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Hey slim so I just turned 20 and finally feel like I can explore a side of me I haven't. I've always been wit the ladies and I have no complaints but I have this curiousity about doods. One of my girlfriends is bi and last week we went out to a gay club in la. I went because I was curious to c wat it was about. I've NEVER done anything wit a guy but that night I had the guts to hook up and go down on this fine black man. The only thing is that I did this behind my friends back and none of them know . The guy I hooked up with said I was amazing and keeps txting about how much he likes me and needs to c me. The only thing is he txt me constantly and I dnt think I'm ready for anything wit a guy. He wants to b my first but I dnt know if that wat I really want do u have any advice??

SLIM RESPONDS:if u already expalined this situation to the guy and he keeps texting..jus change ya #. most likely he will not stop. U r wats considered "fresh meat" and everyguy knows..u dont let fresh meat get me son..change ya # will b less of a hassle than dealing with a guy who got amazing head from the freshly new bi guy

iight so my lil bros homeboy always cummin thru to drink and smoke wit me but always makes sure im alone he know i fuk wit dudes and aint got a problem wit it and every time we talkin bout something he will find a way to say no homo yet hes always sittin damn near on my lap how should i approach him?

SLIM RESPONDS:1st talk with ya lil bro bout it..i he knows bout u, jus to make sure he'ss n the loop. the last thing u wanna do i make a pass at his homie..and his homie (who probably does wanna fuk wid u) goes n tell him to protect his self. 2nd, find a way to incorporate saying "No DL" in your conversations..that shud b fun..have on ball short and try being hard/semi-hard..when he comes hoow he reacts

Slim, i got a homie that i hangout and get fucked up with on the regular. He doesnt know that i get down and i dont think he does either but the muthafucka is so fine and im so attracted to him, man what do i do?

SLIM RESPONDS:LOL..the search for a masc man is pushing peeps to make bad decisions i c..If u truly enjoy your friendship jus let itt b..if u willing to risk it to find out..jus get fuckd up and tel him straight up..u not comin on to him but if yall gon hang..then he needs to know the person he's hangin wid..

Wazzup Slim? Luv ur movies. I was wonderin, What's sumthin ur fans would b surprised 2 kno abt you?

SLIM RESPONDS:heye sup..thx homie..I think my fans wud be surprised to know that contrary to my movies..i really dont like sex anymore..i do it cause im good at it and luv makin dudes nut out their ass. But it has been like a plague to my relationships..sumtimes being the only good consistent thing i share wit my partner. Surprised?

Hey Slim. I'm a top, but lately I've been curious about bottoming. My boyfriend is MAD sexy, and he's the only one I've ever considered bottoming for. Now, I'm a pretty good top (w/ a pretty big dick), so I never felt the need to bottom. My boyfriend is versatile, so I've been wondering more and more how it might feel. Now, I know you're a top [and a good one ;)] but I was just wondering what you thought. Should I keep doing my thing as a top, or am I just being a scaredy-cat?

SLIM RESPONDS:Go for it!! Get your grown man on! It may even take your relationship to the next level Jus make it a special occasion typa thing (bday or holiday) so that way if u dont like it..u can say u tried it for that day only..either way, im sure your partner will be pleased..n thx for the comp..i luv being a top..if i ever wanted to btm..i could do it..jus because im grown and i own wat i dosexually.Own your sexuality..DO U..or betta yet..let him do

Slim I love sucking dick. Theres something about milkin a dudes dick that turns me on. Theres this guy who I met and suck him now on a daily basis. He loves for me to swallow and I love it too but I'm wondering since I swallow it daily is that too much nutt in my system lol. On the flip side I'm scared that if I stop swallowing then it might end it.

SLIM RESPONDS:I mite have to console with Dr. Ruth on this 1 shawty..this is 1 of those decisions thatcan onlybe made by my opinion if u are questionin it, then u probably feel like u shud slow ddown on it. As much as u may love it, if u feel u mite lose him because u take a break, then it becomes less of a love for you and more of a neccessity. At that point, you gotta ask health, or his dick, whats more important??

slim Ive been single for a min now 6months to be exact and i want to start dating,looking for a boyfriend. Im far from ugly,got ass for days, ma dress game on point and got ma own for ma age. i go to clubs and try to meet ppl and i havent had sex in a while so im sure im tight lol how can i find a boyfriend dats real and masculan?

