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Fantasy about Rio submitted by Eliyel from Sydney (Australia)

DawgPound PornStar RioI want to at least chat to Rio online. And I want him to be my bf for a while. Dang I love him so much... Deep kissing with those big lips and I'd let him fuck me as much as he wants. Yum - he's like the best porn star I know

Fantasy about Python submitted by Dee from Booneville, MS

DawgPound PornStar PythonYou and I are just netflixing and chilling at a hotel, and then you kiss me and kiss that spot that everyone has that makes them hot in a milli-second. Our kissing leads to another, and we are both naked fucking around!! Round one is about two hours....but ROUND TWO goes for about three hours!!

Fantasy about Double R submitted by Double R from Orlando

DawgPound PornStar Double RThis is Double R...I appreciate all the love from my fans...if you want to reach out to me on twitter @originaldoubleR

Fantasy about Mr Markie with Krave Melanin submitted by Mikhail from Oxon Hill

DawgPound PornStar Mr Markie   DawgPound PornStar Mr Markie and Krave solo jerk off and playing with each other's dicks.

Fantasy about Ush aka Usher Richbanks with Robert Axel and Treshawn submitted by Leonardo from Lima

DawgPound PornStar Ush aka Usher Richbanks   DawgPound PornStar Treshawn   DawgPound PornStar TreshawnUsh aka Usher fucking Robert Axel,...previously Robert makes him a massage.

Fantasy about Python submitted by Edward from Washington, DC

DawgPound PornStar PythonYou come over to my house and smoke a blunt while I suck your dick. Then you bend me over and use my wet hole like pussy

Fantasy about 69 submitted by Jc from New York city

I want chill with him. How I can do it?

Fantasy about Red submitted by topmike63

DawgPound PornStar RedRed is a great top but with that beautiful sexy ass, hmmm.......guess he cannot be versatile?? Would love to see Mike Best fuck him gently and not rough, maybe once. That will be something!!

Fantasy about Berlin aka Nubius submitted by Hector from Laurel

DawgPound PornStar Berlin aka Nubius   DawgPound PornStar Berlin aka NubiusI would love for him to eat me out then fuck me real good and suck my toes in the process

Fantasy about Romance submitted by G from NewCastle

DawgPound PornStar RomanceI wanna found my lips on Romance's ass my tounge in his anus before we flip fuck each other.

Fantasy about Izzy submitted by Mark-Anthony from Chester

DawgPound PornStar IzzyHaven't been popped in 3 years now nor ever had birthday sex. So MY fantasy is having Izzy bust me open as a birthday gift. Birthday cake optional. Owwww! Lol

Fantasy about King submitted by ken from houston

DawgPound PornStar KingWould love to see King bottom. Love the way he suck dick. And he has the most beautiful ass. Would love to see him take dick. Hopefully Jovonnie. .

Fantasy about Bruno submitted by glennn1948

DawgPound PornStar BrunoYou guys Dawgs actors you doing awesome performance all of you in Real life no such a thang. I have never met any guy like that it was always some plain sex nothing like Dawg I realize it is movie and fantastic Good Job

Fantasy about Jovonnie submitted by Joseph from Teaneck

DawgPound PornStar JovonnieJovonnie is a very beautiful sexy man. I would love to suck and deep throat that man's dick. And I'm a 25 year old virgin. I would love him and Ace Rockwood to make my first experience a great one.

Fantasy about LO submitted by slutty from manhattan

DawgPound PornStar LOI was fuck buddies w him for a whilleee. and he can fuckkkkkk. holy fuck his dick is literally the best thing thats ever entered me

Fantasy about Felony submitted by John W from Riverdale Ga

DawgPound PornStar FelonyMy fantasy is that he walks up to me i gave him a hug he then removed his pant to reveiling the sexy speedo he wore in "the boss is out" & "Movers" He then took my hand put it on his smooth muscle a** cheeks. And then gripped mines. He then french kissed me for a few minutes. Then he asked me to make compassionate love to him. I agreed, and maybe it will be my first of many p-video with you"ll

Fantasy about Python submitted by David from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar PythonI want to suck this big black dick!!! I want you to fuck me with a condom and when youre ready to cum, I want it all on my ass!!!

