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Fantasy about Blaze submitted by patrick from RALEIGH

me and blaze on a dark beach @ night time, me and him kissn @ first and then i suck his dick and he startz 2 fuck me AAHHHHH that soundz so gudd

Fantasy about Blaze

My fanatasy is for Blaze to bottom on Dawgpound. He has the phinnest hot ass and it will be so right for him to bottom. Blaze has bottomed several times on dvd, but never on Dawgpound. Please have him bottom it would be so very popular.

Fantasy about Blaze submitted by mike from mamia

3 thug out ass nigga fuck with me are there watchin

Fantasy about Blaze submitted by Jack

....more w/ Jack and BLAZE! Yo, I'm a bisexual, top type I still fuk w/tha girlies on occasion. In a casual setting...i can deal w/tha best of both worlds. But when I'm chilln w/one or tha otha...i'm doin just that...chilln! I will say, howevah, I'm a huge flirt, and am generally tha subject of many innocent flirtatious gestures from both chicks and dudes. I'm sure we all get dat shit from time to don't play me like i'm some clockable negga...neggaz are just BOLD az fuk these days! I said all'at to lead into my NEXT hot ass chronicle with my manz BLAZE! Me and duke were out chilln at tha mall, doin some shoppin and shit, nah'mean? Coppin tha latest gear, kiks, some eats...just chilln. All tha while uhm runnin into chicks I met in various places and times...some were just homegirls and some were chicks i got down w/at some point or anotha. I'm str8 playin into tha flirting game and shit...but I ain't know my man Blaze was gettn a li'l jealous...feel me? But son is AMAZINGLY sexy, so I ain't really think shit of it...I thought duke was cool and confident. Little did I know, ole' boy thought I was CURRENTLY fukn w/these chiks! Dawgz is lettn me tag dat ass, from front to back, left to right, upside down and right-side I'm satisfied...SO SERIOUSLY SATISFIED! Check this out kids...(on anotha day) I'm at tha gym..."workin on my fitness" (shout out Fergie...LOL) feel me? After tha workout, I decide to drop my manz' cryb to see what he was doin, see if he wanted to grab some eatz and hang out. Since we're chilln and shit...i got a key to sons cryb, and besides its close to tha gym where I workout. (i would put tha real addy <>, but ya'll neggaz might come lookin for me...LMAO!) I let myself in, but on this day, i decide to be quiet, so i could surpise ole boy. To MY surprise, Blaze got some li'l negga in tha buck, diggin tha shit out of him, in a style that is INDICATIVE of BLAZE! (check out his clips, u'll see what i'm talkn about) So I just stand there and watch for about a minute, not really mad, but more ways than one! Finally I push tha door open and walk over to tha side of tha bed where BLAZE can see me! Bottom boy sees me first and IMMEDIATELY panics like a bitch...scramblin for tha sheets to cover up and shit. Blaze is SHOCKED and ashamed, he has tha "deer caught in tha headlights" expression on his face. I'm lookin crazy intimidatin', in a wife-beata, some Adidas tear-away pants, gym gloves still on, and muscles CRAZY pumped after a great workout. My expression was grim...but I simply say "carry-on". I played it like me and ole boy were "just homies" and i dropped thru to grab a quik shower..(thas what REAL neggaz do, insteada' nuttn up and causin a scene and shit...HINT!) That shit shocked tha HELL outa blaze, and relieved bottom boy, because i COULDA easily skinned shorty to tha bone and fed him to tha pigeons. I went and took a shower, and shockingly, my boy was STILL bangn son...shit was fierce, so I watched! I knew son wasn't a bottom when I wifed his tha least I could do was let him get some swipe action goin on...(with ANOTHA negga, bcz it ain't goin down here...LMAO). When tha shit was over, bottom boy went to bathroom to clean up and find his dignity, because he was just part of a freaky peepshow...LOL...while Blaze laid on tha bed breathn heavy, partly because he busted a CRAZY nut, but mainly because he thought I was gone kick his back in. I sat in SILENCE...(stay tuned kids...i gotta go to work...LMAO)!

