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Fantasy about Soulja with Larenz Taste and Young Buck submitted by Joseph from Hampton Bays

DawgPound PornStar Soulja   DawgPound PornStar Young Buck   DawgPound PornStar Young BuckSoulja and Larenz Taste are lovers and Soulja comes home fom work and finds Larenz fooling around with Young Buck. Mad as hell with Larenz's cheating Soulja pulls down Larenz's pants, takes him over his knee and gives him an ass blistering spanking and then throws him on his back and fucks the ass off him. While this is going on Young Buck is protesting this discipline so when finished with Larenz.. Soulja gives Young Buck a dose of the same first an ass blistering OTK spanking followed by real hard ass fucking. The scene ends with Larenz and Young Buck sitting beside Soulja with their arms around him the beginning of a Menage A' Trois!!!!!

Fantasy about Big Redd with Soulja submitted by George

DawgPound PornStar Big Redd   DawgPound PornStar Big Redd and Soulja flip flop no holes barred.

Fantasy about Rico with Ramon Steele

DawgPound PornStar RicoI would love for Rico to come back and bottom for Ramon Steele!!!

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Graham from Montreal


Fantasy about King with Python submitted by Eric B. from Columbus

DawgPound PornStar King   DawgPound PornStar Would love to see King and Phython hook up with Phython eating King"s ass and King sucking off Phython along with Nuvon in a prison scene. I think Phython and King would be great in a prison scene.

Fantasy about Python with Soulja submitted by Ken

DawgPound PornStar Python   DawgPound PornStar Python topping Soulja or flipping with him be awesum !!!

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Mack


Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by lala from Chicago

DawgPound PornStar Young Buckyoung buck is so sexy i can look at him every day he young n sexy he can get it any day

Fantasy about Big Redd with Elmo Jackson submitted by BIG JOE from DENVER


Fantasy about Nuvo with Soulja submitted by Trent from Detroit

DawgPound PornStar Nuvo   DawgPound PornStar My fantasy is to see Nuvo having sex with Soulja. Soulja knows how to control a bottom and he will be the master and Nuvo will be the slave. You should make them bareback.... I would cum so much if you did bareback scenes more.... Watching Nuvo riding a raw dick would make me messy.…

Fantasy about Elmo Jackson with Phat Daddy submitted by ELMO FAN from NY

DawgPound PornStar Elmo Jackson   DawgPound PornStar Get Elmo Jackson back and have him dicked down. I wanna see Phat Daddy penetrate him so deep and watch him moan like a bitch. I want them to get real horny and lots of tongue licking each other and fucking so hard with sweat.

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Peter from Atlanta


Fantasy about Mason submitted by Herb from Texas

DawgPound PornStar MasonGet Mason back! Y'all had an introducing which was so hot & then he never came back! He was so fine! I would have slammed dat ass so hard and got it raw red mmm…

Fantasy about Nuvo with Python submitted by joni from NY


Fantasy about Elmo Jackson submitted by Romeo from Utah

DawgPound PornStar Elmo JacksonElmo need to ride his ass on some more thug cock. ASAP!

Fantasy about Young Buck submitted by Brand from Boston

DawgPound PornStar Young BuckWanna chill with Young Buck and get wild. Worship every inch of his body before he gives me all dat pipe

Fantasy about Venom with Jovonnie submitted by Tyrone from Rocky Mount

DawgPound PornStar Venom   DawgPound PornStar Venom is my most favorite person in the whole world!!! Venom and Jovonnie (other favorite) should go at itIf I could just meet him, I would just give myself to him Lol...I need a dick like his to satisfy my horny ass. You just don't understand, if he could be my boyfriend, I would no longer have to look for the right guy

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Santino from Lisbon

DawgPound PornStar NuvoSOULJA NEEDS TO SLAM THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF NUVO! Serious, imagine Soulja's chunky black ass grinding in Nuvo's round bubble...mmm...he could take it. Nuvo's face squeezing up in pleasure "uh yes nigga fuck me nigga" like he always say in that real sexy swag sex moan. Shid! That boy make me buss. Get some dick in him asap! No jokes allowed, get Nuvo back on my screen lol. He need to GET THAT DICK!