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by Black from Camden

DawgPound PornStar Young BuckI want some more of that dick

Fantasy about Slayer submitted by Robscock

DawgPound PornStar SlayerSlayer catches me looking at his crotch at a video store. He starts rubbing his thick dick and it is swelling, the next thing I know I walk right up to him and whisper in his ear "l must serve that cock" we leave the video store and go to a hotel where I become slayers bitch, eating dick all night, taking cock deep in my ass, and swallowing several loads of slayers sweet butt, slayers every wish is my command

Fantasy about King submitted by rhughes12

DawgPound PornStar KingI got this thing about "Tops" getting it on. I'd love to see Jovonnie and King fuck each other.

Fantasy about Mega Marl submitted by ashley2017

DawgPound PornStar Mega MarlMega Marl big dic ass is sexy as hell. I would suck the nut out his dick and let him fuck the cum out me..... I WANNA SEE MORE OF HIM ON THE SITE.

Fantasy about Johnny Boi submitted by MARK from SAN FRANCISCO


Fantasy about XL submitted by Anonymous from Marianna,Florida

DawgPound PornStar XLI would love to have a threesome with XL and Nubius

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Asstral from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar NuvoSeeing Nuvo as a horny new prison inmate that flirts with big tatted up brothas and gets gangbanged and drinks piss from hard core prisoners thugs while cheering "fuck me niggas" fuck that dick in my ass and my mouth"

Fantasy about Izzy submitted by King from Colorado Springs

DawgPound PornStar IzzyI want to climb a fire escape in a firefighter uniform and save some dicks with my holes!

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Jordan from Houston

DawgPound PornStar RioI would love for Rio to show up at my front door.... and say daddy's here then proceeded to undressing me....tongue kissing me....kissing all over lick my booty hole dry then stick that massive cock in meand make me his......long strokes..... speed up... briefly until I'm quivering from the mere tip of it....why stop there lets get creative.... he can put chocolate syrup on my ass to inhance the taste..... and I'd spread chocolate syrup over his sexy abs and dick and slowly lick it off while at the same time caressing his body....and tracing his ab lines with my fingers..... then for the grand finale..... I'd drink his cum......or he could cum in me whichever he prefers

Fantasy about Vice with Noah Donovan submitted by Ronzo2506

DawgPound PornStar Vice   DawgPound PornStar Vice is playing with his favourite toy when noah finds him and fucks him like there is no tomorrow.

Fantasy about Ace Rockwood submitted by BILL from ST LOUIS MO

DawgPound PornStar Ace RockwoodI DEFINITELY would LOVE 2 MEET ace, AND have the BEST sexual experience we both have ever had. PLEEZE, MR. ROCKWOOD fulfill this fantasy.

Fantasy about Maseo submitted by AARON from CHICAGO

DawgPound PornStar Maseolove for maso come through my bedroom window and fuck me all nite make me suck his dick then he fuck my tight hole i flip him over and fuck him

Fantasy about LO submitted by Elijah from SAint louis

DawgPound PornStar LOI would love for lo to have a3 sum wit me and my boyfriend please let us know how we can make this happen !!

