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Desmond from Atlanta, GA wants to know....

What up Slim, actually recently just got put on your work, and i must like lol. I have a couple questions. I live in atlanta so of course i'm had my share of a few porn stars, and everyone told me i need to get in the business and i was already considering it, but i would like to know what are the pros & cons about being in this field of adult entertainment? Also when the next time you ill be in Atlanta i love like to just meet you in person and whats your twitter so i can follow you!

SLIM RESPONDS:Sup Des..with porn, just do it cause u love being watched..not for the money..its really is " just sex". so if u good at it and the world need to see just how good u r..then think of the money as a lil bonus on top of doing sumthin that comes natural..i dont come to ATL often but send me pics to my email..maybe i be inspired

Will from Baltimore, MD wants to know....

Hey sexy Slim. Just want to make a comment about buying Fleet Enema without someone seeing what you are purchasing; purchase fleet from a store that has the automatic checkout that scans your item and pay with a credit or debit card...I DO.

SLIM RESPONDS:Cool..but those things mess up a lot......then an attended gotta come help..she be like " WE NEED THE KEY TO OVER-RIDE THIS ENEMA " all over the

Capn from Atlanta, GA wants to know....

I have finally had penetrative sex with someone that I have been seeing. We have been having lots of foreplay, massaging and just having good time safely. The sex was good but I don't want future encounters to just be about sex, because the foreplay minus the sex was great. How do I tell him that I don't want him to fuck me without damaging the ego or making it sound like a complaint. Now that the door is open is hard to close and they keep talking about how good it was and that they want to do it again. . .btw luv ya vids.

SLIM RESPONDS:thx Capn. but shawty once you open pandoras box u cant close it with finess. U either MAN UP- n say u dont want anymore..or MAN DOWN n just take dat dick.

Damier from Laguna Hills, CA wants to know....

Whats the name of the scene where you fucked two bottoms and one had a mask covering his face and was light skin? I personally think it was tyson kobie but thats another question, lol. ive been trying to find that scene everywhere.

SLIM RESPONDS:its on dawgpound Damier..and the other bottom was...................O (srry out of ink)

O'Sheaa from Indianapolis, IN wants to know....

hey your i know their are many dudes in the porno industry say their just gay for pay or just even bi...nd whatever their preference is wouldnt stop me from watchin their vids...but do you know if python is gay or what?..he gives me a bi feel, but im not sure. i hope im not b n nosy by

SLIM RESPONDS:i havent had the pleasure of meeting i cant comment on what he considers hisself to b.dotn know if he gay or bi..but i know he fucks the shit outta dem

Al, from New York wants to know....

Slim. I know you've answered mad questions about bottoming but I came across a video where you bottomed for Felony. What made you do it, how did you prepare for it, how did it feel, and would you even bottom again?

SLIM RESPONDS:It was closure to our relationship..personal reasons..And no i didnt prepare myself nor wil i do it again. It was a moment in time that i conquered sumthn for sum1..but in the end..i wasnt built to make it a permanant change AL..that shit hurts

Melvin from Georgia wants to know....

hey silm when are you going to do another screen on dawg pound? we miss you man.

SLIM RESPONDS:Aww i miss it a lil sumthn sumthn Melvin..maybe i can crank 1 more out..if yall not tired of seeing me

Atom from Baltimore, MD wants to know....

I have more of a request not a question. I figured you Slim could assist with your influence and see if the Pound could get Slate (Bobby Brown) looking ass to come back. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

SLIM RESPONDS:Ok Atom..i will send my team of goons to track him down and they'll hold his family hostage til he agrees to do another shoot..just for you, cause we luv

JR from Atlanta, GA wants to know....


SLIM RESPONDS:JR..u r in Atlanta ...the dudes are plenty down there. Tell ya boy to kick rocks..that sum very disrespectful shit to ask u and u would b playing yaself if u think he's worth having around. He askd u bout ya cuzin bcause ya cuz is the 1 he wants

Tee; Meridian, MS asks:
How big is yo dick? And how do u really know if somebody on the DL?

SLIM RESPONDS:sup Tee from Meridian dick has a mind of his own depending on how good the pussi is it can grow from 9 on up..and the best way to tell is sum1 is dl is ask to suck his dick on the low..if u don't get beat...there u

Chader; location withheld asks:
Hi slim,my beaufriend of two years died of pneumonia on march. Now i'm free like the wind but i hesitate to hook up with someone else. How to go over this fear?

