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Robert, South Carolina asks:
hey slimthug, i'am an older man that is intrested in a younger guy thats 27yrs younger, i really care forhim and i've shared my feelings with him but he's been hurt in a prior relationship and he said that he's afraid,he said he care for me and age doesan't bother him, i still look good for fiftyseven i feel he avoids me, he calls sometimes, am i fooling myself about this?

SLIM RESPONDS:Robert Robert 57 theres not much i can tell u that u dont already know. Just think on when u was 30. Dont chase and most of all, listen when sum1 tells u something. Age does matter, if it didnt, we would stay babies

D, Nashville, TN asks:
Slim, I'm a virgin. I'm thinking about giving up my v-card to a special friend. What advice would u give as far as shaving and cleaning myself out? Also, his dick is big. How can I prepare myself for that?

SLIM RESPONDS:Sup D..try not to eat on the day of..Fleet Naturals is the best to clean with..repeat the process until the water comes out of u clear and remember to BREATH HOE, entry is the hardest for a virgin, so let him in so he can make u fell better..dont hold in your screams..that makes you squeeze tighter..let it

Tyrel, Washington, DC asks:
Hey Slim... i have to ask u some things... 1)Im vers and sometimes when i get fucked my ass like creams i guess... what is that... can i cum out of my ass?? 2) I wanna do porn... i got the face and the body... how do i get a test run from a company to see if i can do it? 3)did u tell ur family that u do porn or is it a secret????

SLIM RESPONDS:hey Ty..if a dude milks the prostate the right way, you can cream just like bitches do.. If you think you built for porn, just send your pics and stats in to the site directly, put " Slimthug Model " in the subject box.. (lol inside joke for my boss) and include your contact info in the email. Recent face, body (nude) clear pics are best. And believe it or not, my mother tries to recruit models for me to do porn with, although she always just assumes any gay guy she meets is a candidate, and gives them my bless her heart…

Trina, Columbus asks:
hi im a bbw tgirl that loves masc tatted up men, like the men on your website but i cant seem to find or attract the men im lookin for because if i was given the chance wit any of the men on this website id take it what can i do im jus a freak that loves to get a masc thug off

SLIM RESPONDS:Wassup's just your location that hinders you..real rap. If you were in NY, you'd have to beat the thugs off with a bat. It is a widely know fact that the trannies on the east coast pull the hottest the gay men cussing em out for

Vic, Washington, DC asks:
Hey Slim, I notice that you got a big dick and stays hard the whole time. What are you doing that keeps it on brick that other niggas that are just an 8 aren't doing? Are you just blessed or what!? Lol

SLIM RESPONDS:Whas good Vic. It's real simple..on set, I am focused on MONEY OVER MODELS. I have too many bills, a lover who I like to spoil, and i have a shopping fetish. Having money to do all those things makes my dick stay hard, no matter who I'm working Pornstars who base their performance on how the model looks, tend to not stay hard when they work with sum1 they are not attracted to..

Brandon, Baton Rouge asks:
would you fuck a fat dude and what kind of advice would you a heavy guy who want to work with in a porno?

SLIM RESPONDS:Brandon I would and have fucked fat dudes. I consider it as doing my part to make sure you get just fukin' wid u. Are you kidding bout the porn part..there is a whole world of porn out there dedicated to plump size fuckin'.. now put down that fried alligator and look it up homie

Corey, Benton Harbor asks:
sup, slim im this dl str8 acting dude im 20 bt i only messes with 5 dudes since i been the i got dis friend we been bestfriends since i was 16 bt he a real hood nicca n shit but he started asking me can he fuk when we get high n shit n tell me he love me and be kissing on my neck n shit,bt he say he nt gay or he always shows me his dick when we by ourself and dis nicca over protective over me n told me im the girl and when i try to go over my homeboy house dis nicca tells me i got sum dick over slim im i wanna have sex wit shid im n love wit on the low bt i always tell em nall he cant im not good at taking dick either....…

SLIM RESPONDS:Sup Corey..this sounds like the plot of a really bad (made for TV, based on true events) movie, that ends up with the lead character being killed in the end. Sorry if that sounded harsh but ya homie got wayy to many issues and the game he's playing with you has had serious negative results in history. if you want him then give the ultimatum of ALL OR NOTHING..if he ain't wid it, then move on to what you deserve..if u have sex wid him in his current state..guaranteed you'll be makin me your pen pal..cause the problems will keep coming and coming and....