Fantasy about Nuvo with Cornbread and Soulja submitted by Obbie from ATL

DawgPound PornStar Nuvo   DawgPound PornStar Soulja   DawgPound PornStar Souljacornbread, soulja and python need to triple team nuvo. but i don't wanna see them sucking dick or fucking anything else but nuvo, nuvo is the centerpiece being drilled with dick. just to see all 3 dicks inside nuvo would make me nutt. 1 in the front and 2 at the back and they keep swapping making nuvo take it like a bitch

Fantasy about Shorty with Panther and Sarge submitted by Siante from Morgantown

   DawgPound PornStar SargeI would love to see Shorty, Panther, Sarge and Python all go at it slow and sexy like. All that thickness and erotica would be hot. Hell, I'm thinking a hot verbal flip-flop possession type deal. One person masturbating hard and verbal and vocal sets the whole thing off. And I'm thinking Shorty J being the man to start it of. In a bathrobe no draws, no socks and just talking hot shit, rubbing his balls, dick and fingering his ass to organism and leaving everybody mentally spent. And that's before the real action begins.

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Dave from London

DawgPound PornStar SouljaSOULJA BOTTOMING, PLEASE !!

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by jai' from brooklyn

DawgPound PornStar Souljawatching soulja get down wit another top dude make us think soulja gunna get smashed you know how he be getting that ass ate that shyt drives me crazy then all sudden flip script an soulja fuck the other suppose to be top dude.

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Jack from London

DawgPound PornStar NuvoMy fantasy is to see Nuvo in more movies sucking cock, eating ass & getting fucked. But what I really want to see is Nuvo swallowing back thick amounts of cum and sucking on tasty black balls.

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Daryl from Oregon


Fantasy about Python with Venom

DawgPound PornStar Python   DawgPound PornStar I would love for Mr. Dick to pay Venom a visit!!!

Fantasy about SlimThug with Python and Jovonnie submitted by Blitz from Des Moines

   DawgPound PornStar Jovonnie   DawgPound PornStar JovonnieCall this one "Tangle Tops". Slim Thug, Python, Jovonnie, and Cornbread. Three of these confirmed tops have flipped! Watching Slim bottom for Felony was just HOT! Dawgpound sets up a little video screening of Slim, Jovonnie and Cornbread each in their bottom clips. Python is challenged to give it a go. There is a sling and fuck bench for use. They start rock paper and scissors to choose the 2 who bottom first. In a first for the Pound, all holes get fucked, and all mouths stuffed. They do NOT pair off but each one "gets a piece" of the tightest asses in the industry!The first top after a few minutes says, "You gotta try this and switch bottoms". One bottoms while both holes are stuffed full. No limits, no holds barred, round robin thug banging. Constantly taking advantage of this one and only chance to try out an open hole! And I'll bet smack talkin Slim Thug shows them how to really bottom up! Even getting pounded by these big dicks he'll be showing them who is the best!

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Russell from Detroit

DawgPound PornStar NuvoIt's 2012 and time to get Nuvo back to start on these fantasies of mine. 1) Nuvo getting pinned down and just pounded out by some bomb ass thugs. 2) Nuvo getting throat fucked by some thugs who give him a white-nut-facial. 3) Nuvo just acting like a damn hoe for dick. Please make it happen this year for me, Santa. I mean DP. ;)

Fantasy about Nuvo with Venom submitted by Gareth

DawgPound PornStar Nuvo   DawgPound PornStar venom or artist should be laying nuvo not each other!! don't get it twisted dawgpound lets get some more nuvo ass action lol

Fantasy about Venom with Python

DawgPound PornStar Venom   DawgPound PornStar I would love for Venom to be a total bottom for Python, with "Mr. Dick" munching on that fat azz first!

Fantasy about Rico with Soulja submitted by dkingkong from Philly

DawgPound PornStar Rico   DawgPound PornStar I would like to see Rico flip flop with Souljah for real.

Fantasy about Larenz Taste with Jovonnie and CityBwoy submitted by dkingkong from Philly

DawgPound PornStar Larenz Taste   DawgPound PornStar CityBwoyI like this new upcoming sensation. I would like for him to bottom for Jovonnie and Citiboi double team him.

Fantasy about Nuvo with Ace Rockwood submitted by ALEX from TORONTO


Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Angel from Oregon

DawgPound PornStar NuvoPlease have Nuvo bottom again please thanks dp

Fantasy about Soulja with Nuvo submitted by BoiSOUL from NY

DawgPound PornStar Soulja   DawgPound PornStar soulja can slam nuvo in to da nu year. 2 most popular on dawgpound 4sure

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by Karlos from Denver

DawgPound PornStar NuvoI want to see Nuvo spit roasted between two dawgs to crack him into 2012 where us fans get to see more of his cute bubble butt

Fantasy about Cornbread with Jovonnie submitted by Keston from MIAMI

DawgPound PornStar Cornbread   DawgPound PornStar I want to see Cornbread & Jovonnie.... Power Fuck For The New Year. I want them both Flip Flop, If Jovonnie is down with taking dick in his ass, is not like he never did before with citiboi. I Love them Light skin bruthas, n it will be great to start of the new year. Please I'm tellin you Dawgpound as a big Cornbread fan. I want this fantasy to be a reality, make it work. Thank You. Biggest Fan!!!:) Oh & By the way I want the fantasy to on top of a balcony if that's possbile lol.... Tough Love. Deuces.