SLIM seems to be a nationwide shortage of masculine men..maybe they just aren't going to gay clubs. The 1's left out there are probably fed up with the club scene and honestly.i cant blame them. If u play any sports, i suggest joining a team that is gay, or if u dont play..try finding where their game are played and going to a game or 2. If you're as cute as u say u r, then snatching up a player wont b hard for u. Other than that..theres alwayz lesbian clubs. I told sum1 b4..lesbians hang with a lotta guys who dont feel comfortable enough to go to gay clubs. As for a real man..well..the defintion of real varies from person to jus b upfront about everything u looking for in a dude..tell him from the door


SLIM RESPONDS:i wouldnt suck it at all..but it aint bout me..when the dick is in your mouth..its YOUR MOUTH..swallow at p.s. but play safe-learn health risks first then make your own decision.

Well I'm on the DL....what can I use or take 2 enlarge my dick? Is there anythink out there that can be used 2 enlarge my dick?somtime I cum fast what should I do 2 stop?

SLIM RESPONDS:There are a lotta things out there that say they make u bigger..try researching them on the net..find out what products interest u and have the highest rate of careful personally i think a dude shoud put more energy into perfecting his stroke than makin himself bigger. U probably cum too qwik cause your on the dl. So over-anticipate the sex. Your too come out the nah..jus try jerking off a hr b4 u sex a dude..then come out the closet.…

I have been trying to get into the porn business for a while but I don't think they would want a guy like me because my hair is long and I look a lil bit too fem. I mean I have the talents, the looks and a nice body but no one will give me a chance. Do you think its a good ideal to keep trying or leave it alone? Plus I have stalker issue with guys who cant take no for an answer. Do you know any ways to make them back off? I have a 9 and will murk a nig but I cant go to the pen because I will be a prison bitch fa sho... Help! lol :-)

SLIM RESPONDS:The porn is acting out sex..which means you are an actor. So if u not masc in real life then act masc..believe me son (a lot of pornstarz do). fresh braids and a fitted is the look that works best on fem dudes wit long hair. ya gear shud b hood, stay away from trendy if u sendn pics to producer to get n the biz. And how do u have stalker issues..wit more than 1 what u doin to these niggaz shawty??lmao..dont shoot nobody son..if its serious then get a restraining order..not like that gon keep force them to stop..but if u already (legally) the worst case scenario..u got sum documentation that u tried to legally stop it 1st.


SLIM RESPONDS:1st u got to put down the blunt b4 u send me a question I dont get what u sayin..u said u can pull any dude..u said u got sum dudes that wanna fuck u, u not fem and u said ya ass is mouth are the truth. I have neva heard any1 say being thick or fat relates to bein fem. Sounds like the only 1 wit the real issue about your weight is you son. If thas the case, jus join a gym and go at your own pace..since u said you not fat, then u shud see results n no time. And if ther are dudes n the world who think a lil weight makes u fem..y would u wanna "better" your situation for them anyway..rite?

My question is not as intelligent as the others on here, but here it goes - it's been a year since the untimely passing of my ex-boyfriend on Christmas Day of 2008 (his ex-boyfriend, who's a gangsta, shot him 3 times when he was on his way to my apartment, and he ended up getting the death penalty). I've moved on since then, but I have no interest in dating anyone at all, let alone looking for a relationship, booty calls, one-night stands and various sex partners (all of which are NOT me at all, because I have too much self-respect for those). Now there's a bisexual guy who lives in the same apartment building I'm in and he's on the downlow (his girlfriend doesn't even know about his affairs with other guys, and she's been hurt and cheated on before). He's always giving me hints and clues on coming to his apartment and I know what he wants, but as the group En Vogue once said, "No you're never gonna get it! Never, never gonna get it." I keep telling him to leave me alone, but he's not gonna give up. How can I get through to him permanently? And should I let his girlfriend know about his discreet side? (his girlfriend is my best friend and we both work for the same employer).

