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Fantasy about Pinky submitted by jr from suitland

i need to see pinky get fucked by mason or python or someone with a big dick! and make sure his socks are off!

Fantasy about Pinky submitted by james from new york

Put Pinky in a scene with Mason.I would love to see Mason fuck Pinky

Fantasy about Pinky from new york

I would like to see pinky in a one on one with the new fellow frompapithugz name Chance.I would love to see Pinky get fuck by this dude

Fantasy about Pinky submitted by ken from Atlanta

my fanasty isz to have piky and jivonne in same room we wud have a versatile 3 way for aleast 3hours get a bottle ov 151 and just go wit it

Fantasy about Pinky submitted by james from new york

Now that Pinky is bottoming I would like to see him bottom for Pipe

Fantasy about Pinky submitted by Kareem from Brooklyn

I will love to get in bed wit this fine ass nigga rite here and fuck till my ass bleed!!!!!

Fantasy about Pinky submitted by comptondownlow from compton,ca

i need to see some more pinky i want to see him getting fucked,,,good looking out

Fantasy about Pinky submitted by markus from saint louis

Dat dude Pinky popped-up in a dream of mine last week. i was on the bus about to go swimming at the city pool and there he was, boarding at the next stop. He sat in the back where i was and kept lookin' at me. Anyway, i saw he had on his swim trunks just like me and so i nodded wassup, and he asked if i was goin swimmin' too. We get off on our stop and the pool area is about empty. Too early we guessd. So, we go into the locker room and Pinky, with his slim, phine azz, sits real close to me on the changing bench in front of the lockers. Like him i am a toemosexual and so he puts his foot on mine, then looks at me really kool and shit. My dik got hard, and so did his. With his finger he tells me to bring my face to his and the dude sticks out his tongue like he wants me to wrap my mouth around it. And i did, real soft like, just holding it in my mouth and moaning real slightly. The i started sucking his tongue ever so gently. He puts his hand under my shorts, and i do his too. Then he stands up, turns me around and has me lay on the bench on my stomach. i do. He then lays on top of me, head to head, toe to toe, our feet and legs balanced on the narrow bench. He started rolling on my azz and moaning real hard. He turns my head towards his tells me to stick out my tongue this time and he wraps his warm mouth around it and sucks it gently, erotically all the while pressing that big dik of his between my butt cheeks. He is sucking on my long tongue and pulling my trunks down along with his own, yet still sucking without missing a beat. i was getting dizzy, man. I'm like, "Yo, man, wassup? You wanna fuk me or somethin'?" He said, rather he moaned, "Kan i? Kan i take u with me to a place i ain't been in a while?" i said, Yea,das kool." He told me to stick out my tongue again, he wrapped his mouth around it and was using his hand to guide his dik into me. It was smooth with pre-cum and so he didn't have to force it in too hard. The it was in, and my azz began to hurt like madd, but his mouth wrapped around my tongue muffled my scream, and all He was going deep then puulling almost out, then deep again, my head rising along with him because we was still attached at the mouth, a scene that would have made a good black and white photo, me being darkskinned and slim, him being lightskinned and slim too. i never thought that being fuked and tongued continously like that could, man. He began to speed up as our feet kinda battled each other to see who can lock whose toes onto the other (that footfetish thing, u know). His toes entangle mine and he brings all four feet high into the air, locking them there as he pounded harder and harder, sucking my tongue tighter and tighter. Then. He stops. Just for a second. And suddenly explodes his cum inside me in admist an orgy of wrestling bodies erupting with simultaneous moans that seem to shatter the windows surrounding the pool. I layed still after that. Pinky barely moved either. I felt his toes begin to softly caress the inside of my feet, up and down, from the tips to the heel. And i felt safe, adored, if u know what i mean. It was adult swim today, so we didn't bother moving when we heard lockers start to open on the other side. You see, me and Pinky, well, we was one with each other, man, in a way that only two complicated brothers from the hood can be, you herrrr me. We didn't run because we had too much would have been left behind, if u know what i mean. Much luv Pinky. You the best, my brother.

Fantasy about Pinky submitted by Rasheen from philly

I would love to just suck and ride his huge dick all day while i scream his name and eat his ass out

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