Fantasy about Larenz Taste with Python

DawgPound PornStar Larenz Taste   DawgPound PornStar Larenz Taste is a trip! I'd love to see him give it up to Python or Venom!

Fantasy about Nuvo submitted by B.B. from ATL

DawgPound PornStar NuvoLOVE to see a hot papi pound Nuvo bareback. U gotta go hard cuz porn is getting better & better, y'all need to get kinky & have some nigga cream pie or nutting in the mouth or cum-swappin / spit. That would be tight.

Fantasy about Nuvo with Soulja submitted by Darnell from Detroit

DawgPound PornStar Nuvo   DawgPound PornStar Got2c New year fuckin wid Nuvo...who should we have 2 fuck him...choices choices...my fantasi is 2 c Soulja or Markel fuck him

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Mack


Fantasy about Bigg Beef with Sarge submitted by john

DawgPound PornStar Bigg Beef   DawgPound PornStar would love to see big beef and sarge fuck. big beef need to open that booty up and make him beg for mercy.

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Jack

DawgPound PornStar SouljaPlease have Soulja bottom

Fantasy about Brick with Ian Rock submitted by C from Los Angeles

DawgPound PornStar Brick   DawgPound PornStar Brick and Ian Rock are in the MMA octagon, pounding the fuck out each other (knee slammin into chest, punch to the kidney, HARD take-downs against the cage). I don't care who does what to who, I just want them to beat the fuck out of each other. But, somebody's got to win. I need to see Brick choke Ian out. Brick's prize (after some dick choking by both) Brick gets to tap dat azz! Ian's not gonna let Brick think he got anything over on him. That macho muthafucka is gonna take that dick, acting like he's running things. Brick thinks he may be missing out on something. Brick yanks his dick out of Ian, turns him over and sits on Ian's dick. Just like Ian, he ain't gonna show any pain, both of them trying to choke each other as Brick is riding Ian's dick. Ian tries to put Brick on his back. Brick won't go. Ian gets a few pumps with Brick on his side. Brick pulls Ian out, makes his way to Ian's chest and cums all over his chest and face. Ian unloads at the same time. I have never heard about Ian being a bottom. Thats why I wanted Brick to at least top Ian. The MEN in my dreams can handle ANYTHING! My Dream Men can never lose their masculinity, whatever happens to them. Please be one of those men.

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by George from Atlanta

DawgPound PornStar SouljaI want to see Soulja bottom to start of 2012 with a bang.

Fantasy about Nuvo with Soulja submitted by brian from detroit

DawgPound PornStar Nuvo   DawgPound PornStar larenz workin his thang in the new movie with soulja butt nuvo would do it do much better. i need to see soulja between those sweet ass cheeks yes

Fantasy about Soulja submitted by Dave from London


Fantasy about Venom with Young Buck submitted by Jack from Minneapolis

DawgPound PornStar Venom   DawgPound PornStar I would like to see Venom dicked down by Markie. If not, how about Venom and Young Buck since they are vers.

Fantasy about Sarge submitted by SBreezy from Saginaw

DawgPound PornStar SargeI see you out shopping and I like what I see and because I know your into same sex relationships I wont hesitate to speak to try to exchange number....So we texting and talking and go on a couple of dates and then finally weeks later we get it in flip flop....both of us grinding kissing all over each other you licking all my spot I'm licking all of yours...then I eat yo ass then slip my dick inside you until you beg for more so then i start to give it to you fast and hard until u ask me to stop....Then I lay you down and slip you dick inside me then bounce up and down until you flip me on my back and give it to me harder....."BEST SEX I'LL EVER HAVE!!!" ....You are just one beautiful person which I'm pretty sure you have a beautiful personality that I would love to get to know you outside of the whole sex thing!!!