SLIM RESPONDS:Tell him what u jus told me..the next time she's not around and he is, u need to tell him what happend to your ex and how it changed ya life. Let him know the respect you have for his girl and more importantly for yourself, wont eva have sex with him. U cant be passive when u reject dudes like him..they're prowlers and prey on peeps they think r week. To him u are a faggot..and cause faggots like matter what u say even tho u r friends and co-worker to his girl..he thinks u will still let him fuk or at least suk his dick cause he on the low and faggots luv dl dudes. I know that sounded ruff but maybe now that u know what he's think'n..u can man up and really put an end to it, cause u aint a faggot...

got two questions: What was it like hooking up with Berlin? And, are there any men in the biz that you'd like to hook up with?

SLIM RESPONDS:workin with BERLIN was a challenge. He was very tite and way bigger (bodywise) than me. It took a lot to get him open, but was worth it..the sexual chemistry mad for a good shoot..n the face that the viewers neva saw it comin was a plus. Wud luv to start doin sum S&M shoots wit white twink models

not advice, just respect. u know there are few real tops left on earth, sorry thats just my observation, so this guy gets my respect on screen all the time. and now he provides wise counsel? that's a dream. a good dick with a good brain on it.

SLIM RESPONDS:thx for the luv homie..from sex to love, every typa relationship starts with i enjoy using my brain jus as much as my dick.

i wanna get double dickd but im scarred my hole mite not close up and i dont wanna have the reputation of havin a loose What do u reccomend, do it, or not?

SLIM RESPONDS:JUS DO IT!!! I dont think u shud do it on the reg. tho..but i dont think satifying ya fantasy once, will mess up ya play. After you do it..take a hot bath..squeez fresh lemon juice in it and epson salt. U need to record it too shawty..send me a copy here

My lover is sleeping around with a female and doesnt consider it cheating..its killing me cause every time i express how it feels..he jus plays it off as nuthing cause he jus fuking them and they;re female and im a dude..i really love him but it hurts..i dont know what to do.

SLIM RESPONDS:Srry to say homie but u gotta give him an ultimatum..he's no longer the 1 hurting you, u are. The longer you allow him to fuck sum1 else (cause male or female..its still sum1 else) the more u hurt yaslef. Get closure on whether it can b a monogamous relationship or nuthn at all… p.s. nuthn at all mite hurt but what u already have is next to nuthn anywayz, when u think about it??

Slim do u find it hard for guys to trust u since u do porn or is it the other way around and u dont trust guys?

SLIM RESPONDS:Actuallly guys do have a hard time trusting me, and unfortanately i dont have the patience to prove myself. I am who i am upfront..people say trust is earned..but i dont believe dat son..i think trust shud be given as a courtesy, wether it grows stronger or depreciates depends on the person u give it to.

Slim, im n the porn industry 2, and i met sum1 i think i love but i havent told them i do porn..what sud i do and do u prefer being slingle or in a relationship while u do porn..

SLIM RESPONDS:1st son, if u like him u need to tell him as soon as possible so u can know where u stand b4 it gets and for being in a relationship while doinporn..i still believe love is personal and its rules change from person to person..but i wouldnt recommend it. In essence what a person agrees to in the beginning of a relation can change when feeling grow..and shit will gt crazy..but follow your heart at the end of the day..Love is your fearless wid it...SLIM

I want to know how do u get guys to like u that u talk to on the Internet and how do u open up tight ass

SLIM RESPONDS:sup homie..i jus answered that for sum1 else..theres a product called ANAL EASE. It numb the asshole so it ready for more poundind..also taking a hot bath afteer getn fuked instaed of showering, relaxes the muscles n the ass so if not as sore

sup slim i masterbate just like any other dude but sometimes get tired of using my hands. have u ever tried one of those anal fleshlights and if so are they as good as advertised?

SLIM RESPONDS:i have tried it..its scary lookn and i dont really rock with sex being mechanical..there are dudes all over the net who jus like to jerk off..try joinin a group, i hear it hot as hell and they get it in with the creativity in jerkin da dick

Hey man i've been with girls most of my life just turned twenty five can't help thinking about guys and the things i won't to do to them. i like girls but i love guys. i just wanna grab the first guy i see and you know.... help me man because my fantasy are eating me up…

SLIM RESPONDS:if u are over 21 are you waiting for?? the beauty of being grown is you get to indulge in some betta get sum manluv quick,,you sound like you on the verge breakdown..give ya hand a break..try an escort, for a 1 nite no attachment experience..then u decide if u wanna go further

Yo make a nigga's dick hard as a brick. You are sexy and i wanna have ya You have a brother?