Anthony, Philadelphia asks:
Whats good sexy slim? first off u are too damn sexy for your own good, if I even met u I prob wouldnt be able to stop staring at your dick. I have two questions, one I am really unsure about my sexuality I am really attracted to men and women ive had both and enjoy them equally in two different ways. Two: when it comes to guys I always seem to attract the older guys in there late 20's -40's but im only 20 an id like a guy more my age. I think because im not super skinny or tall and muscular i dont fit the steriotype. im 5"11 215 attractive half black half portugese dude. i got an ass better than Beyonce Kim K and JLO but guys my age are only into the tiny bubble butts it seems. where do I find a guy my age thats into what i've got?

SLIM RESPONDS:Thx Ant..and hopefully if we meet, you can look me in the eyes cause my bf will have problem wid u starin' at my Your 1st problem is your biggest. You need to make a decision on who you are as a man. Straight or gay. The word Bi- is just a scapegoat for a man that is confused or likes to have his cake and cookies on the side. At age 20, hopefully you are in school, and if not, try getting involved with gay social groups geared to your age range. Stay out the clubs (don't u gotta b 21 anyways?) If the best features you talk about when it comes to yourself is your Beyonce booty, that's all older men require of you.

Rayjay, Compton asks:
Im an older light skinned cat with a football build. I love young thug nikkas but can't seem to find the spots where they chill at in my area. Becasue of my size Im not sexy enough. I get em but they only kik it because of what I have and it only lasts for a minute. How can I find DL thug nikkas and keep em cummin who don't care about my size who wanna chill regardless. Is there a list somewhere? Help me Slim Thug. I love young thug nikkas.

SLIM RESPONDS:RayJay my man, Plain and simply put..IF U DON'T THINK U SEXY ENUFF, NEITHER WILL THEY. nuff said

Eddie, Austin asks:
ey whats up man, im a young 21yr old college student and all i want to do is have fun if i find a dude i fall for then great but i find my self being the one approaching dudes and not getting n e results. my gaydar is all fucked up i cant tell if hes gay or bi or even the slightest curious. i find my self working out more to get my body better dressing different and all that but im still not getting the attention what can i do to get guys to notice me ot come up and approach me?

SLIM RESPONDS:Sup Eddie. Confidence homie..I cant stress that enuff..working out and clothes are just the beginning of the man. Attitude and swagger is what keeps interest once a dude is past the appearance. i don't know why, but the more disinterested you seem to be in a guy, the more interested he becomes in you. Men are simple creatures. Attractive guys can get a man..but the smart guys, know how to keep 1.

Champ, Raleigh-Durham asks:
Hey Slim, I love your videos and think you are a great porn star. I have seen you in action a lot and you seemed like you are enjoying yourself! A couple of questions for you - Why don't you like to get your azz eaten since you seem to really enjoy eating someone else, and why don't you suck dick? You came very close to Rico sometime back. Just curious??

SLIM RESPONDS:Sup Champ (GO EAGLES)..u betta know what that means being from I stayed away from dick sucking in my career cause I'm not good at it..can u say major gag reflex. never thought throwing up on sum1's dick would look good in porn lol. And since i top In my movies, it is crucial that I stay hard. Having my ass eaten actually is not a turn on for me, so i wont be hard. Limp dick fucking may work for other sites, but not for dawgpound!!!

Jay, Charlotte asks:
You do good if you don't already know. But I gotta question for ya. If you were talkin to someone, relationship wise, and they end up telling you they have HIV, what would you do? Stop talking to them or still continue to get to know them? I've heard quite a few people's views just wondering yours.

SLIM RESPONDS:Waddup Jay, thx for the love.Interesting i see it, HIV nowadays seems to be a lifestyle rather than a death sentence. There are a set of very detailed rules in being in a relationship with a positive person and not contracting it. So the question becomes, do you like this guy enough to live by those rules? If so, the relationship can be as great as any other.