Fantasy about Brick submitted by Louis


Fantasy about Mr Markie submitted by jason from grand rapids

DawgPound PornStar Mr MarkieI am partying with Mr. Markie all night long. He is drinking 40's and for every one he takes down I give him a benjamin. Not long after that Mr. Markie are watching some porn and he starts to get aroused. My eyes bulge as I watch him slowly unzip his jeans and inside is the tightest biggest hottest bulge in tight white drawers I have ever seen. I think to myself, how in the hell did he get his jeans over that bulging cock. Mr. Markie rubs the bulge for a while and notices that I cannot help but stare at this massive black man in the white drawers with a huge cock bulging inside. He pulls his hands away and lets me get a full view of his magnificent manhood inside those shorts. I begin to sweat and emotions take over. i must have it. i must have it. I must get close to that bulge. He says in his deep voice, "don't start nuttin u can't finish baby cause I gonna finish it 4 u," I don't give a damn, and I reach around and untie his shoes first. He has massive big feet and I pull the shoes off. They smell wonderful. Next I reach for the jeans and again, he says, "baby, you keep goin and you are never gonna forget this night." He reaches for another 40 I flip him another benjamin and pull his jeans down to his ankles. All that remains as I look up from his tremendous muscled legs is that bulge in the center of two giant black redwoods. It is like an oversized cloud among the trees as it grows bigger and bigger and I think that he is gonna rip them drawers right off if that pole gets any larger. I reach for the waistband of the tight white drawers, and again he says in his deep masculine voice, "I'm warning you bitch, you gonna get a lot more than you planned." His words rock inside my head as I noticed he just finsihed another 40. Dayum that's five in one night. He reaches for #6 and I drop another benjamin, and reach inside the waistband of his hot white shorts. Its showtime now and I am not gonna be stopped. I dreamed of this moment and I wanted it for a long time. He murmers in his low tone, "go for it baby." My cue, I slowly pull the shorts down from his thigh exposing his tight curly hairs above his long hard shaft. I am enamored by the smells of his manliness. A little more and I can see his head and long cock coming out of the shorts. I must have it. i want it all so bad. He says, "its yours." And Mr. Markie stretches back with his long legs, only as he can and lays back in the chair. his hot massive leg muscles rubbing my sides as I inch my mouth towards the shaft, still resting on the waistband of the shorts. No drawers are ever gonna hold Mr Markie back and finally with my mouth on the tip of his cock I slide the drawers all the way down exposing his third leg, literally. His dick has a beer hard on and he is so fucking hung from the excitment and anticipation of what he is going to do to me. First he takes the back of my head and starts ramming it up and down and in and out of his tool. i am gagging because it is so large, but Mr. Markie, being the hung god that he is knows how to handle it and soon my mouth and throat is taking it all the way in. i cannot belive it. It is like his dick is going completely down my throat. Once fully immersed in his dick, I am eye level with his pubic hair, and all I can do is breath through my nose. My mouth is open wider than it ever has and I feel his powertool deep down my throat going towards my gut. Thats when it happens. Mr. Markie, in his commanding deep tone says, "I told you baby to expect it all. Its time." I am motionless. I cannot move cause if I do it would hurt to pull his monster cock out of my throat. He has me pinned and his big black hands cup the back of my head like a basketball. Like it or not, I am his and he has complete control over me. Mr. Markie says, "baby the fun is about to begin." and he begins to take a long hard piss straight into my gut. I feel his hot man juice fill my stomach and I am powerless to move. but I don't want to anyway. I want to please Mr. Markie anyway I can. His six beers begin to empty out into my mouth and down my throat and not a drip of his beautiful sweet tasting beer piss is lost as I take it all in. Finally after several minutes of unleashing a river of piss inside me he begins to slow down. He tells me not to spill any of his juice and there is going to be a night full of his piss deep inside me. Throughout the evening of sucking, he would pull my head deep into his cock and I knew that it was time for him to unleash the torrent of piss I had wanted so bad. At one point he decided to fuck me and threw me onto my stomach and make me arch over. Without any lube or preparing, he thrust his big black dick up my ass. It burned and tore my ass as it was not ready for it. but Mr. Markie knew just what he was doing and just what he wanted. Once deep up my hole I could feel it, I felt his vein in his dick bulge and suddenly he shot hot streams of piss up my ass and deep in my hole. I am weakened by the sheer strenght of this giant who knows how to turn a man inside out so easily. With piss deep inside me he can begin thrusting his power tool until a hot climax of cum mixes with his piss. When he pulls out, he warns me, "don't spill any." With that he turns me over and sticks me in the mouth again for another piss. He is tired now and goes to sleep but before he does he tells me just what I am to do- I must let him sleep with his dick in my mouth all night and every time he needs to unload some more of that hot 600 dollar beer, its gonna be inside my troat or ass. I am overjoyed

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