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Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by jthug83

would love to new model xl in a hot 3 way fuck.. Bring xl back asap!!!!

Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by Tom from baltimore

I would to see Lil Guy, rogue, raw , berlin and slimthug. I want them all to be fcuked by slim and fucked each other also.

Fantasy about Lil Guy


Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by Robert from Charlottesville

I want to lick that perfect ass for breakfast lunch and dinner, and throw in a few snacks. I gotta hearty appitite for that shorty.

Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by G from Princeton

I'd like to see a DP scene with lil guy,haze,starr or stash as the bottom taking two dick in the ass from Slim Thug,Venom,Obsession or Berlin. On another note, I am in a committed relationship but after seeing Ruff Rider (Feb 4th) and his thick uncut piece- he's got me thinking about sending in my profile just to be in his next shoot with you guys. That brotha's dick needs a warm mouth and a tight ass to get him off later for that hand action. When the going gets tough for that dude I'd like for Ruff to ride on over to me for relief!

Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by RemyAleontage from Kansas City

My fantasy is to fuck Lil Guy because there isn't too many bottom or versatile niggas wit a body like his in Kansas City, MO. Their skinny as hell wit a damn six pack!

Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by Gabriel from Córdoba

My fantasy with Lil Guy: I love this uncle, it puts me crazy; I would love to lie next to him and to carry out everything that he makes in their clips. I don't have a specific sexual fantasy with him but rather I am writing a short story. I would like to see a session of pictures of him since he has a beautiful body and to know how to use it. I also like Brick and Storm.

Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by Gabriel from Córdoba

My fantasy with Lil Guy: This uncle returns me crazy; I have several fantasies in my head and I am writing a story. Greetings.

Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by Jo

It's obvious that Lil Guy is into spit -- I love the way he spits on dick and ass; but it's time to take it to the next level. A lot of brothas are into swapping spit, and I can tell that some of your models are down with it or could be worn with it, too: Lil Guy, Zack, Mike, Kapone, Stash, Kidd, SlimThug...maybe even Pa, Carmello, or Vibe (it's time to bring him back for another vid, by the way). So put Lil Guy in some scenes with some models and let them swap spit or either pair up some other models. For those not familiar, you can swap (1) while you kiss, pushing the spit back and forth, (2) let it drip off one tongue into the other's mouth, or (3) just all out spit in another brotha's mouth. A lot of peeps are into it, and incorporating this into some vids would be hot. I think the members can handle it.

Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by asswideopen from San Francisco

I'm always seein liL guy bottom. But what I wouldn't give to have him top me once. His dick is long and thick and just calls my name. Then If he wanted me to, I would fuck that ass until I came and then give it the best rimjob until he came. Lil Guy, God blessed you with that ASS!

Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by V from indiabapolis

When i first say Lil Guy i thought he was mad sexy...then i saw "check up on it" and officially i wanted the fuck the shit out of that sexy ass nigga. that ass is perfect and i wouldn't rule out anything when i came diwn to him.

Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by Gee from washington

Here's what I'd like 2 c - Lil guy with Obsession and Tank, ???. Here's how it goes Lil Guy and and Obession do their usual entire 3 or 4 clips and when Obsession is about to cumm (mind you he's still fucking Lil Guy) and he pulls out and shoot cum all over Lil Guy's backside and as Lil Guy is taking a breath in comes Tank with an already VERY HARD DICK because he's been watching from backstage and no one but the producers and camera crew knew. But just when Obsession shoots that nutttttt incomes Tank with a condom and began to tear dat azz out the pocket - now that would be my fantasy to watch but just when Tank cummmms out walk PIPE and finishes dat azz off and dis time he nutssss so deep up in Lil Guy that he falls asleep.

Fantasy about Lil Guy submitted by Curtis from Danville, VA

Lil Guy and Starr are my favorite models on this website. I would LOVE for them to come back and see what they could do with Obsession. That guy is a keeper!!! Another hot pairing would be Kapone and Daddy Deezel!

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