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Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by Jeff from Atlanta

I would love to see RuffRyder fuck Rogue or Scott Alexander. That would be some hot shit.

Fantasy about RuffRyder from Raleigh

Is it possible to make a movie with RuffRyder? My fantasy is be along with RuffRyder and have mad sex all night. We would have to take breaks; we do see what's between his legs. Please bring RuffRyder back if at all possible.

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by jared from Bellevue

I see him in his Benz and as im walking, he slows down and said "where you headed" then i said "just walking you know, exercise." I look at his fucking sexy ass hair and the phine ass muscles from his shirt and he was like "With an ass like that you don't need to exercise." I was shocked that he would say that, he looks to hood to say that to a dude. He asked if I could hang with him and of course I said yes. I asked where we going and he licked his lips and said "I want to show what im about and shit you know how it is, don't worry you safe with me." Im like I better be, he laughed and he even does that sexy with a white smile. We arrive at his house and he said "you want to take a shower because I know you hot. Then I take off my shirt and in the mirror I see him lookn but he dont see me. When I was about to take off my pants, he comes from the back grabbing me kissing my neck and feeling my ass and he says "I want you to be mine and don't worry baby I got this too." I feel his dick and im like woah. I turn around and said Im feeling your sexy ass too and I want to be yours all day. Rite after i said that we start kissing, he starts grabbing me rough, thug style,and i get super horney cuz he good.He like u got dat good good baby. I fall into his bed and he on top of me telling me i got dis and imma fuck u good and i said baby i can handle it and i take of his shirt and start feeling his abs and down to his dick. He was like is it big enough 4 u? I put it in mouth and start giving THE head of his life. He like u good baby..oh shit.. dont stop baby dont. I deep throut that shit and swallow dat dick so deep dat he close his eyes. He undressed me said you got a nice ass man like shit. I said its all yours if u want it. he said dis shit mines and nobody elses. I said dont worry, urs all day. He gets da condom and i take it and puts it on with my mouth and he like DaYuMM. He puts da lube on and flips me ova and puts dat big juicy dick in me and i was like ohh.. daddy.. u got dat shit in.. he moans and continues to fuck me good.He getting my ass good and i hear his dick smacking my ass hard. he like dis shit good..oohh yeahhh.. who ass is dis, i said urs..ohh baby dont stopp.. he says whos got dat daddy dick and slaps my ass and i say Ruff does and Im fucking him good and i feel his big dick. He flips me ova and puts it in and i say u so fucking good.. shit dawg ohhh... so good. He like shitt dat asshole tite... damn baby shit. We fucking 4 about 1 hour and he stops to pull out and takes the condom off and i take dat dick and put it in my mouth and shallow his nutt. He was like dats was da best fuck dat i had in my life baby. I said me too baby im urs and i will neva leave u and he said boo i got u and afta dis im wit u. den we was kissing

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by Tim from laurel, maryland

My fantasy is wild cause i actually want a 4 sum going on. Raw, Special K, Gemini, and RuffRyder. I want to see how well Gemini can take Raw's dick. And want to see how long Special K can suck RuffRyders dick, that would be a complete turn on.

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by Karl from Hampton Roads

I would love to see Ruff Ryder and Berlin in a scene together. Ruff Ryder is hot, I think that would be a good video. Berlin is a versital top and can take some dick. Let him get a taste of Ruff Ryder's big and thick left curved dick.

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by Ted from Los Angeles

MY Fantasy with this homie would e to chill back in my lunge chair let him strip buff naked talk to me in that deep voice giving me instructionss on exactly how to slob on that curved knob of his damn...

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by vern from New York

My fantasy is to see slimthug do RuffRyder like he did Panther. That was a hot scence. RuffRyder is one of the hottest niggas on this site....I want to see Slimthug break him down ....Pull on his braids....I love to see t his nigga sweat , moan , cried out ..Beg for slimthug to stop...Of course i would like to see slim thug as aggressive as he was in sacrifical...Damm....I wish i was in that place....

