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Fantasy about Shorty submitted by Siante from Morgantown

I would love to see Shorty, Panther, Sarge and Python all go at it slow and sexy like. All that thickness and erotica would be hot. Hell, I'm thinking a hot verbal flip-flop possession type deal. One person masturbating hard and verbal and vocal sets the whole thing off. And I'm thinking Shorty J being the man to start it of. In a bathrobe no draws, no socks and just talking hot shit, rubbing his balls, dick and fingering his ass to organism and leaving everybody mentally spent. And that's before the real action begins.

Fantasy about Shorty submitted by TEE from detroit

OMG when i seen SHORTY man i must have jump at may monitor i wanted him so bad i would ride and suck that dude all nite i can see it rite now he's at a gas station ofcorse on the LOW and i get eye contact with him he comes up to me and ask me whats good i look at him ,and say you he hops in and then before i could even get home i start to play with his dick he just leans back and enjoy we walk upto the door he's behind me grinding already i go to the bathroom only to come back to find him naked on the bed i then suck his dick like therse no tomorrow(man i love uncut guys) had to add that but back to this he ask me for the bags i get one, and he can't even get it on good before i'm all over it the first few seconds was pain but to look up at him was well worth it damn he fucks the hell out me i think i bust 3 nutts before he bust one man i was in heaven to have him in may bed damn....

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