SLIM RESPONDS:thx homie..yea i got a couple sexy brothers..holla at me lol

Yo I really like this dude a lot but we met online. When we met in person the first day we had oral sex and he drank my cum. After for a couple weeks he became real clingy. At first I liked that he was on it but then I told him that it was becoming uncomfortable and he backed off a lot. I know I hurt his feelings and I have apologized but now its been a reversal and I feel like now I'm coming on strong. I can tell he enjoys me constantly calling and all that. I tried meeting other dudes to get my mind off him. It didn't work no other dudes out here are on his level. I think he may be the one yo. What should I do?

SLIM RESPONDS:you sound like you are interested in the guy more now outta pity. You know u hurt his feelings now u wanna make it up to him..if thas the case then jus relax your approach and let things happpen more naturally..if you are genuinely feeling him, then understand you have to stick in there til u win him over..his guard is up to protect his heart..u gotta prove, u wont hurt it if he drank your cum, he's carrying your babies..he's supposed to b more

Whats good Slim? Im a DL dude who tryin to find a good dude to kick it wit. Im masculine and very discreet and find it very hard to find another masculine dude. I've tryed online dating but no luck and we have a hand full of gay clubs here and that not an option. Yo help a bro out what should I do?

SLIM RESPONDS:Lesbian Clubs are the the best kept secret oon where to find more masc gay dudes..a lotta girls have dl and gay male friends who party with them cause they dont like the guy clubs..if that dont work..straight club bathrooms are the other the meeting places. Jus be careful..


SLIM RESPONDS:pimpn aint eva easy homie..real rap,.u gotta be dedicated to the game if u gon play it. If you dont like ya situation..make plans to change it 1st. Set sum realistic dates to leave son..stack ya paper and get ya own. All the good ass will still be around, but trust son, i been fuckin for a minute..and i aint ran across an ass yet, worth fucking up mymliving situation..ya situation aint unique..and they ALL end up bad when u fuck sum1 else

I've been seeing a old friend who has moved back to B'more for about two months. This is a new thing for us therefore I didn't know how well hung he is. We've had sex a few time but his size always make me not relax. What technics can you provide that would make me relax and get fucked like you fuck Felony. The two of you really turn me on."

SLIM ya man got a big 1st, u should try this stuff called ANAL EASE. Yoou can purchase it at any adult book store. 2nd, try riding him 1st..slowly sliding up n down over the head til u become open..a good lube to use is GUN OIL..n thx, i enjoy fuckn felony-it's always hot when there's love

I'm thinkn bout going to a sex party soon but im afraid I'm gonna see sum1 i dont wanna see..what shud i do..i wanna go to 1 but would die to run into a co-worker or sumthing

SLIM RESPONDS:Always go with friends your 1st the worst case scenario, you can always say.."I GOT ROPED INTO THIS BY MY FRIENDS.."

Hey Slimthug, I'm single and I work six days a week and i will be the first to say im not a pretty boy. It's hard for me to find a boyfriend. So every now and then I hire an escort,esp after watching your but I have gotten so use to doing it to the point that escorts are my only source of sex. Is it wrong to depend on escorts for sexually pleasure? My best friends which are like you say "pretty niggas" say I should never pay for sex...but of course they get dick from all directions all day long. I now feel sad and lonely because my friends make me feel guilty about hiring escorts.

SLIM RESPONDS:Get a makeover son..if your strenght aint n ya looks u compensate with swag. Confidence is sexy. Wear stylish clothes and start small..Dont try for the super sexy guy out the gate..start with the okay lookn dude. Hire an sexy older..escort to go out on a date instead of sex..and pik his brain on how to upgrade ya satus

Yo slim...this dude i work wit at my job is mad sexy n im really feelin him the only problem is i don't know if he gets down. i hope he does but im not sure. is there a way for me to tell w/o makin myself look suspect?

SLIM RESPONDS:Not good to even try..if u dont already have a close relationship outside of work..those dl situations arent for the me son..they always end badly

What's the best thing about Stash?

