen you anywhere but here and was wondering where you went off to. Damnnn you got the look and the dick.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Blackprettyboi


Fantasy about Pipe

my fantasy is i suck pipe dick and have fuck the shit out me

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Cedric from Butler, Alabama

i would keep pipe blind folded,let my tounge have free course all over his body,then explorehis manhole-manhood deep throat his pipe (gag free)so no need to worry about throwing up, unless it"s his calm. then i will toot that ass up n let him fuck me for hours. after fucking my boy pussy, i will let him give me my facial with his calm. oh by the way zion, can get some to. damn dawg pound u got so many fine ass bruthas its hard not 2 wanna get fucked by most of them.oh yeah i can take some dick n give it 2,SO HOLLA.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by g from Atlanta

Pipe is lying on his bed sleeping when Brick and Berlin come in having gone to the wrong room. They were slated for a scene with a bottom. Pipe rolls over with his dick standing at attention. Brick and Berlin quickly get undressed, not realizing they are in the wrong room. Berlin then remembers Pipe from another scene and leaves. Brick let's Pipe eat his azz. Pipe sticks his tongue all up in Brick and has him squirming. Brick is totally into so much that he quite shocked when Pipe suddenly moves up and has the head of his dick in Brick's azz before he can blink. Brick tries to squirm away, but Pipe has all of his pipe all they way up in there and have Brick pinned up in the corner of the bed. He starts pounding Bricks azz. Berlin comes back in and sees what's going on and he convinces Pipe to switch with him. Berlin enters Brick's nice azz and pounds away. Pipe is so excited the he now sneaks up on Berlin and just like he did with Brick, he gets up into Berlins azz while Berlin is pounding Brick. They have an hourlong fuckfeast and all three shoot their loads at the same time and collapse on the bed in amazement. They all look at each and say simultaneously, "What the fuck just happened?"

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Ron

I've never taken no dick in my ass before, but I've fucked a lot of niggas. I keep having this fantasy that Pipe comes over to hook up my cabel and he asks me where my main jack in. Then I laugh because that sounds like some shit off a porno. But still I get down on my knees and bend over with my ass all up in the air tryin' to find the cord under a table. I kinda know that he's looking at my ass so I arch my back and put all out there for the nigga. Next thing I know I look up and Pipes dick is rock hard in his pants. I get up but stay on my knees with my mouth right next to his pants. I watch him unzip his pants and pull out that big ass chocolate dick and smack me in the face with hit. I really like that shit. Then he grabs my hair and holds my head in place while he fucks the shit out of my mouth till I'm slobbering and chokin' all over that big as dick head. The he says you gonna let me get that nigga? I don't say shit, I just stand up and pull my shit down and get on the bed and start lubin' up my ass. Then he starts feeling on my fat ass booty and slappin' the shit out of it. Then he puts a couple of fingers up in my hole and starts gigglin' them around all hard and deep until I start moaning like a straight bitch. then he pushes my legs up over my head and drops that fat dick up in my tight ass and goes deep and a mothafucka. When my shit get's open that nigga tears this ass up in more positions than I knew existed, then he nutts all over my face and sticks that salty dick back up in my mouth. That's the kinda shit I do with niggas all the time but I've never had nobody do that shit to me. At least not yet. I want to take some dick bad now but all the niggas I deal with are bottoms. I need a nigga to take this ass. Cause I'm not gonna give it up.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Jayson from Grand Rapids, MI


Fantasy about Pipe submitted by drew from milwaukee

i have seen some big dick but none comes close to his. i would suck his dick all nite long. i would give his dick so much pleasure, and ride that beast all nite long. i have a no gag reflex, so i would deep throat his dick real good. the nite you git wit me will be a long nite so sattle up cuz i'm takin you for the ride of your life.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by archie from charlotte

I think that all the model are hot and sexy as hell, but i'm into big dicks and i think that pipe got a huge ass dick that i could take it and deep throat, than i would like to lay on my stomach and let him put that big dick deep into me to open me up before i lay on my back and let him fuck the hell out of me until i can't take anymore and while i'm to run from it he keep pull me closer and closer to me and make me take all of that big dick. and when he nut i want him to put it all over my chest and stomach and than put the rest of it deep into my ass and fill my ass up with it. and than i can suck him dry and we start over again all nite long.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by payton from Chicago

I fantasize about a madd orgy with me be the star and my guys Smooth, Pipe, Venon, Rogue, Storm and Brick attending to my every freaky desire. Hey can I some Obsession in the mix. yeah the perfect combination of suckable and fuckable dicks and hot sweet holes to eat, damn I am about to bust a nut just thinking about it, wow!

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by JCBrown

I wanna spray whip cream on Pipe's nutts and then suck on em till he bust all over my face. Then I want him to slap that big dick on my lips till I nut.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by geo from clinton md

i wanna ride that dick until i cum

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Jamal from Miami

pipe baby i made a nigga with a 7 inch dick cum on me for 1 full minute. now i know i can do longer for you.

Fantasy about Pipe

Yo Pipe!!! The more I see u the more I want u!!! DAyummmm Nicca!!!

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Kiro from Bridgetown

i'd love to ride that bad boy bareback!!!!

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Skyye from Los Angeles, CA

The ultimate orgy 4 sum would be Carmello, the newest phynest bruh on here is Venom, along with Obession and that big slim thug Pipe, and Dayum I would love to be the 5th wheel in that freakfest.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by karl from east windsor New Jersey

wassup pipe is da man fa sho I would love to suck dat dick down son ya feel me. I Love da way dat nigga fuck and would Love to see him and Obsession double fuck Carmello the three biggest dicks and sexiest slim niggas on dis site yo now dat would be hot as shit 3 big dick slim kats dat know how to freak and handle it I hope you guys can make dat happen........hell send em to my house and I'll make it happen LOL Bang

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by DONNA from MOSS POINT


Fantasy about Pipe submitted by Larry from Raleigh

I have seen Pipe on two of the movies and would like to see him again very soon. He is great to look at and has a very long "Pipe" I fantasized but could not handle that. I would love to see him interact a little more with his partner. Kiss, hug, talk, etc. Continue to do a great job.

Fantasy about Pipe submitted by KRIS from Baton Rouge


Fantasy about Pipe submitted by John from Knoxville, TN

Well actually this is for (Piper). Piper where the fuck you at! You stop doin shows and I loved you most of all dawg. I can feel that big as dick slidin down my throat now. You need to come back man, because you are fine as hell. I wanna ride that dick until my fuckin spine breaks, and suck that big as pipe until it touches my tonsils. I miss you dawg! Holla!!!

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