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Zanvega |Mike |Blaq in Insane Fukkin


Mike |SlimThug in Thugstyle Fukkin


Kapone |Blaze |Mike in Triple Fuck


Mike |Deezel in Daddy Gettin Busy


Brick |Mike |Marky in Brick-A-Thon

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Fantasy about Mike submitted by Ron from Atlanta

Love Mike Best fucking Krave. Krave sucking on Mike Best big cock.

Fantasy about Mike submitted by Chris from New York City

I want Mike's sexy ass in that black jockstrap again... He has me dreamin about it

Fantasy about Mike submitted by Max from New York

Yo it was a blast from the past this week when I saw Mike's fine ass in the latest clip. Where has he been Dawgpound (aint seen him on here since 06)? Mike (4 me is 1 of the original sexy versatiles on Dawgpound. Ya need 2 bring him back (often) cuz Mike is 1 of the best. Fantasy#1 is a reunion with Mike, Blaze & Kapone cuz the 3some they had 2 this day is still the sexiest shyt I ever saw, EVER! Fantasy#2 is 2 have Mike paired off with 2 other cats (Dewaun and Iseah, but it don't really matter, just 2 hot versatiles or bottoms) and let Mike (4 a change) b the top nigga (we know he can do it, he was tearing Kapone's ass up in the 3some they had with Blaze). Mike is 2 sexy 2 always be getting dicked down, I wanna see this nigga tearing it up.

Fantasy about Mike

One hot boi....I would let him fuck the shit out me,,,,,,,,,

Fantasy about Mike submitted by joshua

i would wanna see him naked in front of me i'll start kissing him then down to his nipples down to his ass eat it make his toes curl then later i'll sit on his dick until he cums all up in my tight ass i would lay him down suck on his toes making him fall to sleep..trust me i know how to service a nigga..LOL

Fantasy about Mike submitted by Anthony

Mike and Tank together in some freaky azz foot sex. Now that would be hot!! DDDDDuuuu ayum!

Fantasy about Mike

Mike where u at! Dayum that boi is phine. He is husband material! He pretty, he can give, he can take, he busts BIG and let u know he appreciate u. Mike also got them sexy ass feet. Mike cum back baby!

Fantasy about Mike submitted by Marcel from Brooklyn, NY

Mike, looks like one of them shy at first cute sexy niggas, his movies are sexy as shit, esp. cause he got a diff look than the maj. of the guys on the site, thick ass nipples and shit, hair on his ass, nigga look older but u know his ass is young, i like that shit. the joint he did with blaze and kapone was the shit, slimthug fucked the hell out of him, i want to see that nigga with another bottom with like 4 tops in the room, they just fucking and sucking the niggas off. i want to see that nigga lick some cum, i know he is a freak like that. put that nigga in another joint so we can see how freaky he can get.

Fantasy about Mike submitted by Chris from New York City

I think Mike is a sexy and I loved his video wit Slim Thug. Fantasy: One day Mike is have trouble with his kitchen sink. So he calls a plumber to come fix it. So Thuglife (makes his long awaited return) comes to fix his sink. Mike is watching Thuglife work. He immediately notices a large bulge in Thuglife's pants.While he is fixing the sink, Thuglife turns back a takes some time to look at Mike's body and especially his fat ass, while Mike isn't watchin. Thuglife finally fixes the pipes and tells Mike that there's another pipe that needs fixing. Thuglife starts to rub his crotch real hard. He motions Mike to come over to the couch. They start to kiss really passionately. Then Mike helps Thuglife out of his plumbing uniform. He gets on his knees and begans to lick Thuglife's dick. Thuglife grabs his head and starts to fuck his mouth, making Mike deep throat Thuglife's dick. Then Mike passes Thuglife a bottle of lub. He pours lub in Mike and finger pops him. He grabs Mike by the waist and starts to fuck him doggystyle. Mike groans and moans while Thuglife is tearing up dat ass. Thuglife flips Mike around and fucks him in missionary position. Whem Mike couldn't take no more, Thuglife sits down and make Mike ride him. When Thuglife feels he's about to cum, Mike sits next to him and Thuglife jerks his dick 'til he comes on Mike's face.

Fantasy about Mike submitted by MaTTsSoGriMey from BrOOklyN

I Would WaNt Mike To Let Me Fuck Him , On Da roof Of Mah Builin,He Iz The Sexiest Bttm Or verse nicka i Seen..Ever..Hes S0ooo Fuckin Masculine Widd It..n Dats Hot..Da way He Backs Up On it Had Mah Dick Jump Mad Times..Keep It Sexy Mike..Ur Biggest FaNN-~MaTT~

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