SLIM RESPONDS: hey Chader..srry to hear that you're having a rough time still..but if u loved him and he loved you..then know that he would want u to b happy again. Sum1 new doesn't erase wat u just a beginning of the rest of your life..u r still heal and live.

Jessica; Lithia Springs, GA asks:
how can i get with you?

SLIM RESPONDS:Jessica if u are a girl i think u would really have ya work cut out for u..while i for have love for females, if your brother is cute..u mite not ever wanna leave us alone

Wil; San Diego, CA asks:
Wat Up Wit U I Was Wonderin If You Could Have Any Top Dude Bttm 4 U Who Would It Be And Why? Also I Think You Fine Bruh After Readin Some Of Ya Questions I Feel U On Tha Attractive Part So Hit Meh Back So U Can Check Me Out On A Serious Tip.

SLIM RESPONDS: Will thx for the love son..if i had my choice of tops i would fuck..i would probably still choose a btm. I am soo not into the fight to get in..i prefer a hole that has sum experience

Tye; Jackson, MS asks:
Yo wassup slim, after reading some of ya tips I think you may be able to help me. I'm a DL college I do lil things while I'm in the dorm to bait other DL dudes. Well one of those things is leaving the shower open some for those who want to peak to do so. Well this one time I caught someone looking, afterwards he would always stare at me while I was walking. After I noticed him watching me n the shower again I decided I wanted to see him I waited till I heard him step out the shower to do the same and I tried to talk to him. He went into "straight" mode. Since then whenever he walks into the bathroom and I'm there he'll leave. Did I come on too strong and do you think I can fix it some how?

SLIM RESPONDS:Ty, don't be discouraged..he may just be curious about dick size. Doesn't mean he wants to fuck but it's natural for all men to look. Just let it blow over and act normal like nuthn ever happened..he wont ever address it so don't b affected ..just keep providing visuals lol

Jim, Tuskegee, AL asks:
my homeboy always showing me clips of him fucking a girl his dick is the main thing you see is dl thug trying to come on to me?

SLIM RESPONDS:Jim if he knows u gay n still showing them to u..then make a video of u getn sum dick, show it to him...wats good for the goose is...well u know the rest

Jerome; Tampa, FL asks:
Hey, Slim... I received your comment to my question and THANKS very much. As for as a friends in FLORIDA. Just know you I am always here and I hope you won't be a stranger to that. No arterial motives here. Just a cool brotha who like cool people. Thanks, man..

SLIM RESPONDS:NP Jerome. Thx for the friendship. Forward a pic and contact info to DP and address it to SLIMTHUG

Mike; Chicago, IL asks:
Mad props to you for holding it down for so long. What's the crazr about sagging pants? Who wants to see what underwear you are wearing. It used to be that you took it in the rear in jail, then it meant that you were a gansta and it made women attracted to you. Now, it seems to just make folks look tacky. WTF

SLIM RESPONDS:waddup Mike from da Chi..thx for the props..i have been doing this forever for the sagging pants each his own, instead of asking guys to pull their pants up, pull your eyes up and problem solved

Jamari; NY, NY asks:
yo slim the sexiest nikka i hav ever seen in porn is LYON XXL from RAW IMPACT....i would love to see him on this site or dawgpound sister site .papithugz..he is phyne like u aii..have u ever run across him in the industry..? They need to put a contract on that dude ..he da RZA ..

SLIM RESPONDS:sup JAmari..i have not heard of the model u talkn bout..but I'll look him up. It he is dp material, we'll see wat we can do homie

Polo Kidd; New Orleans, LA asks:
hey Slim , I've been talkin to this lil slim sexy shawty for a few weeks now and I'm trying to get more comfortable with him and make him come out his shell , how do i do that???

SLIM RESPONDS:Sup Polo, try doin sum things that he likes to do. like if he likes basketball..go to a college game or something. The weather is nice lately so spend time out doing things more often than you spend time in private..the more u focus on having fun, the less you focus on him. Without the pressure, he'll naturally come out of his shell if he likes you.