Fantasy about RuffRyder from Butler,Alabama

My fantasy about RuffRyder is that me and him fuck in the shower I think hes' the sexiest nigga on this site Hes' so fucking sexy that I'll sw***ow that niggas' nutt

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by DAT NICCA RIQ from bALTIMORE

Yo my fantasy is bout dat nicca RuffRyder! Check it, we hook up at the Marriott ya dig, he walks in da room, locks da door behind him, and I'm just sittin' in a chair facing him, he then he starts ta strip and move closer to me and sticks that dick in my mouth! While I'm suckin' the hell out of him, he states to me "this dick is good aint it?", you like this good dick don't ya bitch? I say moan yeah wit his dick in my mouth, and he then says ta me, how bout dis good dick in yo ass!? And I say to him, I don't think I can take it! He says to me, yes u can, cuz I fucks real good! I then agree ta let him fuck me, he sticks da head in me and I let out a loud moan and then he covers my mouth with his hand and continues to stick his dick further in me! I say to him I can't take it! He whispers in my ear, "yes u can"! And fucks me real slow with long strokes and I say"oh shit ruff, dat dick is so damn good"! He then says to me I'm gonna fuck you fo da next 2 hours or more and starts to fuck me really fast and I nutt and he says, yeah dats what I wanted u ta do baby! Now, I'm gonna fuck you more harder and deeper! He's fucking the shit out of me and I'm loving it when all of a sudden, he takes that dick of his out of me, flips me over and says "open ur mouth" and he sticks that dick in my mouth and bust his nutt down my throat and I swallow every freakin' drop of his cum! Afterwards I say to him.."welcome to my lollipop"! And we take a shower and he fucks me for round two til dawn! Damn I want this nicca like I've never wanted a nicca before, ya heard?

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by Telly from nashville

I love everything about this dude. he is #1 and i would love to be on film with him and that's some real shit!! RuffRyder get at cha boi so we can make it happen!!

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by mike from philadelphia

i rode that dick all night long he bang not to stop thats how good it was

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by TED from Los Angeles

I sit here and watch this boi everytime I log in and wow. I dream of this brother walking through my door and tells me he is ready to let me touch that beautiful piece of his while he tells me just what it takes to make it hard. He stands right in front of me and start playing with it and talking some real nasty shit while he plays with it going up and down with both hands telling me "Ted it's yours boi all yours". I sit back while he jacks that dick until he is ready to nutt and then he tells me to get ready for my nutt. Then POW, he explodes in my face and all over my naked body with his hot nutt then rubs it all over me. I think he is finished and then he starts again telling me to lie on my back, stands over me and slowly bends down placing his dick on my chest and rubbing my nipples. Talking dirty to me giving expicit instructions as to waht he wants next. After we both are so full and hott we both nutt while I yell "DAMN RUFF" with tears of joy rolling down my face.

Fantasy about RuffRyder from butler,Alabama

My fantasy about RuffRyder is that we met in a club Im' a waiter and hes' sitting at one of the tables I serve as I slowly walk towards his table were hes' sitting with three of his boys as I get closer the lights in the club keep bouncing off his sexy dark brown skin and his muscular arms that are on the table as hes' talking with his friend as I walk over all I can do is stare at him in his wifebeater and jeans looking like a straight up hoodboy I get to the table with a big smile I look around the table and say hi how you fellas doing tonight they all turn towards me with smiles and looks of passion and say we all chillin I reply thats' good my name is apple Im' your waiter what can I get you fellas RuffRyder says how about your phone number then one of his friends says how about that ass now his friends were cute but none as fine as him I stare at RuffRyder smiling and blushing and say I wish I could give you my number but my boss is watching me Im' new I just started last week but my shift is over in a hour holla at me then he smiles and say alright I take there orders then bring them there food and drinks then I see them go outside to smoke then finally my shift ends I get my stuff and leave RuffRyder and me talk I tell him that I just moved out here two months ago but then I told him I had to go before I missed my bus he says I'll give you a ride I say thank you and I get in his car while were driving we talk some more then finally we arrive at my apartment RuffRyder say as fine as Iam I should come work for dawgpound and make some real money I ask what is it that you do there he replied model nude or porn I said Im' kind of shy somewhat he says I bet I could get you to loosen up as he leans over and kisses me his soft juicy lips felt so good I couldn't help but grab his dick as Im' feeling on his dick he starts licking and sucking on my neck which I love I start to feel his dick getting hard so I tell him lets' go to my apartment so we get out of the car and go to my apartment as soon as the door closes behind us I turn around and pull his pants off and go down on him he looks down in pleasure and says you don't waste no time his dick tastes so good my mouth starts to water so much that I start slurping his dick I have one hand playing with his nuts and the other grabing his nice brown round ass then I grab him by his dick and walk him over to the sofa where I turn around pull off my clothes and bend over he steps back and takes a look at me then he tells me to shake my ass so I start popping my ass as he watches me and plays with his huge dick then he walks up to me spits in his hand and rubs it in my ass he slowly loads his big dick inside of me as my eyes roll in the back of my head from pleasure once inside of me he leans over and says in my ear Im' gonna show you why they call me RuffRyder just a couple of strokes in and he already had me dripping wet but what I liked is that he would fuck me for a little bit then let me work it for a little while he drove me crazy with talking dirty to me and smacking my ass while he drilled me with that big horse dick of his he had my whole body shacking and my ass so wet at this point that it was dripping all down his dick all on his nuts that kept banging against my ass he was so deep in side me he really turned me on with his moaning and how he kept telling me how good my ass was and how soft ,warm,and wet I felt inside fucking me harder and harder the only thing I could do from screaming my head off was bit down on one of the pillows off the sofa then finally I heard those magic words Im cumming which he heard me scream all night he pulls out and busts a sweet thick load of cum in my mouth and I swallow every finger licking drop if you like my story e-mail me at