Todd, Compton asks:
yo whats up slim, i want to say that i love your work and im a fan of yours. but my question for u is im in a relationship with this guy but when i first met him he was str8 but i kind of turnt him out, how can i get him to bttm for me or even give me head?

SLIM RESPONDS:Sup Todd..Thx homie..Have you thought about getting a blow-up doll. Face it..your whole sexual motivation is about control..turning out sum1, then making them do what u want in least with a doll, it does whatever u want and wont talk back..lmao

Rahiem, Philadelphia asks:
sup slim thug.. im a very mascline verse/ bottom dude that keep running into these guys that calms to be verse/tops but at the end of the day im the one that ends up doing all the topping. when i approch total tops they said im to mascline an or thuggish what should i do?

SLIM RESPONDS:Sup Rahiem (from my hometown). Your search seems to be too sexually motivated. Try finding a dude that you get along with. The best part of a sexual connection comes when you have it with someone you know and care for. You can't tell what a person truly does sexually if you don't know who the hell they really are as a person

Ty-Minneapolis, MN asks:
yo wud up mr.slim ima str8 actin str8 lookin dl top nigga who jus seem to love fuckin wit a nigga i get pleasure out of seein the nigga enjoy my dick i done fucked wit a few niggas in these last 3 years but yo my ??'s is 1)how do i get these bttms to not fall in LOVE so quick(like the same week we meet) wit my dick and swagg...not to sound concieted but i kno i got dat work and 2)how do i get my str8 homie lil sexy ass to even think about gettin down without lettin em kno i do?(if possible)

SLIM RESPONDS:Ty aint you the confident 1? Lmao das wssup homie..Well for starters if you slinging dick like dat to the point they fallin in love maybe you ought to stop doin repeats on these niggaz..1 hitta quitta..that closes the door for your homie,,guess you gotta ask yaself if you wanna keep him as a homie, or do you want him to possibly end up liKe the rest of them..all in luv wid u n shit. Since that seems to annoy u, maybe it aint a good idea to even try..but if you wanna find out, u gotta b clever wid ya approach..i suggest sumthn like the next time u have him at ya crib..have on sum ball shorts, no draws, and be semi-hard. see how many times u catch him lookin..u can try startin a play fight or wrestling with him..thats easier than u think..jus say sumthn playfully smart that challenges him..then once u start fightn, pin him down n start grindn on the booty..but b careful..if u aint stronger than him..he mite wind up on yours..n have u fallin all in luv n a

Robert-Chicago, IL asks:
Where can I find a sexy black Chicago lover? I am gay and 66 years old, but I look forty and have the sexual drive of the same! Is there a well hung black guy out there for me?

SLIM RESPONDS:hey Robert..das wssup for still having the sex drive of a 40 yr old..From what i know bout Chi., its a show n prove city, so put yaself out there..put up a video of you on xtube..that seems to be the new dating service..let em know u still here n you still doin it well..let em know what u lookin for and then sit back and watch them cum running..u da man homie!!

Dre-New York City asks:
Watz Gud Slim. . . . Its dis nigga I kinda like and I think he like me 2 he b lookin but I wanna kno wat should I do to let him kno I like him wit out it bein obvious

SLIM RESPONDS:Dre, man my nigga..if u thinK he like u, shit ask him out for drinks or sumthn..Its NY..there aint but 12 straight guys left.

Ron-Baltimore, MD asks:
Hey slim, I've been having a hard time trying to find a dude that's about more than just sex since me and my ex broke up. I think I've taken the right messures I wait too have sex I don't go out often idk.... I mean I think I'm attractive I'm young I work hard I drive I mean I'm a vers bttm, I have nice shit idk what it is about me... do u think u could tell me what u think I'm doing wrong or if me being attractive is just a mind thing? Whatt do u think about me... and my lil situation lol

SLIM RESPONDS:Ron, homie you live in Bmore..shout out MD..luv yall..but you know the drill... from Va up to NY is about 85% sexpot..finding that rite 1 will take LOTS of patience..attraction IS a state of mind thing, but that state of mind belongs to the looker, not the lookee..many people can look good..but that doesnt mean u r attracted to them. Look at me..i think i look iite..but i've read 1000's of blogs where they say im the uglyiest thing in porn since the word " cock"..lmao Just do you and look for the rite 1..i hate that shit people say bout wait til the rite 1 comes along..fuck that..u gotta go out n get everything else in life that u want, so y would the rules change for love??