Justin; Birmingham, AL asks:
How Do I Clean My Ass Out At Home Without Speacial Tools

SLIM RESPONDS:I strongly suggest you use Fleet. If there's an issue of going to the store and buying them, here's a solution..they also sell fleet for comes in a box with " FOR KIDS " written on it. So when u but it, any1 that sees it will assume its for your child..or u can go the crackhead way and put aum water in a water bottle and squeeze it up in u..but uhhhh..nnnnnn ummmm…

Jasmin; Los Angeles, CA asks:
Would you have sex with a girl? I'm a girl and i find you super attractive. :) lol

SLIM RESPONDS:Jasmine frpm LA..i would have sex with a girl..I,ve been trying for awhile to do so..but i believe in full soon as i tell them i fuck dudes..they wanna just be friends and go shopping

Willie; Los Angeles, CA asks:
hey slim my name is william and my question for you is how can a guy lik me get used to getting fucked in da ass?

SLIM RESPONDS:Sup Willie..i"m a firm believer in practice makes perfect..just start with a finger ery chance u get..when u get comfy wit it..add the time u at 3..u shud be ready

Eric; Florence, SC asks:
Slim why you ain't come to see your kids? You up here answering questions and giving advice, but you can't pay child support!!! Lol just playing luv ya sexy!!!

SLIM RESPONDS:Eric, i am NOT the babys u cant get pregnant by swallowing!!! thx shawty

Charles; Maryland asks:
Hey Slim. I'm a young guy who started have male sex when I was 16 and enjoy having this kind of sex. My preference is slim thugs like yourself with big dicks and can fuck. My question to you is not from your personal experience but rather if a bottom like myself has told you. How does some one cum out their ass. Is there a technique you perform on some one to make this happen or is there something I have to do? Is a massage of the prostate have something to with it. I would love to experience it. Is it possible that it has happen to me and I don't know it?

SLIM RESPONDS:Charles my dude..when your ass creams, you will know its happening. The 1st thing a bottom has to do is relax completely and dont fight the feeling. At 1st it feels like you are going to shit. Thats the part that seems the hardest for the bottom to get over at 1st. If u just let it go, ( remember, u already cleaned out for the dick) you'll feel a tremble n ya legs..make sure u ask him if he ever made a dude nut like that b4..cause if he hasnt, find sum1 who

P; Jackson, MS asks:

SLIM RESPONDS:Lmao..P, its simple..not doing porn is how u get a man and keep a man!!! lol

Jemal; New York, NY asks:
Hey Slim my names jemal and i just recently got into a relationship with someone who came out of a long great relationship a couple of months ago. I really am in love with the guy now but i can't help but feel that in any given moment he will up and leave me for his ex. Him and his ex are really cool which i have no problems with, i just feel that ill lose him if they decide to want each other back. What should i do? PS yah vids is the best man.

SLIM RESPONDS:Jamel homie..i feel ya pain. Follow ya heart on this 1. In my experience, if ya gut tells you there's sumthn going on..then walking away is best. Nobody will agree with m

Big Machine; New York, NY asks:
Yo wat up Slim i love ur shit yo... im a thug like u n i got rily high one tym n convinced my "straight" hommie to let me fuck him....the next day this nigga acted like nothin happened wen we in public but as soon as we alone he want tht dick in his ass... he fine as shit so its kinda hard to say no...but it seems like he only wants me wen no one is around..m all abt cumin out wen u ready but how do i let him knw tht i dont wanna be on d DL coz i did tht shit n m over it now

SLIM RESPONDS:waddup homie..Aye look..when u was DL, u didnt want nobody to rush u now the tables are turned..just continue fucking him relentlessly. after taking good dick for a while, he will become attached. Then pull back and stop. let him know if he wants do u...get it?

Jerome; Tampa, FL asks:
Hey, Slim. Sorry to hear about you and Felony's relationship. Tell us what made you fall in love with him. When i see you two on screen together is straight chemistry. And what caused the breakup. If you can be transparent for us. I believe you are a romantic in nature such as myself. I just want to meet someone who wants to experience me and all i got to offer. Lastly, do you have any friends in Florida who is looking for that. SMILE Holla at me.

SLIM RESPONDS:Srry Jerome, i dont have any friends in Florida,,need to make some tho. Me and Felony had a 4yr run..thats monumental considering our age and living in It was love at 1st site..we met on the set and was inseparable. I hear that only happens once (if at all) in a lifetime..glad it was him

Jrzyyguy; Jersey City, NJ asks:
I was dating this guy who was from DC and he moved to Philly. I use to go and visit him in Philly while he was working on a university campus and we dated for a couple of months. He then became a pornstar and havent seen him since. This probably was over 10 years ago. I have been thinking about him lately. Do you think I should contact him.

