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Fantasy about Thirst submitted by thirst from philly

have a wild fantasy with slate, raw, and other verse guys. definitely would like to suck raw's dick while getting fucked in a glory hole by a guy like slate, or have raw or slate fuck my nice tight hole as either one suck my dick. now that would be hot.

Fantasy about Thirst submitted by Topsy from Charleston

I'd have it start off with Thirst bullshitting around on a skateboard wearing a doorag and some black Chuck Taylors. I'd roll up on him while he's doing some tricks and he'll slip and hurt his ankle. When I go over and offer some help he asks if I can help him back to his place right around the corner. We get there and his ankle is feeling a little better. As I begin to leave he stops me and tells me he wants to give me something for helping out. We start to kiss while leaning on the door and then we make our way to the couch with me on my back. He starts to work his way down, kissing my neck and sucking my nipples. When he gets to my dick, he takes his time and sucks it deep and slow at the same time taking his clothes off. I flip the script and put his ass in my face eating him out to the point to where it almost seems violent encouraged by his moans. I place his legs on my shoulders, Chuck Taylors still on, and slowly insert my dick inside his willing ass. Stroking it nice and steady until he starts to loosen up and get wet for me. The pace begins to quicken and all of a sudden I'll swing him over to where he's now sitting on my dick and riding it with his head back and eyes closed as he enjoys it. I'll become impatient grab his waist and start forcing my dick deeper inside him making him exhausted with ecstasy. With him still sitting on my dick, I stand up with him wrapped around me and force him to pleasure himself by hopping on my dick at the same time he gets even wetter. I'll lay him down on the floor with his back to me and begin digging in that ass hitting that spot while never taking my dick out. Once I can tell that it's getting good to him I'll spin him on his back again and kiss him softly. I'll start to deep dick him with long steady strokes until he can't take anymore and begins to nutt all over himself while I'm holding that dick on him. I pull out and nutt on his stomach. We kiss, and he asks me what time I'm coming by tomorrow.

Fantasy about Thirst submitted by Charles from Chicago

I am so in love with Thirst. I love the video with Scorpio, Rague and Thirist. It make me cum mutiple times to watch Beautiful Black Men fucking and being fucked. My fantasy is to watch them being filmed. Then they turn to me and fuck the shit out of me with Thirst being last. Watching him play with his tits to keep him hard as rock and shoting his load inside of me. Fuck, I love you Thirst. Better yet, having them ccbill a nigga(me). Each one taking turns fucking me and filling my body with thier cum and me eating the shit up. I love cum on the face shots. Then it turns into a free for all. Everyone fucking and sucking each other. Ending with Thirst cumming in my mouth.

Fantasy about Thirst submitted by Chris from Greensboro, NC

Yo...dem niggas Thirst and Rogue are the truth. Both are fine as hell, got bangin bodies and know how to fuck dat ass and take dick. You gotta put them in a scene together. Make that a 3some wit some otha nigga. It don't matter who, just have them two niggas there fo real...

Fantasy about Thirst submitted by Curtis from Danville, VA

I love Thirst, Starr, Lil Guy, and now, Storm. I would love to see each of them in a duo with Obsession!!!

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