Caesar-Lakeland, FL asks:
my boyfriend is a top he has let me fuck him before but he says he really dont like it and i havent in a while he knows that i want to. how do i do it with out offending him?

SLIM RESPONDS:Ceaser you are being horrible and selfish..if ya man broke his comfort zone to show he cares, y put him thru it knew he was a top when u got with him and you agreed so dont go adding fine print to the contract telling you, i've seen how those situations end..if he feels pressure after awhile comes resentment, then come mistrust ( cause he starts to feel if he's not satisfying you, you'll get it sumwhere else) then he beats you like miss nah jus fukkin wid u..but yea homie dont go down that road..cheerish ya top, and savour the memory of what he did for you

Paul-Cincinnati, OH asks:
hello, slimthug I'm a big fan love all your work keep it up my friend. I always getting hit on by older and to young guys for some reason I just be minding my own business when it happen and I never really get hit on by guys closer to my age really (only if they trying to get some dick)that's a big turn off period. can you help me to change that? thank you.

SLIM RESPONDS:Paul you should start worrying when the day comes that nobody is hitting on you at all..until then, enjoy the have no idea what will be the age of the person that's rite for you homie..if he is attractive, employed, sexually compatible, intelligent, mature, and treats you rite, get over were once younger and u will 1 day be older so 18 n up is fair game

Aight. I been goin wit my dude a couple of months and its been good considering its a long distance relationship.. BUT in the mean while I just started culinary school and this dude in my class is sexy as shit.. He the classic str8 nigga, ALWAYS TALKIN ABOUT FUCKIN FEMALES N SHIT AND ECT.. well We (Me, him, and some other classmates) hung out a couple of times and I just cant stop checkin him out.. I already told everybody i fuck wit dudes and I wanna hit on him just ta get sum dick since my nigga aint here.. He look gay but I dont judge so what can i do ta at least let him know im down if he is…Antonio

SLIM RESPONDS:Antonio, Antonio, Antonio..why r u even in a relationship homie? not tryna shit on u, but it puzzles me when i get messages from dudes who mention they r in a good relationship, but then the situation they want advice on has nuthn to do with their relationship. Look Ant, if u wanna just "get sum dick' as u put it then just ask him if he gets down. U say he being the CLASSIC straight guy..but you being the CLASSIC homo by being scarred to open ya grammy used to say, closed mouths dont get your case, closed mouths wont get stuffed..

.sup slim? .hey man i jus want some inside scoop on some people like jovonnie ane citybowi, castro and tiger tyson? Cortez

SLIM RESPONDS:Cortez i dont give out scoops..i am slimthug, not wendy williams..i have never been INSIDE any of those stars ( thought i wouldnt mind) so i cant give u the INSIDE scoop on they usually got fan pages…

slim wats good? im very versitile and i luv to fuc but i always want a big muscle sexi ass nigga to fucc me and do wateva dey want wit no questions ask? am i different from most gay men!!! Kiyo

SLIM RESPONDS:Kiyo, fuck dat sick of yall all on these muscle dudes like dey they truth..when most of them bulging outta erywhere but the When the lights go out, n you face down ass in the air..which is the muscle that counts? the 1 that can break bricks, or the one that can break backs..consult with your booty b4 answering…

Wassup baby & I been together for year & a half now. We been doing it raw since the second time we had sex. Well, my baby and I desided not to use any lube for the first time. He just wanted to eat me out. My hole tightens up really quick every time I nutt and it always turns him on when it does that. This time when it tighten up. He splitted my azz b/c we didn't use any lube. It hurts like hell now when he fuck me. It sometimes bleed to. What can I put on it to stop it from bleeding and from hurting? Myron

