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Slim..end the myth for me.. Do bottoms prefer thicker or longer dicks?

SLIM RESPONDS:According to all the bottoms I've come across.. their preference is a HARD DICK!!

My shawty has very very tight hole and I'm get'n a lil frustrated cause I cant get in. I don't wanna break up over sex, so what should I do?

SLIM RESPONDS:For starters, buy him a dildo so he can practice on his own. Then when you sex, let him have control at 1st. Allow him to get the dick as opposed to you giving it to him. Spend the xtra $ on a good preference is (GUN OIL). Take your time eating his ass b4 sex..spend an abnormal amount of time tonguing his hole..then let him play wit his dildo in front of you. Half the battle to get'n inside a tite hole is the 4play.

Slim my dude wants to have raw sex with me. We been 2gether for 7 months now and we have sex on da reg. protected. Now he says he want to commit and seal the relationship by fucking raw. I do want to, if it will keep him cause im feeling him but I'm scared. How do I handle this situation?

SLIM RESPONDS:You gotta trust ya instinct on this 1 shawty. Just consider most commitments come with a pre-nup these days. So you tell him he has to agree to the both of you going and get'n tested 2gether b4 y'all pop off. Once you both have negative results then maybe that will provide a lil more security to the experience..

YOOO I think I met the 1. It's love at 1st site for both of us. We been a couple now for 2 months and I really don't wanna mess this up..soo, how long b4 I ask for sex??

SLIM RESPONDS:1st, if u only been together 2 months, you're not a couple yet, you're dating. 2nd, if it's true love at 1st sight, the sex will come naturally when the time is right. When it's true love it makes it's own rules, time and experiences. You jus have to believe in it.

Slim, what celebs do you think fuk around on da low?

SLIM RESPONDS:Well, I don't know if they are gay, but I damn sure wish they were.. T.I., D'angelo, Keanu Reeves, Tyson (the model not the boxer *rememba Robin Givens*lol), Chingy, Cam'ron, Morris Chestnut, Ashton Kutcher, LL. Cool J, Omarion

Sup slim. I moved to D.C. with my boyfriend after being wit him for 3 months. I know it was soon but I wasn’t stayin in a stable place anyway and I really liked him. Im only 19 and he’s 37. The 1st month was cool, but then he started hit’n on me. I’m like 5’5 and he’s over 6 feet and muscular. It’s gotten worse now tho..he even choked me almost unconscious b4. It’s crazy cause as a guy I cant really tell anyone cause this is sumthin that women go thru mostly. I’m embarrassed to tell anybody. I don’t think its as serious as him killing me but it is scary. I don’t know what to do..

SLIM RESPONDS:This is a very serious situation please take this to heart..Get away ASAP. D.C offers a lot of services to the gay community. Find the gay and lesbian task force. Go there and talk wit a counselor and let them know whats going on. There are youth shelters that consider you a youth up to the age of 21. You can stay there and get proper help towards getting your life together. Sounds scary? Consider this.. Your situation aint as rare as you think for young guys. 47% of guys 21 and under, who move in with a guy 31 and older experience abuse (physical or mental) thru-out their relationship from their partner. He aint gon change. Get out..Get a restraining order..There's absolutely nuth'n left there me