Fantasy about Blaze submitted by Max from New York

Yo, u said u found a flick of Blaze taking dick?????? U gotta holler at me with the name of that 1 papi

Fantasy about Blaze submitted by Jack

Yo, DPUSA been holdn it down for some time now, and I been a member for just about as long. Some of tha hottest "match-ups" I've seen...Nuff sed on'nat! Iss a gang of tight bruhs on here, and thas real, my manz Diesel, is holdn it down for us tops...ALL DAY! I'd bust son down tho...LOL. I wanna see them muscles ripple under pressure. Sexy ass...nah, for real, son got a sexy ass...LOL. Brick, is definitely talented, anotha one holdin it down for tha tops of America...Duke is sexy as FUCK, even more-so when he just broke back in silence. Bring young bull around my way...i'll show son how to put tha work in...(in that phat ass)...if you REALLY puttn it down, you got no breath for all'at chatter. I could go on and on...but my ULTIMATE fuck fantasy, I GOTTA go with my manz BLAZE! SON IS SICK WIT IT! Duke got crazy body, he got mad oral skillz, and YO, i fuk'd up and found this flik where SON TOOK SOME DICK! That shit brought me full circle!...LMAO! All i could think about was get'n deep in son's guts, knockn on all kynza shit...makn those abs cringe, toes curl, str8 up pillow bitin, sheet clutchin, sweat drippin, body grindin, leg lockin, back grippin...relentless and merciless yet THUG-FULLY PASSIONATE DIGGIN! I want son to feel like he's GIVIN BIRTH when i'm dribblin that ass...usin my arms like stirrups, keepin his shit open and vulnerable. And from tha back?! IT'S OVER! It's a sick, 240lbs of ripped muscle, 6'3" tall, to Blaze's 5'9", 170lb frame? (and I'm bein generous). Son would definitely feel me, knockn his shit out tha box like tha worst of "rear-end collisions"...whiplash? GET DA FUK OUTA' HERE! Son would have a fukn CONCUSSION, if not be slightly brain dead from beatn up tha headboard...and a MAJOR crook in his neck, from tha weight of my forearm pinnin him down! Well ya'll freaks get tha picture...if not? Stay tuned, it might just go down right here on DPUSA!...LMAO! PSYCHE! BLAZE, if I see u in tha streets, dawgy, DON'T ACT SHY...I'm comin' for you (and IN you...LOL!) I'm out kids! Iss a WRAP! Jack

Fantasy about Blaze submitted by Joseph from Chesapeake

I think that nigga Blaze is sexy as shyiit! The way that nigga fucks man that nigga could get it for real. I would make love to that nigga! Please bring him back in a video or somethin. I miss his sexy ass. That nigga be doin the damn thang!

Fantasy about Blaze submitted by sela from crockett

he is so fine and it seems that he really like to do some thanga my girl brittany say he is so fine and my cousin myesha said he got a big thang and me sela im a gay phine azz bicth and i want him to call me

Fantasy about Blaze submitted by chris from humboldt

hey brotha u r right,Blaze sure is a phyne arse nigga,ave seen him bottom and ave watched him for a while now on other sites(his picture on a site is enough to make me join that site). i'll pay anything to see him bottom in a threesome for some phyne ass hung niggaz like Tank(hmmmm) or the top frm the episode Pipedown and Malick ,or Pipe(only saw him in one episode)any 2 of these thugz will do.Now these are some of the phynest! thugs from the site and the brothas know how to work a bottom over but good! i'll like closeups of Blaze face wen theze hung tops are stretching his ass full and deep fucking him with long strokes!and i wanna see him come with a dick in his ass and him riding it.i guess i cant get enough of phyne ass BLAZEEEEEEEEEE!!

Fantasy about Blaze submitted by tony from port of spain trinidad

i will love this brotha to death if he lets me.i want to be the first guy to fuck his arse(i hope) i will make him scream in ecstasy.the brotha knows how to take care of his bottoms and he is drop dead gorgeous.PLZZZZZZZZZZZ lemme make u feel gooooood boi,i'll having u cumming back for mo

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