SLIM RESPONDS:Myron, waddup homie..its hot that yall fuckn raw n without lube (as long as you know it's safe for you two)..but he done tore u a new asshole n that shit needs to heal. If he aint tryna let u get a 2 week break, which is usually how long it takes my shawty to heal, the the otha option is when u clean out b4 sex drop a few drops of oilve oil in ya enema. jus a couple drops on ya final rinse. also if u are using enemas to clean out, fleet makes this new enema just for cleansing purposes, without the laxative medicine..a botttom's dream..but yea tell dat nikka to give u a lil break cause u shit from dat area, n if there is an open scar, it can get infected..and when he goes to fuck raw..he can get infected..2 weeks break beats 3 weeks of meds rite? Lmao and play safe.

I like getting fucked .but never had a train ran on me. always been one on one.. my fanasty is to have 4 guys run a train on me. Should i make my dream come true?

SLIM RESPONDS:yup..go to a sex party..wear a mask and a fitted..grab a bunch of condoms and lube..sit them next to u n a corner and jus bend over and never turn back around until your tired and have had enough..dayumm now i gotta jerk my dick

Hey Slim, idk if you can help me with this one but I'm wonderin how to approach this one dude. I know I know I'm kinda bein a bitch here but he's fine as fuck n that's intimidating as hell to me. What would you do in this situation? P.S when am I gonna see you in action again??? Lol

SLIM RESPONDS:thas easy..I would just approach them..n be like..shawty can i take u out to eat 1 strings jus dinner and be surprised how in this "instant-sex", crazy lifestyle, how few people actually get asked out on a date...then keep the drinks him over with ya personality..then when u finaly bed him..make dat nigga scream ya name..well thas wat i would do

I'm 6'0", 235lbs of solid defined black muscle;cuts and everything, but my question for you is this guys seem to be scared of me becuase of all this muscle that i have;i'm a big dude,how can i get the sexy thugs like u interested when they can't get by my large size and are afraid? I'v been told that since i'm this big it must be as well;which is true, but any thoughts??

SLIM RESPONDS:SWAG SWAG SWAG....its all about ya swag baby boi..wearin the rite look to accentuate your muscles is good..i swear a pair of levis slim cut jeans, a white tee, a hot fitted and bangin sneakers to match the fitted is always a good fit on musc dudes..wear a nice 24k thin gold chain around ya neck 18-22 inchs..its a good eye piece and takes sum attention from a bulging chest

Yo what up Slim? Yo, I c niccas on the site and be wanting a kat like them really bad! Those kats know how to lay dat pipe really good and make a kat suck on dat pipe too! Now that's the kind of nicca dat I want in my life! Granted, I'm the mature type of kat and damn sure don't look my age, ya feel me? But for some reason, these "thug" type of kats don't be feeling a kat like myself! Atleast I can't meet any here in my hood!! Tell me what I need ta do to hook up wit them kats like the ones on your site? Err time I watch a vid, I c sum kat that be the type that I want and especially be made ta suck on dat pipe and have it layed up in me too!!! Yo, cause I be that should be me on that dick! I'd blow his mind and catch err drop of that nutt while he's jackin it ta buss!! Nawmean playboi..? Holla at ur boi..!! One Love, Tariq

SLIM RESPONDS:thx for the luv tariq. you have too realize what u seeing on cam is mainly acting. so if u want that typa dude..u have to act dress and match ya swag up to what u see on is about order to satisfy it, you got to play your role homie

I really have a problem with having fantasies about my st8 friends. but I know some of them are curious. What should I do?

SLIM RESPONDS:knowing is half the battle..the other half is up and and get at the 1 u sur of.

never done any of this b4, really confused in this time of my life... i think i like dudes, i think i like chicks, the thing is i get off wit any of them, i havent been with either no sex wit a man or a woman. i jus watch movies, lots of movies. Now i have fooled around wit both but actual intercourse never happend. Do u have to have sex wit a certain type of gender in order to determine what u want? A couple ppl kno bout me, but no one knos that im a virgin im jus too scared to have sex wit anyone... can u tell me how to fix this situation or do i need professional help. oh not dl not nuthin, but horny, im not goin to say im gay until i kno i am or im not goin to be str8 until i kno i am, but i picture myself all the time wit a woman and a woman only. like i said man, can u help or do i need to seek someone?

