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Fantasy about Rio submitted by Neo from Indianapolis

I love Rio! I love his beautiful brown skin! He is definitely one of my favs<3!! My fantasy is letting taste and have all of me in every way imaginable

Fantasy about Rio submitted by

To fuck Rio with my buddy john

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Femi from Lagos

waoh,i will like to see Rio bottom for 2 - 3 guys in a grpsex. He is so super hot.

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Xavier from Baltimore

My fantasy Is where I meet Rio on a beach naked with his dick really hard and big and I'm sucking it nice and sloppy. Then he's fucking the shit out me so good I'm screaming my ass off and then after that's over we go out for a bite to eat and then we fuck again at midnight by the beach under the stars.

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Harvey from Chicago


Fantasy about Rio submitted by Kenny from Atlanta,GA/Tuscaloosa,AL

My fantasy is me a Rio meeting casually at a bar. While having a few drinks and sharing a few laughs he grabs my hand and ask "You come with me?" I reply "Now you know you didn't have to ask " then we head back to his apartment building. Once entering his he grabs my phat chocolate ass and starts kissing me on the neck and lips (Now fellas you know when a guy kiss and sucks on your neck its on like sex is inevitable at that moment) as we continue kissing he unlocks the door and pushes me on the couch. He comes over get on top of me and start to remove his shirt I then sit up and start sucking is nipples while unbuckling his pants I pull out his hott throbbing big black dick and starts sucking devouring every inch, then I will move down to suck his balls then sliding my tongue all in his ass. After foreplay I remove my clothes and he ask where you wanna do his I look to my right and see a balcony point and say let's do it out there. Once on the balcony he kisses my neck and works his way down to my nice smooth chocolate ass and puts in work before oiling up my ass and sliding he dick all in me switching to various positions unit we both cum.. (So much more detail and thing that could happen but not typing all that lol just find out) Fyi recent college grad majored in Pre-Law Minored in International Business Im 25 5'10" 165 single HIV Negative and READY TEXT ME 706 395 2804

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Akilla from Johannesburg

Sexy Rio is everything for me. I would love a night with him while I grab his Butt and let him do silly and sexy things to me.

Fantasy about Rio submitted by bcjones1985

I would love to see Rio and Rico get it on early morning workout,usher plows Rio's Pharr sexy ass, after a steamy bump and grind session.

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Harvey from Chicago

I wish Rio would come to Chicago, and give me a lap dance and a fuck session.

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Christian from Atlanta

I would love to have Rio's ig name

Fantasy about Rio submitted by tezlork from los angeles

To just make str8 love to his sexy ass

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Lamont from New York

I would love to see rio and xl do a versatile hot sexy video where they are hot and sweaty after just working out and they get busy right there in the gym

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Mr from Minnesota

I just wanted to say that Rio is sexy, great body!!!!

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Luckey from Dallas

Rio and Arquez are without a doubt the most sexiest dudes in the world. I would love to see these two together.

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Joseph from Albuquerque

to slowly be sucked off; then beating some tight ass up. Following by one or more black gay thugs showing me who's really boss. By throwing me around a little. With a rough start but slowly being dogpound. N dogpounding someone while sucking or rimming some one. While they switch off

Fantasy about Rio submitted by nicholas from Virgina Beach

Rio and Arquez in flip flop action.

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Derek* from Brooklyn

After watching Rio take Krave's dick, I want to see Rio get gang-banged by Python AND Ace Rockwood! Rio took Krave's dick like a champ so I want to see what he'll do with Python and Ace (and if you can get Rio to sit on Ace's dick and ride it cowgirl style...I'll be a DPU member for life!

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Nicholas from Dallas

I wanna get Rio alone and give him this 11" dick.

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Lamar from Farmington

Rio would be that friend that you've always wanted to have fuck you but live in a different state until he comes to visit. When he comes for the weekend he waste no time to get it in. i would strip him naked when i got him to my place, kissing him and licking his nipple rings with my tongue. Make my way down to his v-line and kissing around his inner thighs. Then i would wrap my mouth around his big dick sucking it slow and deep. Of course i would lick and suck all over his balls as i play with his nipples as he stand against the counter. Then he can turn me around and bend me over and eat my ass and make me even more wet so it'll be easier for him to slide his big dick in me doggie style over my kitchen counter. I like my sex rough so i want him to fuck me so good and hard. Then he pull his dick out and i start to suck on it and taste his pre-cum and kiss him afterwards. Afterwards slide that dick back in me and have him fuck me relentlessly until he's ready to bust that nutt all in my mouth for dessert.

Fantasy about Rio submitted by kiko from paris, france

Rio is really a hot stud. Let's see pairing with Drilla !!!

Fantasy about Rio submitted by kiko from France

The 3somes here are the best I've eer seen !!!!! Give us one With Rio doing it versatile with two other studs !

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Jay

I would strip Rio butt naked, eat his ass, lick his nipples, just freak him. I will finger his hole before sliding my fat dick up inside of him . I would then just pound his hole until his calls out my name .

Fantasy about Rio submitted by Steve from Charleston

Love this new sexy mofo. Would love to see Rio in a scene with Nuvo cute ass.

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