SLIM RESPONDS:when it comes to STASH..i think its his smile..everything bout him i official, but the smile is bananaz..2nd best of course (that ASS!)

when are u goin to make a vid suckin dick i would love to see that and do u suck dick

SLIM RESPONDS:nuthn against dick sucking..jus not my swag..srry

Slim....i been thinking about getting in the business....but im afraid st8 ppl i know might see what should i do?

SLIM RESPONDS:I would recommend doin porn for a website (like dawgpound). You get th comfort of not havin ya face all spattered over dvd covers. With webporn, the movie is replace by a new 1 n a few weeks an pushed furhter and further down with each new movie.

Slim,,,,,you are so damn phine,,,,i would love to meet you and have you fuck me good....however I saw you fuck Berlin on this site before,,,,,do you have any plans on fuckin him again???? That would be hell of hot to see you tear his ass up..…

SLIM RESPONDS:Thanx fuckin Berlin is tryna bring you sumthn u havent seen this year..but i'll keep him inmind if i do a throwback shoot

I really would love to have my first experience with a black guy. I have been fantasizing about Castro Supreme. I am from the far north Canada, would love to have him come and melt this snow with me. But seriously, how would a guy as far away as myself be able to hook up with someone like that, has dawgpound ever thought about doing reality films , fullfilling guys fantasies?

SLIM RESPONDS:You can always find out if CASTRO or models like him are availabe to for reality films.. we got a lot n store for u this yr..jus stay close, we aint playin wit porn this yr

aye slim. How can I get this guy to bottom for me? My tongue would definitely get them more interested but I practice safe sex so that's not happening. My person of interest is scared it will hurt and I assured them that I wouldn't hurt them. help me out, btw I luv your vids.

SLIM RESPONDS:dental dam...protects the tongue..get shawty's legs in da air, and eat da ass like it's the last supper son. keep a bottle of water close, it keeps the tongue wet and ya mouth moist. eat it very slow at 1st, trust me if u try to tongue fuk off the back u wont get 2 fuk. Slow long licks, up and down, and circular. Make ya tongue vibrate from time to time. While u lick it, put ya finger at the top of the hole and softly wigglle it. The purpose..if u dont treat it like wont open like thx 4 watchn me son..its my pleasure fa sho.

Yo slim im a versitile dude feel me but lately it seems like all I ever attract is bottoms I really wanna get dicked down by a real top nigga at least once so what is it that tops like ya self look for? My boy told me dont act fem enough but idk

SLIM RESPONDS:Actually homie, i prefer slightly fem dudes..not publicy fem, but privately soft. If your appeal is masc, the best advice is to use the internet. If u r into the club scene try gay sports bars. They seem to be the new craze. If all else fails u can try an escort. I know people hate on it, but you pay for everything in life in 1 way or another, y not for a fantasy

Slim, i been tryin to lose weight for a minute now..i luv your slim body and want to know what do u do to stay so trim..i would kill to be that small

SLIM RESPONDS:Well it aint all that it's cracked up to be..thas y i am in the gym now building a better body. I am underweight for my size so im putin sum muscle on me..i wont be all crazy thick, still lean, but more defined. A healthy body starts with a healthy mind. Meaning, tho it may be a long process, you have to stand strong and see it thru..give yourself realistic goals and get a trainer who has been doin it for a while..make sure your trainer is extreemely sexy. I've found it to be a source of great inspiration if the person training you can easily fit into your fantasies…

What can u do to keep your boyfriend interested in u sexually after the fire seems to be gone

SLIM RESPONDS:there are a lot of things u can corny as they mite takes thinking outside the box..try role play..pick a spot to meet up..a straight bar is always good..1 of u bein the straight guy, the other being the 1 trying to turn him out..suck his dick n the is always a lotta toys and get a rectal exam or give him 1. I dont recommend 3sums cause they always turn out bad..but another couple is always a hot addition..jus lay the ground rules down b4 engaging.

Slim, I luv cum..luuuuuv it. but my boyfriend doesnt cum a lot when we sex..I was wondering what we could do to get them babies up?

