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SlimThug |Shy |Starr |Felony in Grand Opening


Suicide |Neo |Starr |Threat in Dis Is Y I'm Hot


Kamar |Starr |Suicide in Suicide Fukkin


Brick |Hercules |Starr |Threat in Fuck Me Silly


Storm |Starr |Rocko |Blaze in Thugz Fuggin and Bustin


Pipe |Romeo |Starr in Triple Fuck


Starr |Double R in Chillin in the Cut


Tank |Starr |Pa in Tank Fangsta Fukkin


Starr |Fresh in Fresh Fukkin


Starr |SlimThug in Yes Daddy


Starr in Hell Yea


Deezel |Starr in Fukkin Down


Starr |Magnum in DL Fuggin

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Fantasy about Starr submitted by Curtis from Danville, VA

WHERE IS STARR??? He's been gone way too long!!! Bring him back and put him with either Zion or Obsession!!!

Fantasy about Starr submitted by Freddie from windhoek

i just love this guy's dick. it reminds me of someone i know. he is for real. likehis meat inside of me . just wish he was here in namibia so we could get it on.

Fantasy about Starr submitted by chiendu from suitland

I am thinking of an orgy. You can make it several series. The orgy will involve as many of the following as possible: slimthug,pinky,peanut,lilguy,alex,tbone,starr,tank, pa and kidd...That will be hot....ANYTHING GOES!

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