Fantasy about Jovonnie submitted by Aaron from Goshen, IN

DawgPound PornStar Jovonnie   DawgPound PornStar Hot RodWant these guys to force their monster cocks in me @same time! No mercy! I wanna be their slave and follow every order. And if I fuck up I want them to punish me :)

Fantasy about Markell submitted by Troy from BROOKLYN

DawgPound PornStar MarkellEven if he would just email me, but to meet the one and only Markell! One of the most beautiful and sexiest men in my opinion . To get to know the real him outside of the film. To spend a day with him, doing whatever, having a fun time. To have meaningful conversations, and find out what he is about, and what is important to him...Then Wine and Dine, and then spend the night together. Where it would start off with me massaging him from head to toe back to front. Then exploring each other sexually, passionately, mild to wild. Pleasing him in everyway possible. ending with us cuddling one another, and falling asleep in each others arms..... .only to have him wake up to breakfast in bed....one more passionate encounter, a nice long sharing of the shower, one long last kiss, and then we go our separate ways with my number in his phone, and knowing at the very least he has made a friend he can count on for life.........

Fantasy about Rio with Blaque submitted by Bruce from Nassau

DawgPound PornStar RioI would love to have a 3 some with Blaque and Rio. Let them take turns fucking me while the other stuffs their big cock down my throat and I swallow every drop until they run dry. Then just lay down as they take turns eating me out and liking all over my body. I don't workout for nothing :)

Fantasy about Phat Daddy submitted by Robscock

DawgPound PornStar Phat DaddyEating that pretty long fat cock for an hour straight, and then receiving that hot Cumm in my mouth

Fantasy about Krave Moore submitted by Kevin from New Jersey

DawgPound PornStar Krave MooreHe would be my high school crush with a fat ass that I always looked at. One day he would catch me looking at his ass and I would run and he'd catch me in the locker room and ask me "why do I keep looking at his ass" and ask me do I like what I see. He would then pull his pants down and tell me "come taste this ass nigga" I would then start eating his clean ass hole and start jerking his dick off, he will turn around and let me suck the skin off his dick. He'd tell me to stop because if I keep going I would make him nut ealry. He would then start sucking my dick and gobbling my balls down his throat making eye contact with me. After that I would eat his ass from the front just like eating a pussy and start fingering his hole, he would reply "I want that dick already nigga" he would start making me precum so hard that I wouldn't be able to tell if it was me starting to nut already. I would then slide my thick ass dick into his tight ass hole and fuck the shit out of him, kissing his neck. I want him to then say "I love this dick nigga, keep fucking me all crazy, I want that nut nigga, damn nigga you hitting my spot, you got my ass open like you fucking some pussy" then I would say "this what you followed me in here for right. Then he'd say "yeah nigga, I been wanted this dick" and I'd slap his ass and keep fucking him. I would get on my back and let him ride me so passionately, while I grip on his neck and pinch his nipples and jerk his dick. After that I would put him doggystyle and grip his waist and fuck him like he's my nigga. That will lead into me giving him back shots and then leading to him nutting. After that I would lay on my back and he would sit on my face and play with my balls while I eat his ass and then I would say "I'm about to nut" flip his ass over and nut on his asshole...

Fantasy about Nuvo with Jovonnie and Magic Wood submitted by Damoni from Houston

DawgPound PornStar Nuvo   DawgPound PornStar Magic Wood   DawgPound PornStar Magic WoodNuvo getting pounded by jovonnie and magic wood.

Fantasy about Sam Snow with Stash and Red submitted by Jean from Harrison

DawgPound PornStar Sam Snow   DawgPound PornStar Red   DawgPound PornStar RedI would love to have these two fucking the shit out of me. They cute af and hung

Fantasy about Artist with Artist and Ian Rock submitted by 76metro123

DawgPound PornStar Artist   DawgPound PornStar Ian Rock   DawgPound PornStar Ian RockI would love to see Ian fuck the shit out of artist.

Fantasy about Brick submitted by Dave A. K. A. Lil 'Nasty from New York

DawgPound PornStar BrickYou look like a manager at my job. My fantasy would be I get in trouble and you be my manager you would have fire me or let me work out an arrangement for at least one year

Fantasy about Arquez with Jovonnie submitted by ruffnreadyxxx

DawgPound PornStar Arquez   DawgPound PornStar to have a hot exotic sloppy session

Fantasy about Mike with Krave Moore submitted by Ron from Atlanta

   DawgPound PornStar Love Mike Best fucking Krave. Krave sucking on Mike Best big cock.