SLIM RESPONDS:well son..if u have fooled around intimately with a dude..but no intercourse you're not straight or are questioning.i would suggest trying gay 1st..if u dont like it, going to girls is your key out. but if u try women1st, you will always have the urge to satisfy your curiosity of dudes..that can be messy…

Wassup Slim so theres this dude i really like And I have been knowing him since 11th grade(2007) and I think he likes me b/c one day in class i caught him humping the table especially for me. Do you think that that's a sign that he likes me or is it just him playing?( by the way i've never seen him flirt with a girl or anything and he's a masculine dude)One more question i noticed you rub your nipples during sex does that turn you on?

SLIM RESPONDS:yes my nipple ar a turn on..but ummm r u still in high school..cause your question makes me think so..if so hit m back when u graduate

Hey Slim, Love your work and read the responses about you and not liking feet. However, one of your hottest scenes was with Rico and you sucked his toes! What gives?? Oh and I happen to like feet. More power to the "dawgs" of Dawgpound!!!

SLIM RESPONDS:sup..the episode with rico was groundbreaking..i like to dazzle my true fans ery now and then with sumthn out of the ordinary from me..that was 1 of those time..they edited out the part when i threw up after doing

Sup slim wit yo fine ass!! So I know this guy thru another friend and he is real cool. My friend told me that he digs me but I was a little to heavy for him to fuck wit. That was a couple of years ago and I have lost a lot of weight. Dude saw me a month ago and wants to get down and while I think he is fine I am little salty about the weight thing. Should I let him hit or pass? PS - I love your eyes and when are we going to see you in action again?

SLIM RESPONDS:thx fo the luv homie n i will b in action vry soon..jus takin a lil hiatus to work on sum other for the dude..of course let him hit..dont be salty..obviously wateva ya weight issue was important enuff for u to lose the if it wasnt satisfying to you thn you cant hold it against sum1 for not being attracted to it as've lost the enjoy what u been missing

Sup Slim ... I linked up with a dude I met online sumtime back and we got dwn ... I was unemployed at the time and later found out that the this dude had his own business. He offered me a job and I accepted it. Been there for a while now even got a promotion. He had been pressuring me for a relationship and sex since I started and I kept turning him down tryin to keep the relationship strictly professional. Lately he's been really coming on strong and I fear I may lose my job if i don't give in. What should I do?

SLIM RESPONDS:first document all his advances..paper trail is best (online xpress to him your views about his advances not bring professional and how u really like your job) record and print hi response. If u can rcord anything he said verbally to u thas a good idea as well.after u have everlything documented..send him an email warning him to stop the advances or you will report him..if he backs off..good for u..if he doesnt or tries to get u fired then you turn in your proof..if he is the owner of the company and no 1 is over him..break out ya knee pads n get to

what up Slim! Im hapily married for 5years and neva been with a dude sexually but Ive just recently been approached by this dude, who i find attractive, never acted on urges to be with a dude, but with him I think I wanna test it out...JUST ONE my wife and wanna stay with her...just feel like this is something I need to do as an Experiment? what you think I should do? and how do I make sure its only for one night and no one ends up hurt...definitely dont wanna confess to the wife...but not tryna be out here DL'ing either...just want to test the waters....

SLIM RESPONDS:dont do it!! u r married..took vows b4 on your marriage..get kinky..let ya wife dildo u n the butt or u fuk her n da butt while she wears boy underwear

I'm 18 n I'm curious. Never fucked wit a dude before, but people I fuck wit stay I should be in the porn industry but if I do I would do gay porn. Anyway my ??? Is want and do I have wat it takes?