SLIM RESPONDS:raw clams and oysters are good..also try intense 4play. Get him hard then let it go this a couple times, hours b4 you plan to have sex..that shud get the juices flowin

This Valentines day was the worst for me. My shawty had to work (supposedly) and then was supposed to come over for dinner that i cooked..and we were goin to a play (that i paid 80 per tix). He didnt answer his phone or even call me back til the next morning..talking bout he fell asleep when he got off..What shud i do?

SLIM RESPONDS:BEAT HIM!! Nah..jus man up son..u got played on valentines day. It happens a lot..chek his fone call list if u have access to it..or if u can sneak a peek at his bill when it comes and see if he was answering his fone or making calls on that day..if he was...then BEAT HIM!! (THAT WAS FOR HUMOR..U SHUDNT EVER PUT YA HANDS ON SUM1 ELSE)

Slim, have u ever bottomed b4? I find it hard to believe you never even tried it once…

SLIM RESPONDS:not neva..not once..haven't tried fingers or wee wee or nuthn..nuthn against still perfecting my top time for detours…

Slim I am a fan of yours and respect your opinion..What other Tops do u think are holding it down in the industry?

SLIM RESPONDS:All the tops on Dawgpound are killing it son

Who is the best bottom you ever worked wit in the industry, Slim?

SLIM RESPONDS:Felony, and not because he's my baby, but if u ever watch us fucking, you will agree

I got a problem shawty keeps painting my dick wheneva i fuck him. He uses enemas and suppositories but still i wind up wit mess on my what shud i do?

SLIM RESPONDS:Try buying him a personal enema from the adult novelties store. They are larger and can provide better cleansing..also tell him to not eat 3-4 hrs b4 sex..if that doesnt work..then it could be your stroke n not his ass.

Hi Slim. I'm dating 2 guys rite now..and falling for both. Both of them seem to be good matches for me, so how do i decide which to stay with?

SLIM RESPONDS:Choose the cutest one lol..nah, I been in this situation..i normally choose the ! i was dating 1st. If they both are equally good matches then the 1 u been dating longest has been consistant longer.

Slim, I wanted to know if sex is really better on E-pills, Tina, or weed?

SLIM RESPONDS:I personally prefer weed..i dont do tina but have sexed guys on it, and tho their drive is slightly higher their actions seem a lil disoriented and they seem to need more and more and more tina (I don't recommend it). I have sexed on the E b4..cant nut when i want to, so thas not a plus for me

Sup slim. I wanna know, when I'm fucking my dude, he starts creaming out his ass. Is this nut or what the fuck is it?

SLIM RESPONDS:It is..if u stroke a dude's ass the right way, you can make him nut from da back..(Exhibit A-Z) watch any of my

Yo sup..lately my guy has been giving me signs that he wants me to top him, and I’m a bottom. Now I’m not sure, so I don’t wanna ask him. If I’m wrong, it could be a ugly situation..Sooo, how do I know for sure if he does? I don’t wanna ever top, but I will to keep him

SLIM RESPONDS:Im laffin my ass off rite now shawty..das wsup!! Do wat u gotta do 2 keep ya man..there are several signs, but in the end, you must be 100% sure. You don't wanna be wrong and end up Ike Turner' 1- He stops fucking you on da reg. 2- He sleeps with his ass to you. 3- He lets you deep tongue-fuk him. 4- When you do have sex, if he spends more time sucking your dick than anything else.hmmm

3 weeks ago I had amazing sex with this dude I been dating for a month. Now the nigga aint called me n 3 weeks or answered his phone. Then, 1 of my friends said they saw him in the club wit another dude. I really like this dude even though it's obvious he played me. What should I do?

SLIM RESPONDS:There are only 2 solutions. you move on or you get even. Moving on is self explanatory, Get'n even is simple.. You call him up and say.." Sup. I jus came from the doctor's and he said I have sumthin highly contagious and need to speak with eryone I had sex with in the last year. Then you ignore his calls for 3 weeks..

Slim, I think my barber fucks around. He always xtra touchy feely with me and he seems to be hard under his apron ery time he brushes up on me. How can I tell if he fucks around or not?

SLIM RESPONDS:Place ya hands on ya knees under the cape. Keep ya eyes closed like you falling asleep. When you feel him on ya knee, start gently moving ya hand around (GENTLY). If he keeps comin back to that spot, ask him for his bizness card. Your next cut should take place at your house. TIP him