SLIM RESPONDS:jerzyguy..hmmmmm u almost sound like you're from my past. lol I say hit him up..who knows maybe he will be happy u did

Jeremy; New Orleans, LA asks:
Love your work, it's the best! I'm a X-ray tech at my local hospital here in new Orleans! I love your vids and yo dick! Would you fuck a supportive fan for some cash? I means it's you slim thug! You just so hot, I gotta pay! Lol

SLIM RESPONDS:Jeremy thx for ya luv n support shawty..unfortunately i dont escort. I wish i could but the idea of having to fuck wateva on the other side of the door..scares the fuck outta me. and no amount of money in the world could turn my dick on. It works from attraction.

Jay; London, Great Britain asks:
Hey, I'm a pretty averagely built white guy who has a MASSIVE like for fit, muscly built and hung black lads just like in your films. But I'm always so damn nervous trying to approach them. Especially as I'm a top lad, i always think that they aint gonna be interested in me. How can a pretty average white lad get around talking to built thug guys?

SLIM RESPONDS:Jay for the life of me, i never understand y tops require their partners to be well just not getn it..but i've told so many people b4..confidence is key. If u are a top, what secures a bottom more that sex, is the abilty to handle shit like a MAN. From the approach all the way to the bedroom. There can b no room for insecurity on your behalf..or that " well hung " bottom will be using his equipment on you

Anthony; Dallas, TX asks:
Okay....hey slim me and my boyfriend been together for couple years and now I wanna become an porn star but he won't let me...what should I do?

SLIM RESPONDS:Leave him nah just kidding.. Im sure when he signed on to be with u, he didnt think he would have to share you with pornstars and millions on fans. U kinda waited til yall deep in the relationship to wanna start this, Not a good idea. If u want the fame and fun over the years and love..then do u..if u found what millions of us are looking for in a him

Damian; Helena, AR asks:
hey slim im a big fan, but im dl and wen a fine dude walk by i allways stare and look at the miiddle of the pants how do i get them to kno im gay, and when they find out how do i let them kno i wanna fuck.

SLIM RESPONDS:Sup Damian.. I really fail at giving advice to dl dudes. I dont understand or accept that lifestyle. it must be difficult to want so much from another dude but to scared to open ya mouth because you're on the low. I have no clue as to what you should do or say to these guys..if u cant put yaself out there to holla at will u ever get what u want son??

Michael; St. Louis, MO asks:
Im a 20 white dude from the STL and I been considering gettin into porn for awhile now. My only real problem is I'm trynna go to school to b a high school teacher. I saw in a couple of yo posts that you was teaching high school while u was doin porn. How did that affect yo teaching job and is there any way to do porn and not risk my teaching career?

SLIM RESPONDS:Whats good Mike. It is a great risk. I was fortunate to work for a private boarding school. So the students didnt have easy access to porn. I dont recommend doing it right out the gate. Try out the teaching thing..get ya feet in the door 1st..b4 u put ya dick and ass in the door.

Jonathan; South Philadelphia, PA asks:
Hey Slim, I am a HOTTT white boi, lookin to get me some BIG black dick, but I always have to get escorts...I end up paying like $800 and all they let me do is suck their ass feeling, no ass licking no kissing....and thats what i am bigtime into. I have a profile on the website a4a but when I hit guys up they tell me they dont get with white guys... Its very frustrating to ex is a gorgeous HUNG 13" black adonis...but drugs took him over...and after he beat the hell out of me, I decided to move out of Ohio, plus my job offered me a fantastic $$ package.. I LOVEEEEE big black dick...and have no problems at all deep-throating...I just wish the escorts I got with allowed me to "be" with them, you know, feel their asses, their more affectionate... You can privately e-male me back, if you want to...and bi the way, you, yourself are gorgeous....How big is your dick?? and what do you get into?? ha Thanks for reading my letter to you, I appreciate it... HUGS & copped feels to you…

SLIM RESPONDS:Lol@ u Johnathon. Are u trying to hire me as an escort??? I know its custom for most pornstars to do so, but i dont indulge. and cause u r paying for dick, not emotion, its likely y the escorts dont do affection..they save that for their REAL LIFE boyfriends.