SLIM RESPONDS:email ya pics to dawgpound..if u got a dick, an ass, a nice body, and all your teeth, you have wat it takes

Wat up Slim, I'm a sexy azz fem nigga, but i know how to be low key in public, im also thick (and I do mean thick like a female) and i wonder if thats why I dont attract the right dudes. I'm tired of the straight dudes who just wanna fuck. It seems like I don't attract none of the guys like u, I mean is it cuz im short or too thick, like wat is it? At the end of the day i don't want to change who i am to get a man. I jus want an opinion from a masc. dude, like is that unattractive?

SLIM RESPONDS:jus put it out there in the beggining how long a nigga gotta wait to fuck..if he continues to see u..wait a minute...did u say straight dudes?? lol well ther's ya damn problem

What's up Slim! I must say that you are one of the most entertaining tops i've have ever seen. I have 2 questions: 1) Have you ever thought about producing or starting your own filming website/company? I really like your fuck style and I think it would be great to show these other tops how to get the job done! 2) I work at this store for 3 years and this guy that works in a different department from me is always watching me. Everytime he comes to my area, we lock eyes and shit but we both seem to suddenly look away when we do. I think this is weird because we both been at this store for quite some time and we have yet to say anything (NOT EVEN HELLO) to one another. This dude is good looking and have 2 kids but it's something about him that I can't figure out. Should I approach him now or give it more time?

SLIM RESPONDS: I have toyed with the idea of my own company..its a lotta work tho..but for the dude..jus spark the damn convo..say how the customers got on ya nerve and suggest you go have a drink after work..

I've been with my man on and off for 7 years. Last week he told me he has cheated. While that is something I've always said I wouldn't stand for, I have a problem walking away. Is it possible to move past something like this? I don't know what to do and could use advise.

SLIM RESPONDS:if he agrees to relationship counseling, keep him..if he doesnt, he may cheat again..jus that simple

I been getting calls from people tryin to get me into the porn business. I am a smart well educated man that can do great things. Do you think it will risk my future outside of the porn industry??

SLIM RESPONDS:i taught high school while doin porn..jus depends on wat u wanna do..if its politic or mite not b good..if its burger king mananger..HAVE IT YOUR WAY (make the decsion that best fits you, bro)

I'am a hard worker and have high goals for my self. Im going ball.. In the head it's kinda hard for me to pull a dude. A year ago when I had braids.. I use to pull every1 and their pops, BUT would not fukk them or get fukk<--- just for the fun)... I use to use strong chemicals and it kinda dead my roots. I have beem tested and its neg. I dont want a fem or queen b/c the last one took all my shit outta my crib and skip town(clothes,sofa set etc.) What can I do?

SLIM RESPONDS:u sound like goin bald aint your main stay away from queens..they are the chemical makin u lose your hair

what up slim i watch your movies and i love how u be banging them backs out.I also notice in your movies that you and your bottoms are always wearing the footie socks when gettin down.i think its cause of you that i find that to be hot as well.Can we see u in more movies wearing more footies but different colors besides white? and is that a personal perference or something that is required to do? cause i think all the models on here should do it make the movies even sexier. or better yet make a movie where about 5 models are fucking and wearing the footies.

SLIM RESPONDS: I LUV U..LOL i will switch up the colors in my next flick..i can do any color, but black is my least fav..reminds me of church ( i know u like wtf...but black socks jus shouldnt b worn unless you wearn dress shoes)

Wassup sexy slim.. my question is i am in the hood and these niggas keep lookin at me and cant tell if they dl or wat.. wat ur advice is if i wanna see wats up on them.. and how can i tell if they are dl.. they play a hard role.. everytime i come outside all eyes on me.. but i go in the house wen they stare cause i dont know if they lookin cause im sexy or lookin because of other reasons.. can u help me?

SLIM RESPONDS:dl dude really have fucked up the minds of gay guys..u jus gotta catch 1 of te prospects alone..if u have a 24hr laudrymat i hear thas the meeting place for a jumpoff..round 3 n da morn

K Slim me and my dude have been to together around 5 months. My feelins run deep for this dude. I love him yo. I have some trust issues and I find it hard to trust dudes. So we at his house and im laid up on him on the couch and he sleep. So his phone start glowing, the ringer is off and so i go thru his phone and find text messages from other niggas at 4 and 5 in the morning. So a nigga is bawlin and so i woke him up and confronted him, and it ended up with me in bytch moment,we arguin, he went and got a drink, I knocked it out his hand, I threw his and my phone on the ground, left and went to a parking lot and bawled some more. He came lookin for me We talked, but I just dont kno wat to do I love him, but I dont kno how I can trust him. I dont kno if it was just txt or him fuckin cause I be with him majority of the time,jus cant wrap my mind around it.

