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Fantasy about SexyOne submitted by James from Hollywood , California

would love to make love with sexyone on the ocean yahatt

Fantasy about SexyOne submitted by isaac from indianapolis, indiana

i just want some of yo big dick models to run a hard-core train on me so bad...big dicks and large pecs and mucsles just rammin me back to back....

Fantasy about SexyOne submitted by CJ from New Orleans

I would love to be at home chillin bout to take a shower... When SexyOne walks in and stares at me a little bit...He starts rubbin on his dick...At first I dont notice him but then he comes closers and startles me...I ask him to join me... he takes of his clothes and gets in...he takes the soap and holds me as he begin to rub the suds all over my body...I turn around and begin wash his body down starting from his his neck then to his massive arm then to his abs, his ass, his dick...he gets harder... then to his legs...He grabs my hand and pulls me back up and starts kissing me deeply... I can feel the hot water stinging my back it shocks me when i feel dick on rock hard poking me in my belly button...he grabs and pushes me to the wall of the shower and begins to kiss my neck sucking harder and harder...He picks me up and pushes his dick into me...My head flings back and i scream...It hurts but i dont want him to stop...i tell him deeper... He pounds harder and harder...i see the water dripping from his perfect caramel body...He begins to moan louder i feel the cum dripping from my ass while he digs deeper...He carries me to the bed...both soaking wet he falls on top of me grabbin me by my hair and begins to fuck me faster and be continued

Fantasy about SexyOne submitted by lilnigfasho from gary

i want to him to fuck me bloody

Fantasy about SexyOne submitted by tracy from Jackson

My fantacy is to be in a room with Thuzilla and Sexcyone getting fucked down and sucking their dicks and eatting their ass and letting them cum all over me and in my mouth.

Fantasy about SexyOne submitted by chris from tuscaloosa

just looking at him makes me nutt

Fantasy about SexyOne submitted by J from Knoxville, TN

(P.S.) Of course, I definitely got love for my other two niggas' Sexyone and Pipe too, but you know how it is. TANK fine, big-dick, mothafuckin' ass, just do somethin' to me!!! Holla dawgs!

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