Damone; Greensboro, GA asks:
Hey Slim first off I would like to say that im a big fan of your videos, But I am 19 and a virgin with a girl and boy but I don't Know If I want to be with either or I feel more for both but I really want a guy, What should I do?

SLIM RESPONDS:Damone lil homie..if u got a chance to remain straight..STAY THAT WAY!! but if ery day u wake up thinking bout dudes and Dawgpound...let ya hair down

Demi; Chicago, IL asks:
1st question...u being a top wats is good sex toyou a slutty bttm a tight bottm a talker?? How does a bottom kno his sex good and not getting told wat he wonna hear? 2nd questionshould a bttm dck size matter if the partner claming full top?

SLIM RESPONDS:yoo waddup Demi. can go either way with me shawty.sumtimes i like a tite hole..sumtimes i like easier accessible gutz, depends on the mood. And if the yop is so concerned with the size of your dick, then waiting for him to tell you how good your sex was mite never happen until u bend him over

Milton; Livingston, AL asks:
What up Slim Thugga. I'm a dude on the dl and I have this roommate. He is very sexy and I want to get with him. I don't know how to approach him telling him that i want to have sex with him. I don't know how he is going to respond and i just want him to fuck the hell out of me. what should i do??

SLIM RESPONDS:Milton waddp son..just have MOVIE NITE with him..pop sum popcorn..roll a couple blunts..and put on BROKEBACK

Brandon; Atlanta, GA asks:
Yo SlimThug I'm your biggest fan bruh love the way you put it down. One of a kind yo LoL... My question is what city do you live in and where are the brother who are trying to have a relationship?

SLIM RESPONDS:Sup Brandon..thx for the luv shawty..i rep NY. and dudes are looking for relationships all over..niggaz just scurred to admit it. Y are all the gay Brandons cute?? r u cute B?? lol

Nate; Tysons Corner, VA asks:
Wassup slim, ok so ima a young dude (20) and I'm having trouble figuring out my sex preference (top or bottom) I have the mind state of a top I'm aggressive and I like to be the dominate one but I don't think my endowment can back it up, I've had dudes basically laugh at me (not that I give a fuck) so that makes me feel like I should just be a bottom by default, it's frustrating and tends to fuck with my ego, HELP ME SLIM!!!! idk what to do, and are you and felony a couple? Y'all have THEEEEE best sex by the way but yea please help me…

SLIM RESPONDS:Yo whas good Nate. Confidence Confidence Confidence..its sexy. In the world of SIZE QUEENS if u want to get TOP play u gotta eat longer..develop ya own technique by licking nbtween ya fingers. try spelling your name on the bootyhole forward then backwards..then fuck with big dick mentality. Your connection to ya dick is personal..the more YOU believe it is good dick..them more it performs like good dick,

Phresh; Toledo, OH asks:
Hey Slim thugga, im movin to NY in the summer. i was wondering is the gay industry a good outlet?. Cause we all know NY is not cheap. Is the industry worse then what it seems?.Im a dancer,i choreograph dances. if you had a chance,would you do something else?..and is there crack dicks out there, cause i dont do crack dicks(eww..)lolss..just what would be your advice!..

SLIM RESPONDS:Phresh i dont know what crack dick is..but if it belongs to crackheads..then yes it is in NY too..because crackheads are world-wide. And there aint no " If " in second chances. everyday u wake up is a day u can do sumthn different..i have no regrets

JGregg88, Capital Heights, MD asks:
Hey Slim, My issues is that there is this older man at my job who is always complimenting me. He is always saying things like "your a sexy young man" or "hey sexy." He even at once went out of his way to say "you are so sexy it's something about your eyes, Yeah its your eyes." I appreciate the compliments and he is really good looking too, but I can't read him. It's something about him that strike me odd. I want to say something to him always bitch out, and then there that weird feeling I get from him. What do you advise I do?

SLIM RESPONDS:Jgregg88 sup homie...JUST RETURN THE DAYUMM COMPLIMENT!!!! and let it go from there..dont be SCURRED!!

Tee; Brooklyn, NY asks:
yo how can i get to see you pa, we run in to each other every now and again and u seem mad cool but i want u naked yo definitly a good look here.