SLIM RESPONDS:have a friend text him..and say they talked online awhile ago and he wants to hook up with him..if he tries to meet your freind..then u got ya answer

Well basically i'm attracted to certain top of guy one tht knows how put it dwn i'm in very good shape so i'm told and don't look my age seriously i'm 28 waist abt 40-42 chest thick thighs nice butt....i'm very reserved when it comes to this life style i just don't fit i hv had relationships now i'm single for while now some of my pass history are well known pornstars....but i also find myself attracted to women but don't go their i'm told becuase i openly expressive that i'm closet bottom the few guys i've meet up with don't really turn me on but i still have desire to be with guy a guy expereince being bottom what do you think my problem is ps i do find straight guys just staring at me also but i just don't know if possible

SLIM RESPONDS: i dont know..there seems to be a lotta problems there

Sup SlimThug,how r u doing? First, I gotta tell u I love u and respect u bruh. U are truly a real azz dude very intelligent and so handsome n sexy!!! Well I have two question for you. question one ok I meet this dude who is hella str8 on a social website. We convo every chance we get i get so horny I wanna give him tha azz. He never been with a dude so he but openmineded and he wanna go to my crib. My question do u think it a good idea to bring dude to my crib? second question I have a big boxers fetish and it just turn me on suckn a fresh dick outta boxers lol do u think having a boxers fetish is weird?

SLIM RESPONDS:nah out 1st is safest..drinks or game or movie..the last thing u want him to think is u jus tryna fuck..rememba since he dont know shit bout this lifestyle, then erything u expose him to will be how he perceives it. second date..fuck like crazy. I HAVE A ANKLE SOCK FETISH..chek my vids..u like what u like nahmean

hey slim thanks for the advice. I wrote to you a few weeks back about bottoming for the first time with my shorty. Well I did and to be honest I did NOT like it. It hurt like hell and I got NO pleasure from it. He enjoyed it and wants me to bottom again I don't know what to do. By the way we been together for 7 years now.

SLIM RESPONDS:good for u got a taste of what bottoms go have brought yourself sum time now..u gotta tell him u gave it up outta love cause u wanted to..but askin u to do it again aint bout love..thas jus being greedy..if he knew u didnt bottm when u met and he got with u..then he gotta expect it not to happen unless u feel it..btw, soaking in epson salt with lemon juice is the cure for sore ass homey

What's up Slim... How did people you were close to react when they found out you get with other men? Were there any reactions that surprised you? My family is really old fashioned and at this point I feel like it's a secret I'll take to the grave. I don't even know if I've come to fully accept myself. I really don't want to disappoint them but I know I won't ever find a meaningful relationship if I live in secrecy. I'm also very afraid that people will look down on me or not take me seriously.

SLIM RESPONDS:unless you live millions of miles away from your family, chances are they know already. With parents they knopw things even if its never spoke about, and yes they will act surprised if u ever brought it up..Live your with who u you son..if u paying your own bills (and if u not n jeopardy of losing a trust fund) ..your parents have lived their life..dont let them live yours

ok slim i bucked up on one of ur video, jus to say nigga u fine as fuck. but yah i got a problem ok it like this im bi and want to now how i can get asexy as nigga like u.

SLIM RESPONDS:send me ya pics..if u sexy too..we can work sumthn out lol Just kiddin (kinda)..or do porn with DP. Thas always a guarantee to get at a sexy dude

hey i have a friend and i like him but i he'll never be gay so what do i do and what do i do i'm bored with the single life

SLIM RESPONDS:uhhh u move on to the next prospect..if u got him drunk n high b4 and nuthn happened..then get over it