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by Stephen from Portmore, Jamaica

So RuffRyder came to Jamaica for vacation, he was staying at the hotel that I work, I saw him when he check in and knew that I wanted him to bang my Jamaican ass, he was phyne. I check the room number he was staying and immediately make my way there, when I knock, he asked who it is and I told him some room service, he told me to cum on in. He quickly saw that I took nothing to the room and asked what was the room service, I told him me, it was apart of the welcoming package to the hotel and the island. He smile and asked is that right, damm, what does it entails? I told him a little sucking and a lot of fucking. Without another word I was on my knee at his feet, he assist me pull that big dick out of his pants and boxer, and I waste no time getting it in my mouth it was semi-hard by now. Shyt his dick taste good as my mouth brings it to life, I took all 12" in mouth my mouth, letting him say damm, you Jamaicans are good man. He hold me head with his right hand and began to fuck my mouth, sending his big dick to the back of my thoat, man it was good. After what look like forever, he said cum on boi, I want that ass of yours, the head is good but I want to feel ma meat up that tight boi pussy of yours, never had a Jamaican pussy before. I got up and was out of my cloths in an instant and lie on the bed on my back. He slipped on a condom and lube up, he came over and lift my legs, he began to enter and my tight ass hole welcum the invastion with some resitance, he told me to relax and when my hole was still resiting, he bite at my tit, sending shivers all over my body, his dick head entered, and a long aaaaaaahhhhhhh, escape my mouth, he slide in about 5" of that dick in my hole then pull it out back to the head, the next thing I know he was sending all 12" up my tight ass hole, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM, was all I could say, and he began to pump away, gosh I was in pain but it was like heaven, he fuck me with all that he got, I could tell that my ass was exciting him, he ram away at my ass and at times I feel his dick was reaching my thoat, man he can fuck. We fuck like this for what seems like hours until I hear him asking me if I want him to cum inside of me, I wanted it in my face and all over my body and I told him so. He pull out that big dick of his quickly pull that condom off and in a second was spraying all that love juice in my face, man I was enjoying all of it, he then stuck his dick in my mouth and I clean that meat of his with my tongue, his juice was tasty. He pull out and we look at each other, I asked him what, and he said he is going to need room service at least twice per day, I laugh and told him that wont be a problem. I got dressed and kiss this hunk goodbye ... for now

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by Cory from Dallas

My fantasy includes both Ruff Ryder and Storm. I am scheduled to meet upp with Ruff Ryder because he wants me to suck his dick. I get to his place and he wearing a tight tank top, tight undies and no socks. Ii have a foot fetish so I began to suck his toes and lick his feet all the way up his legs. I hear another person coming from the bed room and it is Storm with very colorful brief and he is barefoot as well.Storm eats me while I'm suck Ruff Ryder and just as Ii get to his dick, Storm plants his dick in my hole. I moan with pain and pleasure. Ruff Ryder's dick is in my mouth while Storm is working my ass and then they switch. They give me a show and rest while Storm takes Ruff Ryder's dick a while then they turn back to me. I suck them both off while taking their cum in mouth and face. We all just lay there on each other reflecting.