SLIM RESPONDS:Waddup Tee..send me ya email address next time i chk u or better yet..just say WADDUP next time u see me son..dayumm

Jelani; Niagara falls, NY asks:
Whats Up Slim? Im From Niagara Falls,Ny But Movin in 2weeks to temple,tx about 2hours From Dallas, But My Question Is i Been Filling Out Application After Application For About 7Months Now trying To Atleast Get Some Tyoe Of Gig I Met Pinky When She Came Up Here But niggaz Was Treatin Her Like A Nobody So I AInt Get To Ask For Advice, Like What Do I Do Now Im Single,Love To Fuck,Suck,Love Fuckin Ass,Mouths Making Video's Pictures I Does It All Only THing I Never Ever Been Fucked What Do I Do Now?

SLIM RESPONDS:Jelani my dude..Pinky is a MALE..this is DAWGPOUND not them other pornsites. and more importantly...thas my mafukkn homie. So suck his dick..n kiss my nut. U can feel how u want to feel about sum1..but have common respect when u address shit to me cause this aint a gossip column.

Zeke; Philadelphia, PA asks:
Sup Slim, let me just start off by saying your an amazing dude no doubt. Keep doing what you doing cause you most def doing it right ! But im 18, attractive, smart, caring, loving, & respectful but the problem is that im on the dl and can't find anyone who wants to be with me for me. Like im a reall great dude but i always get played in the end... How can i go about finding someone that'll actually wanna be with me, care for me, & treat me like im supposed to be treated?

SLIM RESPONDS:Aww Zeke thx shawty. I wish i had better advice for you but unfortunately..DL and successful relationship dont go 2gether. everything about a relationship involves honesty..everything about dl involves lies. you will have great sex tho..the gays luv dl dudes..lls

T, Hampton, VA: asks:
Wussup Slim! I need some real advice that people wont give me.. I am a big dude which is not a problem for me. The problem occurs when I'm looking for romance. I like what I call pretty-boy thugs, which are dudes that could pass as either or.. But I'm not in their preference because of my body size. I don't know what to do because I'm comfortable with myself but I also want to change so I can find love... WHAT AM I TO DO?

SLIM RESPONDS:T my dude..u sound say u r comfortable with yourself then say u wanna change yaself is a contradiction. If u r truly fine with your weight then don't let others ignorance take ya comfort away. If you want to lose weight, do it bcause u want a healthier lifestyle..not because u want sum dude to like u more. Will he leave u if u get big again??? Hmmm

Audio, Birmingham, AL asks:
Hey slim first off let me say man you are one talented sexy ass dude yo. But I have 2 questions. first one is are you still dating felony and if so how did u know he was the one for you? my 2nd question is how do I find out if you will be appearing at any clubs or if any of the other stars will be appearing at any clubs or events around the nation?

SLIM RESPONDS:Audio how are ya? Felony and I are divorced but we still fuck for the sake of the and I still believe he is the 1 for me. If u stay checkn the site, it will tell u when the stars are making appearances

John, Dallas, TX asks:
Hi Slimthug. i ben goin wit dis dude for 6 months. but my friend told me he ben wit sumone else behind my back.he tell me its not true. i dont kno who to belive. who should i belive????

SLIM RESPONDS:John..if all the info ya friend can provide for u is ya man is cheating..kindly tell him BITCH IF U CAN'T PROVE IT..KEEP IT MOVING..y bring u loose gossip?

Terrance, Tallahassee, FL asks:
Yo what's good Slim i'm 23 years old and I just recently got out of my 2 year long relationship. I'm like super DL like only the one dude that dates me knows. I broke it off with him because just didn't have my best interest when I fully had his. I only stayed longer with him because I didn't want to be alone but, now I am. How do you think I should go about finding a relationship or meeting other DL guys in my area. I tried that whole bgc and a4a thing but, I had no luck nobody had the package I want. LOL Slim if you have anybody you know hook me up. I'm educated and a handsome black man that is real humble. But, really tho what should I do or where should I go to find someone.

SLIM RESPONDS:Terrance homie..u gotta get ya mind rite 1st. If u lookn to b with sum1 because u don't wanna b alone..that's usually what u find..sum1 to fill the space..get into yaself and let your date happen naturally

Jonathan, Minneapolis, MN: asks:
How did you know that adult film is what you wanted to do?

SLIM RESPONDS:Waddup Jonathan..after fucking my 1st shawty and realizing u can make dudes cream out their ass like pussi..I knew the world needed to see it done..its a good feeling satisfying others