Fantasy about Curt Dawg aka Mr. X with Drilla and Jay Vegas submitted by Strict_Top from tallahassee

DawgPound PornStar Curt Dawg aka Mr. X   DawgPound PornStar Jay Vegas   DawgPound PornStar Jay VegasI just wanna eat they asses until I bust a phat nutt all over myself. Seeing all three bent over with they cute tight brown asses tooted up waiting for my tongue to violate their manhoods and make their toes curl!

Fantasy about Felony with Iseah and Artist submitted by Strict_Top from tallahassee

DawgPound PornStar Felony   DawgPound PornStar ArtistLay these three down butt ass naked on their stomachs, let me start at their feet and suck their toes for about 2 hours each, then eat their asses and play in it for like another 3 hours. Fuck the shit out of Iseah first and wear him out..because I want him laying ass up on the bed when I take down Felony second, fucking him ON TOP OF Iseah while he's finger fucking Iseah's beat down, wet, messy Ass! After tackling those two, I stack them on top of each other on their hands and knees in front of Artist and put Artists' face in their asses while I beat the breaks off into Artists' Ass going the longest on him, using big ass dildos on him when I get tired, and totally whoring him out to the other two. Then let Felony get up in Iseah and Artist while I'm sucking and tickling their feet and fingering Felony's ass. Bend all three of them over to give them each a spanking while they're tied up and can't run. Take off with their underwear and socks in my hand after I nutt on their lips!

Fantasy about Tyson Kobie submitted by jayzee06

DawgPound PornStar Tyson KobieMy fantasy about Kobie was when I was in snooping in dressing room. I saw his red thong on the floor from his previous floor and began sniffing his ass scent and began lather it on my face. Tyson comes out from the bathroom and asks, you want to see the real thing? As he drops his towel, and I begin to suck his cock. Then I offer to lick his ass and rim him. I offered him to sit on my face as he moves his butt in motion. He begins to facefucking my mouth. The ending was when he came Into my mouth and we kiss

Fantasy about Double R submitted by Andre from New York

DawgPound PornStar Double RDouble R, where are you? We, your fans, been feignin' to see you. Either way, my fantasy is to fuck the shit outta Dbl R. His ass is gorgeous and knowing how sensual of a performer he is, I pound him til he tapped out.

Fantasy about Mustang submitted by AJ from DC

DawgPound PornStar MustangI would verse flip with him all day... Plus he is #TeamNippleRings so i could play with them and he play with mine.

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by T. from Cincinnati

DawgPound PornStar SargeSarge is hot as fuck....beautiful chocolate brotha....We eat that chocolate ass out all day/ night long....suck his toes, nipples...Ideal to fuck him but have that hot erotic passion...Get in his head to understand his needs and wants...Not just physical but understand his psychological thoughts ass well....your beautiful and life after porn do some modeling for calvin klein....need some chocolate in advertising the draws.

Fantasy about Jovonnie submitted by brooksrd6306

DawgPound PornStar JovonniePlease show Jovonnie's dick jutting in- and out-of his underwear, 2/soaping up his bossa nova soft and erect kielbasa while showering, 3/pissing and 4/jacking off. Please do the same with all your fine, hung (and not so hung) models. Keep things interesting. Make us want to spend our money.

Fantasy about Arquez submitted by Ty from Hope,Ar

DawgPound PornStar ArquezArquez fine sexy ass I had a dream that me and Arquez were fuckin in a pool for hours then we went inside to take a shower and constantly pounding my hole

Fantasy about Ush aka Usher Richbanks submitted by Ty from Hope,Ar

DawgPound PornStar Ush aka Usher RichbanksI never heard of Usher Richbanks but now that I do I want him to feel my tight hole with that big d

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