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by John from Longview, TX

Damn yall, Ruff Rider just got through fucking the shit out of me. He said he didnt think he wanted a piece of ass from a man, and he almost slapped the shit out of me, when i touched his thighs, but then he pulled me closer and i saw all them scratches on his hands, rough from gangbanging. He said Damn boy, you got a nice ass, and i said man, i thought playas like you, go for the girls with the big booty. He said, damn boy, you is one of them girls, and you do have a big booty. I said, ok, well im about to leave now. He said, naw playa, you gonna stay and suck this dick. I could not get out of the door, because he locked it, and shoved his big body up against it. I could smell the barbecue sandwich he had eaten on his breath, and he said Baby, its showtime. So i backed my booty up to his front side and felt something really really bulging and massive sticking out. I said, damn man, you are packin, he said damn right. He said my hoes can take this dick, and i said i cant i dont think. He said yes you can, and he immediately got out of his sagging jeans, and had on some boxers, which was holding the dick up. I said damn, man, i think i have to leave. Naw man, you aint going no where, and he immediately turned me around, and pushed me into the wall, and bit my nipple, i said, damn not so rough. He said what the fuck you just said man. I said, nothin, i didnt say nothin. He said i thought that is what you just said. and he immediately reached down at my booty, and said damn this some nice ass. Im gonna fuck the shit out of you. I said, i need to go lather up first. He said, fa sho go handle your business. so as i was handling my business, he came in the bathroom, with his massive dick, and he was naked. he said, get down on the floor, the soap lather was still on my ass, and he stuck his dark skinned finger in there, and i said OHoooooooooooo. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. he said damn this shit is tight and immediately got one of his MAGNUM condoms on and slid it on top of his dick. it didnt even fit all the way except to half the shaft, then he said, boy, grab my ass, and when i grabbed his ass, he shoved the massive head of his dick in my ass. I said ohhh, take it out, he said nooooooooo playa, and i said ohhhhhhhhhh, and each time i said ohhhhhhhhhhhh. he said shut up bitch. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhho ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, please i cant take it no more. then he slapped the hell out of me. I shut up then, and he started pumping all of me until he got his dick all in my ass, and he really starting grunting and making all the noise, and he said damn i didnt know a fellas ass was like this, this better than pussy. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit. by now he had all his 12 inches in me, and i was on fire, i had never had a dick this big all up in my ass, and only soap lather to comfort and cool me down. He then got ready to come, and he said ohhhhhhhhhhh shit playa, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit playa. Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit give me this good ass. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit. then he busted his nut inside the condom while it was in my ass, and when he nutted he bit the fuck out of my chest, and i said ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. he said damn boy, shit i dont want to get out of this pussy. i was numb, and then i said, thats what brick said too, and he said you let that busta ass brick fuck my pussy. you better not ever let him get this ass no more, or else im gonna give him and you a beatdown. i said, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, take it out. He said you hear me bitch, i said yeah, and then he said, damn im gonna have to lay up in this pussy all day. Slanging rocks can wait, and there he lay with his dick in my ass, my legs wide open. Before i knew it, he was snoring on top of me. he fell asleep in my pussy ass. lol

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by Sam

Ruff I wanna nicca like you to put me on my knees and make a straight pussy outta dis mouth. Sloppy Drippin Slobbery ass head for dat big ass chocolate dick. Damn Nicca YOU PHOINE N A MATHAFUCKA!

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by geo from clinton md

yo i wannna put my legs all the way back to my head and let you fuck the shit out of me then let you nut all in my face and then i wanna suck your dick get it hard again so we can fuck all day long ikn every kind of postion possible yo if you read this get at me

Fantasy about RuffRyder submitted by Quincy

I don't have a fantasy. I want to be Ruff Ryder's Fantasy. Yo Ruff Ryder - on the real Bruh. You da Man Papa! I'm 25, Masculine, shaved head, tight grill, built thick and hard and I got one of them big old round phat yella booties like Tye that will make your mouth water. But mine is phatter and rounder. I got a tight 29 inch waist and a six pack and I got some thick rock hard thighs for a Brotha. I tell you what.. give a Brotha a shot and you can fuck dis ass up Your Way my Nicca. All dis ass phat got yo name on it Bruh. Sup.

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